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  1. B

    'Celebrity Scales'

    Hello! Hope you're all well. I heard yesterday that a shop is/has already brought out a scale that replaces numbers with celebrity names. I think it's an awful idea as people already compare themselves to these people, just wanted to see what everyone else's opinion is :) x
  2. M

    In my opinion Brain abnormalities are of critical importance to BPD, medicines to treat them are emerging

    In my opinion Brain abnormalities are of critical importance to BPD, medicines to treat them are emerging I know DBT is all the rage. And that's good, I think it is helpful. But I don't think it can be more than somewhat helpful for someone with severe BPD. I know quite a lot of people with...
  3. Wiseowl

    This is on G4S Website

    I just read this document and I can't believe how people are being viewed, it's so reductionist and ultimately unhelpful in my opinion. It makes me feel very angry.
  4. Z

    My partner has these symptoms... Any opinions?

    Been together many years. I feel so frustrated that I'm going to write down these symptoms and maybe there is someone who can say if this is normal or not. He definitely has an anxiety disorder. Also definitely depression. He is always disconnected from me. Always focused on his own...
  5. P

    supervised community treatment order

    hello all can anyone explain to me . my son has been on a community treatment order since 22 april this year should he have seen or had second opinion appointed doctor as its over one month? thanks all have a good day
  6. L

    Brutally forced into seeing a second opinion doctor

    Yesterday I was brutally forced into seeing a second opinion doctor who admitted the consultant detaining me doesn't care about me. She also told me that consultants never discharge patients and nor do Manager's Meetings she said only Tribunals do - well that would be delusional to start with...
  7. C

    MH has lost the plot in my opinion

    Hi everyone, I'm on a section 2 currently and treated as a criminal when I've done nothing wrong but I am a liability because I applied for compensation. The MH in my opinion have a negative mental attitude. They live in the past, I live in the present. Im not a danger to myself or...
  8. T

    Why do I feel this way? Advice please

    Its weird I do have ADD but I feel like there is nothing going on in my head at times just nothing no emotions or anything. I dont have a lot of opinion on ALOT of things! I just feel like a wall just there. I do suffer from low self esteem and self confidence and sometimes feel hopeless for in...
  9. anouska

    Erm, clears throat,.. politely saying "hello, can somebody pls give me their opinion?

    Erm, clears throat,.. politely saying "hello, can somebody pls give me their opinion? In my thread titled 'wild racing mind'. thank you, thank you
  10. B

    Hi there

    :( I'm not technically "new" as I believe i joined this forum some time ago, but haven't posted for - well years. I've been a member of another Anxiety site, which was brilliant. Unfortunately, it is currently in melt-down, and the administrators are saying they are closing it down - a gross...
  11. T

    Why dont I feel loved even though Im told that I am?

    What happens when someone tells you that they love you but you dont believe it or feel it Ive been told that Im loved but I dont feel it, by my relatives! I want to believe them but I dont feel it. Im a very nice person but I really dont know how to love or feel love.
  12. R

    Difficult Meeting .....

    Just an update on my issues for anyone who's interested. I went to see my cardiologist today...all a bit worrying. He was cross that I was disputing his diagnosis - a fainting disorder - and that I had put him right about a withdrawl syndrome from the SSRI I was taking and how it manifested...
  13. H


    I have been on clozaril for 8 years and i want to reduce it, but my psychiatrist says he won't because i am too dangerous when I'm not on medication. Should i ask for a second opinion? or Just stay on the clozaril? I'm worried about the long term effects of being on it.
  14. D

    Is the Doctor's Surgery Out of Date or are we Just Dim, and that includes the Waiting Rooms....

    Is the Doctor's Surgery Out of Date or are we Just Dim, and that includes the Waiting Rooms.... Advice needed an na needed BIG[B]. I've got a snall problem in that there is some kind of conspiracy going on. Now I do nof want to sound to James Bondz but now you got to now know, in my opinion...
  15. S

    Naturopathic treatment

    I have been on and off medications for a long time since I was about 17. I stressful is the best word to describe it. I went to see a naturopath because my dad suggested it to me. The naturopath said that "whatever your going through, it's probably drug induced." He prescribed vitamin C...
  16. P

    mental health snobbery continued!

    While browsing this end of the forum i came across this thread! http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread55453.html now it is closed? and im confused as to why it is closed? it's actually abit frustrating cause it seemed like a good discussion and i never had my chance to put my...
  17. keithtouro

    Hello friends !!

    I am new here. My name is keithtouro. I joined here because there are many things to learn from here and can gain experience and knowledge from different topics. So I hope all members will invite me to share opinion and interact with me.
  18. B

    I'm so distracted and I've made a mistake

    I don't know if I should post this here, not sure if it's too much off record about mental illness. But Iv'e made a mistake and I was discussing something with a coworker that my boss was not supposed to listen, but he was and I didn't see him before. It was not really bad I guess , I was saying...
  19. D


    Hi, I started self harming when I was 11. I'm now 24 still harming but I've developed new ways of self harming, I tried to stop but the pressure got too much and I lost it had to be taken to hospital by police and done 10 days in rehab, I have an amazing partner and we came to an agreement that...
  20. mummyloves3

    Thetford/Newmarket CMHT

    Does anyone have any dealings with this trust? I am hoping to speak to other patients of this trust to see what the general opinion is.