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  1. Kerome

    Mindfulness and Osho

    I came across a piece on Osho and meditation which I thought applied very well to mindfulness and so I thought I’d write it up here. Basically he said that his concept of meditation always relied on awareness, and that this came in three stages. First was awareness of the body, it’s state and...
  2. cpuusage

    True Meditation / Contemplation

    i do agree with Osho on this - Osho reveals the "trick" to meditation - and why most of us get it wrong - Ideapod blog
  3. Kerome


    This guy is considered a bit of a joke by some people I know, but who knows maybe his ramblings will be seen as revealed truth by some. The really short version is that this guy Devageet, who used to be Osho's dentist, had been told by Osho that the teeth were a link to the Akashic Records...
  4. Kerome

    Guru's and the Internet Age

    I was wondering, is it not strange that all these guru's, people with a real claim to be enlightened, come along before the internet age? Jiddhu Krishnamurti, George Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi, Meher Baba, Osho, just to pick out a few who garnered a lot of attention in the twentieth century...
  5. Kerome

    Osho leaving his body, 26th anniversary

    My father actually pointed out to me that it was the anniversary of Osho's death on the 19th of January. The last few days I've felt strongly connected to Osho, things have been coming up in my meditations which show the signs that Osho has left in us, and so I decided to revisit some of the...
  6. shaky

    Zarathustra as seen by Osho

    A quote from Osho “Zarathustra denies God as a creator, but he is willing to accept God as the ultimate creation of human consciousness. To avoid misunderstanding, he calls this ultimate evolution of consciousness "the superman." Superman is his God. But he does not come at the beginning, he...
  7. cpuusage

    OSHO: Psychologists Know Nothing About Themselves

    OSHO: Psychologists Know Nothing About Themselves - YouTube Uploaded on 10 Feb 2010 OSHO: Psychologists Know Nothing About Themselves These are excerpts from rarely seen interviews between Osho and members of the international press. -- Osho's direct and insightful approach infused with...