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  1. LostKitten

    Honest opinions appreciated..

    Hi.. I have done multiple online 'quizzes' to see if I'm at risk of an eating disorder. They all show that I have thoughts/feelings, behaviours and physical signs. At the end is always a recommendation that I speak to a healthcare professional. I haven't done so because I don't want to come...
  2. M

    diagnosis/working diagnosis.can anyone enlighten me

    I ended up getting a copy of a letter I wasn't meant to see. It says diagnosis OCD-10 code- schizophrenia f20. Further on in letter it says ... Progressing with assessment with working diagnosis. At the end it says it is my opinion that ... Also fulfills the criteria for a diagnosis of...
  3. ABsea

    I can't admit my own feelings

    I don't really know how to begin.. but atm I'm trying to stop myself from doing something that might be portrayed as 'evil'.. I'm scared to fully explain the situation on here because I don't want anyone I know to know I feel the way I do. I'm not sure if what I'm about to do is all that wrong...
  4. pumpkin

    Self-help books

    Do you ever read any self-help books? If so, please name a title or two that has helped you in any way. I'm still forming an opinion on self-help books, it usually helps me and motivates me to read such books but the motivation is very short-lived. What is your opinion on the subject? I've...
  5. M

    Another opinion

    Comments welcome on my new website. http://electronicstalking.tripod.com/
  6. S

    2nd opinion on Diagnosis

    I want a 2nd opinion on my diagnosis.:( My Psychiatrist seems a kind man, but I don't really know him, like he doesn't really know me, I don't want to upset him but I need things to be put right. I've booked an appointment with him for 31st August. My diagnosis was changed from Bipolar to...
  7. T

    Demand a second opinion

    WEll there one was sectiond again, still screaming, 'this is the worst flipping beauty salon in the F world', 'its a horrid place, I thought this was going to be a 5star beauty place?', where are the beauticians and where is my stuff?', And continued on even after an injection to calm the...
  8. pentagram

    opinions and facts

    There seems to be some folk on the forums who take exception to being asked to use the phrase "In my opinion.........." as opposed to their preference "It is a fact that............" They have even found some quotes that buddha doesn't like people to have opinions, I suppose we'll soon have a...
  9. M

    Anti -psychotics

    In your opinion what is the best anti - psychotic ? Which one are you on and why? thanks !
  10. EllieBelly86

    Thinking of getting second opinion??

    hey guys, I have been thinking alot about getting a second opinion on my diagnosis as the more i think about it i really dont believe i have bipolar. Last year i was under a massive amount of pressure and stress with work ect and i believe i may have had a breakdown as apposed to anything else...
  11. C

    Does anyone else obsess and hero-worship people?

    There is always one person in my life who I obsess over, and whose opinion of me means everything. The first ever person was my teacher when I was 11. Ever since then there's been a person in authority who I am dying to get close to (and who by definition I cannot get close to), usually female...
  12. S

    Hello can someone help?

    Hi I posted an expanded version of this question in the GAD thread and was told some people over in these threads may be able to offer me some advice, just hope I'm in the right thread. I have never had an official diagnosis of Anxiety and am not asking for one just an opinion or advice :) I am...
  13. M

    how to prove youre not psychotic

    after all its only thier opinion. How can you prove you're not.
  14. H

    BP or BPD or both

    Hi, I couldn't make up my mind where to post this, so it is here! Well, today was my last therapy session of 3 yrs. That was hard :-( However, that is not what I wanted to write about. I wanted to write about the letter he has written to my shrink. He agreed to write it before today and let...
  15. O

    Hello..you all...

    Hi, just joined..well...about two minutes ago. This is my first post, be kind..or at least..kind of accepting!!! I am 44 year old man.. diagnosed, wrongly in my opinion, with a label of dellusional disorder... seems to be a catch all for anyone who suffers from psychosis that doesnt fit the...
  16. Cal

    I need your opinion!

    I think i'm in trouble with this decision i have to make, it's just really complicated. I recently finished with someone but i have noticed for a while now that i can't quite get over the girl i was with before, i know i love her which is hard because it doesn't go away. I'm getting tempted to...
  17. A

    Second opinion

    Hello. The fact that I have not been diagnosed with Schizophrenia makes me feel a bit out of place, but it seems to be the best spot for this to go if I want opinions. In a nut shell, I am twenty one and have had hallucinations and delusional thoughts since early teens. That was eventually...
  18. trombone_babe

    Second opinion?

    I've been back under the care of the MHT for 10-11 months now, diagnosed with moderate-severe depression. They have tried lots of different meds now, but my pdoc is of the opinion that my base med, mirtazapine should stay the same, with lamotrigine on top, then adding other things to see if they...
  19. petahgree


    Hi. I have just been prescribed with more medication it is Risperdal(for voices I hear). I haven't been able to find anyone who has used it. If anyone on here has used it, what is your opinion? Thanks
  20. P


    I'm Shar:Dn ... what a great place to share! Okay ... Okay ... I have 2 children, 4 guinea pigs, 2 birds, 1 little dog and a fish tank waiting for the fish to arrive! I have a landlord that gets cranky with us because we like to have fun and he thinks for that we are loud! I like to read and...