1. M

    Trapped in a benzo nightmare--help!

    I've been on benzos off and on through the years.in the recent past I was on konipin and it worked great at first but as the months went by it became much less affective so my doc increased the dose. Again the same story so then came Xanax. I take 8 mg a day and it's becoming less effective so I...
  2. cpuusage

    40 Educational Websites Where You Can Get a Free Education

    Here is a List of Over 40 Educational Websites Where You Can Get a Free Education | The Unbounded Spirit With mass education, it turned out that most people could be taught to read and write. In the same way, once we have computer outlets in every home, each of them hooked up to enormous...
  3. K

    am so angry can not breathe....

    As per title, am so angry I can barely breathe, for the shite news, for the shit crap in the media, for stupidity all around me that I have to delve through, in order to just breath, for all of it I am so so very angry, and then some, for all of the crap and idiotic polititians am supposed to...
  4. C

    I'm going crazy

    Okay so I need to see doctor like now! I can't stand being within myself I'm talking to ppl and nothing is getting through to me and I called in my psych but they can't see me from a month from now in just these 2 days I've completely regressed I was good for 4 months and in two days I've gone...
  5. X


    I wake up I just dont know what to do. Things arent the way they used to be. I hate people around me I dont have any power im jobless. Relationships are gone everyone i know feels like people i used to know a long time ago and i dont have any common with them anymore. I just buy cigarettes again...
  6. Lincoln1990

    If I stopped therapy would it get better?

    Honest question. I'm looking into all of my options right now. If I stopped therapy would things get better?
  7. E

    I picked a date

    It's coming up. I don't even think I'll make it that far. I don't care anymore I just can't go on. I've been on sick leave from work in attempts to put my complete effort into recovery and it has gotten me nowhere. It's gotten worse. I now hear and see things that can't possibly be there. I'm so...
  8. Reach

    No period on anti psychotic

    It's gone, and i've no idea whether it is ok to continue taking amisulpride if you have no period. I've read some people don't have them for the duration of the time they are taking it, and that it returns once they stop, but how do i know this is not doing me some permanent damage/stopping me...
  9. S

    Help I feel so alone

    I feel so alone and I'm running out of options in my life does anyone else feel like this??
  10. D

    Carbemazepine and the pill

    So I'm on a mixture of: Carbamazepine (just started) starting dose of 200mg Lithium 1g Lamotrigine 50mg..and increasing to 200mg Aripiprazole 10 Basically, I don't want to come off the pill...so what are my options of pills that won't stop working whilst on carbamazepine? I really don't want...
  11. SomersetScorpio

    What's your sign?

    I'm not trying to chat anybody up, unless anybody wants me to, of course. Just curious, because I like astrology. Don't reply telling me you think i'm odd and that astrology is a load of wafty, hippy rubbish, because that'll spoil my fun.. m'kay? :peace: I was going to try and do a poll, but...
  12. S

    Are there resources?

    --US, state of Florida I am a twenty-one year old female with horrible depression since I was about ten or eleven years old. I currently still live with my mother and step-father. My household has been a constant source of verbal, emotional, and substance abuse for roughly the last fifteen...
  13. O

    Should e-cigarettes be available on prescription to help with negative symptoms of schizophrenia?

    Should e-cigarettes be available on prescription to help with negative symptoms of schizophrenia? I am thinking they probably should be. Surely most schizophrenics need nicotine? I know I do. Caffeine also helps. Are these are the only treatment options available for negative symptoms?
  14. deadchick07

    feeling low *trigger warning*

    feeling so low right now. stopped my meds about 6 weeks ago because I was fed up feeling dead inside, and now im not coping at all well. Given most of my money away this month to charity and to a friend whos business was struggling. just felt invincible but now ive come down and feel crap...
  15. S

    How do you resist the urge

    Really want to do it. Too much pressure, stress, emotions, just want the release, don't know how to stop myself, I really don't want more scars. Done everything... listening to music, exercising, talking to Samaritans, watching a film, etc. nothing distracts me for long enough. Anyone got any...
  16. C

    Am I allowed to actually SWEAR on here?

    Or will I get pulled into Naughty Girls corner AGAIN (sigh - big sigh) No, I likely cannae - so - SHOCKER, will you sort yourself out please? You have people fretting, stressing and distressing on here - and it's not fair!! And I strongly suggest you have been moving away from the tablets (I...
  17. tricky32

    was very weepy last night...

    Don't really know why, but was just really weepy :'( Not been like that for a while but it seems that I may need to try some different meds, but not sure which one now, been on a few over the last year or so, not sure what my options are any more :-(
  18. A

    A call to ATOS to enquire about euthanasia options for the sick and disabled!

    A call to ATOS to enquire about euthanasia options for the sick and disabled! I just came across this on youtube .... My call to ATOS to enquire about euthanasia options for the sick and disabled. - YouTube
  19. Foxjo


    Hi Exams!! so unpredictable. You can study so much, do well all year and then in one day - blow the lot. You think you did well but you failed- is there a system where you can appeal and get re-marked? Can you resit? Your summer isnt ruined, im sure there are other things you can do if your...
  20. J

    What help, what to do?

    Hello all, Ive posted on here a couple of times when I've just been confused with feelings/thoughts or whatever, and now I want to get this sorted out properly and I think I've come to some sort of conclusion. Im going to book an appointment with the doctors, I was just wondering what sort of...