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  1. Azelka


    Hello, I wanted to know if it was normal to feel like there are two parts in my brain which are in permanent contradiction. I mean that when I say something that I believe, I say the opposite that I also believe a moment later.
  2. albie

    Enhanced Attention Syndrome

    I think I have invented it. And have it. It means I spot coincidences more than most. I see and hear too much. It is the opposite of ADD. It was fun seeing more but now it has turned bad.
  3. T


    okay i am a 19 year old gay male and ive suffered a lot of diffrent typees of intrusive thoughts from murder to sex to and violence but now i have a new one its TOCD i have never once in my life questioned my gender i have always been happy but now im doubting myself and the thoughts are making...
  4. G

    What's the opposite of trauma?

    Closest word I can think of is inspired but that seems a little off.
  5. S

    Does anyone else feel this way?

    Does anyone else feel like the dosage of their medication determines how much discipline or self control they have? In other words, so called "calibration" using meds as a tool. I told my psych doc about it, but it does not seem to have gone away. On one instance, he said to me, "You can eat...
  6. Poppy2014


    Is it possible to have friends of the opposite sex without it being about sex? I have a couple of male friends, one of technology internet variety, who I only talk to 3-4 Times a month, and one at work who I am close to he is aware of the BPD and acts as a go between for me at work, as a nurse...
  7. N

    Antipsychotic injection painful in opposite deltoid after injection?

    I know this sounds weird. I have the injections in opposite arms on alliterative months. Had it in left deltoid muscle Wednesday just gone and again I've had pain and tenderness in my right deltoid right after the injection. It's not psychological. Why does that happen. Does anybody else have...
  8. D

    Need some answers on combating OCD/Pure O

    To cut straight to the chase, I've heard the real weakness OCD has is when you do anti-OCD actions, basically stuff you're trying to avoid. Somehow you've got to confront your fears yet ignore them (not do any safety behaviours) it's so hard though. I thought the idea was to ignore your...
  9. G

    fiction vs. reality

    I honestly am tired of reality. I don't know what is wrong with me. I don't act that strange, I'm pretty sure I was drugged today when someone gave me a drink. I drove for three hours lost because I couldn't remember where I was. Then ended up hanging out with a friend. I don't think I have...
  10. J

    4 months on medicine

    hello. ive been 4 months on medicine and there are finally (after 6 - 5 years of searching for medicine that helps) some progress. I feel like it bothers me less. But the hell,unfortunetly, is still here. I feel really low and lost. Something opposite to alive and happy. I want to know if...
  11. Nikita

    Online dating Tinder

    Has anyone used Tinder to meet partners.What was it like?Were you successful?Is it only for young people aged 18-35/40 or can older people 50+ meet partners or make friends with the opposite sex on there.Please tell me your experiences if you have been successful on there or had bad...
  12. P

    It's all too much

    It's life that's too much i live in constant fear I feel my life is just one big mess I am a compulsive liar, chronic people pleaser, ex drug addict and found a worse illness called "gambling" fuck knows when my life got so bad that the pain of living is more than the fear of dying, it feels...
  13. valleygirl

    Still have no appetite

    I have had no appetite for several months, and although I have been forcing myself to eat, I have lost weight in the last 2 weeks. It's not an unhealthy amount, and I am still obese. I am happy about losing weight, but it's weight loss without regular exercise, and now I am starting to get...
  14. valleygirl

    Overwhelmed and Want to Cry

    Yesterday i started my practicum and classes. I left the house at 8 a.m. and didn't get home until 10, and that's with getting out of class almost an hour early, and then left at 8 a.m. for practicum this morning. This semester it's 4 classes plus practicum, and I'm scared I won't be able to...
  15. H

    Does having acne effect in you starting a relationship or in a relationship ?

    Does having acne effect in you starting a relationship or in a relationship ? I myself have been dealing with acne and acne scars for awhile now and to be honest I get a huge bubble of self-awareness, being self-conscious and over think about my physical appearance when it comes down to...
  16. Q

    Suicidal teenager. Will CBT help me or do I need something else?

    I was diagnosed with depression and have been put forward for cognitive behavioural therapy. Basically I have withdrawn from life and have decided to commit suicide. To be honest though I don't think I'm depressed. The biggest reason for why I feel the way I do is as a result of my appearance...
  17. cpuusage


    Enmeshment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Salvador Minuchin introduced the concept of enmeshment to describe families where personal boundaries were diffuse, sub-systems undifferentiated, and over-concern for others led to a loss of autonomous development.[1] Enmeshed in parental needs...
  18. C

    Why am I not allowed to just be me

    Ever since my attempted suicide it seems everyone has a notion of what my so called "normal" self should be . Apparently I should be lively , bubbly , talkative , quirky , there at drop of a hat for everyone , fearless , go getting . In no way should I have quiet moments . The truth I tell...
  19. porkpie

    Schizophrenia and self-neglect?

    You know how people suffer negative symptoms with Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder and a general decline in social functioning, physical appearance tends to go and ones starts to look unkempt, can one have the opposite if they had a bad childhood and generally looked like a tramp so makes...
  20. J

    Can't Get Through The Next Week

    I've got my children finishing school for the Christmas hols and I don't know how I'll get through it the way I feel. My mum bullies me and is manipulative and nasty - treats my 12 year old like she's 25 and now the daughter has started treating me badly due to the poor example my mum shows...