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  1. L

    The question of a second opinion

    Well I had the day off today and went to the gp and asked for a second opinion. He asked me to go further with what I want and I didn't really know what to say. He asked me the history of my consultants (ie who I have seen) and then asked whether I would want a private or NHS second opinion...
  2. L

    Disputing diagnosis and advice given by those in authority.

    People in authority are really weird. Where I say and always have said I am well the advice I am given by people in authority is to ask the gp to arrange a second opinion. I doubt that these people in authority have ever had to go to their gp to ask for a second opinion if they are feeling...
  3. F

    Rethinking personality disorder

    People with personality disorder have difficulty interpreting the world, themselves, and the people around them. This condition manifests as problems with cognition, emotions, and behaviour, which often affect the ability to form interpersonal relationships. It is probably the most common...
  4. L

    Family not letting me go travelling due to being reclusive mentally ill past 10 years

    Family not letting me go travelling due to being reclusive mentally ill past 10 years Hi all I discussed travelling with my brother and my mother however they basically said No and that you should go with someone rather than yourself. What is your opinion? Are they right? Should I be going...
  5. S

    New here and a big quistion?

    Hello everybody, I just joined here, I'm 20 and living at my moms. And i just wanted to know what was wrong with me? The short story is i don't have any motivation to do anything, have suicidal thoughts, and cant stand to be around people, or talk to them about any of this, but it feels...
  6. M

    My new Experience with ocd

    Hello guys, I have been a ocd sufferer for 5 years. I was with my family all that time but now I am living in another country. For the first two months of my abroad experience, I hadn't high level of stress caused by OCD. But since the beginning of the last month, I feel really stressed...
  7. L

    CPN or CBT

    SO after ANOTHER session of "CBT" the 5th session my cpn telling me its baby steps and its great that I made it here and that its small steps still no homework no exercises no cbt:confused: I did however tell her that I REFUSE to open up to another phyciatrist that they should write it down so...
  8. P

    frustration.. rant.

    since my Nana's death my uncle (he lived with my nana) has been in a deep depression. He was put on AD's straight away by the doctor which i completely disagree with as he is grieving therefore there is a reason for his sadness. anyways, that is just my opinion. the thing that is bothering me is...
  9. C

    All in the mind?

    I read lots of books on psychiatry etc. The opinion is over prescribing medication can make you worse. One med for one thing then numerous others 2 counteract effects of first one. Where does it end? On a spiral of never ending tablets? All illness can be helped by good diet & exercise. I don't...
  10. NicoretteGummed

    The Happy Mad!!!

    There's a guy where I live (In a supported Accomadation) His names Ken and he's 71. He's a smashing bloke really and a lot of fun and laughs. Heres' the rub-He not only thinks he should be the new american president but that he's both Jesus come again and God as well!! He really takes the...
  11. S

    When you partner/spouse doesn't believe in therapy.

    I have been working with a psychotherapist for almost a year. Like many I did not have a good childhood. As an adult my symptoms included severe anxiety and depression. We have been making good progress and I can only hope that with time and work I might be able to restore a sense of self. My...
  12. L

    Where do we go next - help !

    I am hoping that there may be someone out there using this forum who may be able to help my wife and I - in short her son (my step son) - now 22 - is having real mental and emotional problems and we are utterly convinced that he is a psychopath. Having spent a lot of time researching the subject...
  13. mrlaurel

    buying meds online..

    please before we start off don't mention any websites or links thanks everyone knows how to use Google I just want to know your personal opinion on this? would you risk it? would you get REAL drugs? how illegal is it? tia. stan
  14. N


    Hi. I am female, 39, got 3 lovely kids, health problems which mean I can't sit down, bulimia and am seperated from kids dad. Been in a relationship for a year and a half and suddenly my boyfriend who has always been amazing and supportive has just changed into a critical, short tempered...
  15. D

    The sad day has come

    I am a 60 year old carer for grown up son and daughter, the boy has learn difficulties and mild mental health issues and the girl has severe psychotic problems and after a third breakdown in 7 years and never really a recovery she has become extremely violent towards me and now i feel this time...
  16. G

    Mental health TV - Sat 5/7/2014 - Fri 11/7/2014

    I couldn't find part 2 of Inside Broadmoor from last week but here they both are online; Inside Broadmoor 1 - Episode 1 | Inside Broadmoor | Channel 5 Inside Broadmoor 2 - Episode 2 | Inside Broadmoor | Channel 5 (Apparently there might be problems playing them online but using another browser...
  17. S

    Am I or Am I not?

    Im losing my shit. I fear that I might be bipolar. But the thing about me is that I worry too much.. I have self diagnosed myself with countless illnesses. I broke up with my gf pretty soon and since than i have been pretty sad half of the day and pretty up the other half. The problem is that...
  18. S

    Do my wife or I have a mental issue?

    My wife and I have been in a relationship for 6 years and married for 2 years. Only recently, just a few weeks ago, she started driving me absolutely nuts, and now I am wondering whether she or I have a mental illness. Two or so months ago, it started innocently enough when we were arguing...
  19. I

    What's your opinion?

    As a kid I was diagnosed with ADHD and aspergers syndrome, when I got older my symptoms started to change. From the age of 12 I began to get strange mood swings although it has gotten much more severe the last 6 month's. I won't go into too much detail, but what is really worrying me at the...
  20. D

    Other peoples opinions causing anxiety?

    So I think strongly about many things as does everybody else however I started searching old threads on interesting topics and one of them was on this student forum. Now I saw a lot of different opinions but the ones I think highly against or in aspect I don't want to see nor do I agree with...