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  1. fizzbom80


    Why does noone listen to me ? I don't want to do a group therapy I was told id be referred to psychotherapy and now it seems my cpn and pdoc want to explore other options why ? Groups not for me why can't they just do what they said rather than push me along
  2. A

    Hello i'm new and think i may need some help and advice pls

    hello i'm alan, i think i've stumbled onto what is wrong with me and it's BPD,oh dear its been two days of crying and i'm so scared.I've done the internet research and recognized myself straight away, at the moment i am unknown to the mental health profession but i can't go on i'm done, out...
  3. H


    Hi * Interested in legal options re employment. If they try to fire me for hearing voices do I have options? * thankyou. Harley
  4. unwell

    No Way Out

    My mental health service doesn't listen to me and they've even been nasty at times. I have no idea what to do. I live in a small town and I don't have any other options. It feels like I really have no way out.