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  1. I_Wish

    I feel nothing, and then too much.

    I've been laying in bed for almost 3 hours now, staring at the cieling. I don't know why I do this, why I just lay there doing nothing, thinking nothing, and feeling nothing. I have things to do, I'm a busy person and I'm still in school, but I can't bring myself to do anything, I don't want to...
  2. W

    The I-Who Madness of the Voices !!

    Hi ya'll !! I have been experiencing a lot of this I-Who madness of these Voices ..... not seen such a psychological mess of a behavior in the real world among real people .... Essentially these Voices think or are going on about attempting to fool us by simply claiming I-Who am...
  3. A

    Inability to see/remember positive things?..

    I hope I'm putting this in the right place.. Well, my SO has, especially lately, been unable to notice and remember positive experiences.. he's CONSTANTLY aware of any and everything negative throughout his days. Even very SMALL negative things, overwhelm him. It's lately coming to affect our...
  4. E

    How to Talk to Voices

    This is the process I have followed that has taken me from an abusive situation with voices to one that is supportive. 1. Search - look for voices that have the most potential to talk with. Your natural reaction will be to ignore the hostile voices and look for the least hostile. In my opinion...
  5. C

    North Lincolnshire

    Scun thorpe Scun thorpe and District Mind Printers Yard Fenton Street Sc unthorpe DN15 6QX 01724 279500 [email protected] Services Offered Peer Support Sessions (every weekday afternoon) One to one active listening service: to provide you with support, information/signposting and guided...
  6. L

    Help please!

    Hey! I have posted a few replies on this forum since i joined a few days ago, but have yet to post a new thread, so here it goes. I am 20 and have had OCD most of my life. And in the past few years it has become worse and worse to the point where it is almost unliveable. i have horrible thoughts...
  7. B

    Me to.

    I feel a bit down as well.The thing is,it never gets any better. Now is the utter most ebb of night, when mind and boddy sink. And lonely and gathering fright, overwhelm us iff we think. Lonelyness is a sad place.
  8. dubblemonkey

    accidental emotional overwhelm...

    death is the often overwhelm self disaster that makes any sense! I can see and I can feel ... I can feel and I can see... I can be a complete mis-shapen mis-understanding... I keep .....like some kind of effort... I sleep... like some kind of shame... there is room for the mistakes...