1. B

    Dissolved morals dissolved me?

    Hey there, First of all, thank you for hearing me out. I began to work a few months ago and i stressed myself out a number of times. I didnt (want to) realize that im surrounded by people with low morals: cheaters and liars. At first i tried to "get into the group" but later when i realized...
  2. J

    How Can I Get Through The Weekend?

    This feels impossible and I'm enduring each hour. Will every weekend feel like this for the rest of my life? Weekends are the worst time as I think everyone else has a husband and Daddy there. They have plans and enjoy them and they are probably the highlight of the week. I know its not like...
  3. D

    trouble making friends??

    hi there just wondering if other people have the same problem if i met someone i really likd at a group and we went for a walk on the beach together with our dogs then i ivited her over to go swimming with her and her daughter we arranged to meet up and on that day i was busy getting my house...