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  1. P


    I'm Shar:Dn ... what a great place to share! Okay ... Okay ... I have 2 children, 4 guinea pigs, 2 birds, 1 little dog and a fish tank waiting for the fish to arrive! I have a landlord that gets cranky with us because we like to have fun and he thinks for that we are loud! I like to read and...
  2. Rebel_Rogue

    Why Cant I Make a Decision?

    Hey I have'nt been on here for a while and I just thought I would log in to ask for some advice. :) I find myself unable to make decisions. I am unable to give my own opinion on basically anything. I usually find myself stopping sentences half way through because while saying them I realise...
  3. H

    Confused! Don't they believe me?

    Hi Would really like a bit of reassurance I suppose. Have recently been diagnosed bipolar by GP have started to take Sodium Volporate which seems to help stop the totally off the scale moments like screaming shouting throwing things then going out at 2am without shoes (I think - can't really...
  4. companion

    Social Workers

    I wonder if I could ask for everybodies input please. I am about to begin my intermediate year at university. I have chosen to specialise in Mental Health and am a little apprehensive, but also excited. What I would like to ask is what do you think would make a good social worker if you had...
  5. L

    your opinion

    for the last few weeks i hav been hearing voices from a man called jack who keeps on telling me to kill and eat my family and friends, also ive become very paranoid to the point that i think that the new peporami advert is encouraging me to kill and eat. I used to be very cheerful and happy but...