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  1. C

    Really bad anxiety - hi everyone

    I have come to this forum to try and connect with others who might have really bad anxiety/depression and to maybe learn from their experiences. I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment, getting attacks every few minutes. thank you all in advance. -Carlos
  2. N

    Key worker?

    What are they supposed to do? I apparently have one, although she is useless, but what is her actual role? Like I don't talk to her apart from indirectly when I see my psychiatrist...What do I write on the ESA50?? I dunno. I feel like I can't think properly and I'm getting overwhelmed by...
  3. H


    Psychosis so bad i can't cope much longer. Voices, visual experiences etc. seeing my CPN again on Monday don't no what else to say. finding it hard to post.
  4. S

    in too much pain , sat here in tears

    this is just one day and in this one day i have more then had enough . i had therapy earlier and since my therapy i have been hurting feeling sad lonely lost and confused. i was upset around my twin sister earlier because the '' male '' part of me was there ( i haev dissociation and different...
  5. M

    I feel like I have a problem and I'm not sure what

    Hey everyone! I've always tried to be close to people or to integrate myself in groups, I feel awkward and don't know why. I find it really difficult to make friends, and when I do most of the time I lose them due to feeling depressed (complicated life + overthinking).:panic: I've tried to...
  6. C

    Depressed since moving to Uni, want to be happy again.

    Hi, firstly I'm 19 and moved to uni 3 months ago to study film. I've always been a relatively negative person and often gone through bouts of sadness since a young age but I'd usually overcome it and become happy again. Before moving to University I was extremely excited to get on with my life...
  7. A

    Feeling extremely overwhelmed

    Hi, I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed by a busy week ahead, at the end of which I go away for a few days. It may sound stupid that I'm getting so overwhelmed but I just am. I broke down in tears before. I'm struggling to just take one day at a time. And panicking. I don't want my emotions...
  8. C

    I don't know how to handle anything

    I've lost all my friends and it's all my fault and I'm too much of a coward to fix my relationships with them. It's like everything I say is just clipped and I have to conform to who I used to be as a person than who I am now. Hanging out with people too, it's become so difficult because I...
  9. G

    I need to start working....

    I dont work, im 21 and live alone. I'm on sickness benefits at the moment. On a faily basis I take care of my grandparents who have dementia and I have to cook for my family who all work full time. I struggle with my mental health, I have been told I have aspergers syndrome but in the past ove...
  10. K


    Hi everyone...newbie here...Kat from Texas. I was officially diagnosed with bipolar 2 about a year and a half ago, it's all making sense now I suppose. Been feeling overwhelmed and lost lately. Hoping to meet and chat with some like-minded folks here. :peace:
  11. M

    HELP. depressed friend. Idk what to do.

    Okay.. so I have this friend. My best friend actually. She's been my bestfriend for 15 years. We've been through everything together. We have both been depressed and suicidal for almost 10 years. I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years and we've just had a baby boy 4 months ago. My friend does...
  12. Raysoflite

    The Truth

    The truth: I have three degrees I don't use, because my fear of failure immobilizes me. And I hate myself for it. When I look in the mirror I can't stand what I see. Why aren't I beautiful? I become overwhelmed easily, and when this happens my brain malfunctions. I secretly fear I will never...
  13. C


    I'm stuck overwhelmed. Seeing grey not much colour in my life. How the hell do I get out of this place? I lost my mum 11 years ago to suicide with a whole history of trauma leading up to that. And now I'm just overwhelmed. I feel like I have no way out of thistock but to take my own life.
  14. C


    I have been with mental health services for 7 years and have hated it :( I want to move on but I feel so overwhelmed and let down by services.
  15. D

    Please advise

    Hi everyone. I need serious help. I feel I could have a breakdown at any moment. I have severe depression, bad anxiety and have been dissociating full time for a while. Sorry if I have spoken about this on another thread but I can't remember if I have. Very confused. My therapist wants to...
  16. D

    Inner Child Work

    Hi. My depression and anxiety have gotten worse and now my therapist tells me I'm dissociating. It got worse after I started up communication with my abusive ex. We are no longer in contact. My therapist suggests the way to my healing is through looking at my childhood. We tried that for a...
  17. Lost_Darkness

    Frequent mood changes

    How do you cope with the sudden and frequent mood changes? I can't help but feel so overwhelmed and pulled down by it, even though I know it doesn't last. I hate that I can be doing great and then, for no reason, just feel horrible and angry and depressed. Any tips of trying to manage these...
  18. Lincoln1990

    Really overwhelmed

    I'm feeling really overwhelmed. I'm so anxious. I'm having a lot of physical problems in which some of my tests have been ran. However I can't afford anymore. At least for now. It's also coming up on summer time. I'm really nervous about that. I'm feeling more and more hopeless everyday. I'm...
  19. S

    Feeling really depressed and so god damn tired

    Hi, I'm a 20 year old girl from Ireland I'm currently feeling so overwhelmed with sadness and depression. I have a huge amount of trauma in my life and i just feel like I will never be able to get over it. I don't have any family support as they just tell me its fine because their life was shit...
  20. N

    Nothing Is Working :(

    I am diagnosed with bipolar, OCD, and ADHD. I currently see a psychiatrist and a psychologist and a family therapist for years now. I also take my medication daily. When I started the meds and treatment a few years ago I was really not in a good place, I could only improve at that point, it...