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  1. O

    OCD and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Hello. I was just wondering if Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has helped anybody here? I'm currently in therapy and that is the path we are taking, but it takes a lot of brain power and causes a lot of intense anxiety filled moments in my day. I feel like between that, and my medications, it is...
  2. B

    My dilemma

    So I haven't been here in a really long time. I've honestly been spending a majority of my time trying to reinvent myself and my life. Third divorce a year and a half ago. Changed my career. Single and celibate for the entire time. I have been seeing my psych nurse less and less. It has not been...
  3. mischief

    NBC News Opinion Feature on Hearing Voices Movement

    NBC News has published an opinion feature on the Hearing Voices Movement.
  4. G

    I think I've gone delusional by tricking myself into being happy

    So through the entirety of my high school life I suffered with clinical depression excluding the first half of the first year there, approximately. Wallowing in self pity at any chance I had, rarely feel satisfied with legitimate accomplishments and isolating myself away from the people that...
  5. T

    Weird Dizziness

    Hi guys, I am 19 years old and the past 4 years I am experiencing a problem I can't really find an answer about. First of all, I think I have a mild form of depression, though it may not matter, cause the problem might not be associated with the depression, but I could not find a link in the...
  6. 1

    13 Reasons Why trigger?

    Hi all, im new to this and was wondering if anyone else felt similar after watching 13 reasons why? I think I used to be depressed, for various reasons, and tried to kill myself one time and ended up spending a while in hospital after ODing one evening. But since then, I put myself into...
  7. Mayfair

    Lawyers sue the scouts...

    What is your opinion on this? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43519296 My opinion: I don't read the news, but allow myself to look at BBC top 10 most read new articles, and this caught my eye, so I opened it. I can't really comment on my thoughts because news stories are generally sketchy, but...
  8. G

    The end of my marriage of 25 years - completely and utterly devastated, suicidal and unable to face even the next hour

    The end of my marriage of 25 years - completely and utterly devastated, suicidal and unable to face even the next hour Long story. I have been married for 25 years. We have one child (23) together and a daughter from my 1st marriage. She is 30. Our son lives at home. It's been a stormy...
  9. L

    Second opinion?

    I was recently diagnosed with BP after one 40 minute chat with a psychiatrist I had only met. The more and more I research this, the more I feel that this is the wrong diagnosis. I cannot see how I meet 5 of the dsm criteria. Consequently, i really don't want to take my antipsychotic (which she...
  10. M


    I always feel like someone is watching me, more like a group, usually around 3 people, they're not following me. They're just always watching me, almost like in the Hunger games where the judged see and control everything or the truman show, but with a few people. they're onmipotent (they can...
  11. V

    Has Anyone Else had ECT?

    I have bi-polar depression with psychosis, anxiety, PTSD, and night terrors. I spend most of my time in a serious state of depression and anxiety. The last few months I have been hospitalized multiple times, and I started ECT while inpatient back in August. After a course of three treatments a...
  12. B

    Please people i need your advice,thought on this

    Hi everyone i hope you're doing well , can someone please help me i only need a good comparison or a way of thinking to get me moving forward i've always been happy my entire life , untill when i had a panick attack about almost 3 years ago , after that i got anxious and little depressed...
  13. L

    BPD AND ODD connection

    I have been researching Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) in great detail lately and think my 6 yr old child fits the criteria. I am taking the next steps necessary to help his quality of life. However ; my discussion isn't about him and his ODD. I recently broke up with a man who I believe...
  14. Q

    Don't take clozapine

    Just wanted to say that it is better to have hallucinations and extreme emotions than to be a sterile and well-to-do drone. My opinion of having foolishly taken this medicine.
  15. cpuusage

    Whose opinion is valid?

    i find it hard to take a lot of the opinion of most health professionals seriously. i can't take the armchair psychology / psychiatry & pseudo analysis of the untrained mentally ill & 'normal's' with hardly any seriousness at all. i am reaching a stage where i don't care what anyone else thinks...
  16. Sir.vivor42

    When is enough enough?

    I've been hearing auditory hallucinations since I was diagnosed. I hear them about three days a week when people talk to me. Especially, when there is a crowd of people. I haven't and still do not act on it. I was wondering should I have my doctor increase my meds? Thanks for your opinion in...
  17. L

    Dehumanised by the NHS.

    Hey everyone, As some of you know, I put in a complaint about my NHS care. This is what happened. I emailed PALS and my options were to have a second opinion regarding EUPD or have an opinionated note in my file stating that I do not have EUPD. If any of you are wondering, I was diagnosed...
  18. Mark_01


    Psychiatrist mean well, but do they really know what they are doing? They can't do a blood test, or a brain scan to know what is wrong with me. It is just their opinion. My new psychiatrist is young and beautiful, and she thinks I'm more crazy than my last one, who was old and fat. They are both...
  19. NatP1

    I can't get on with my dad.

    To give you some background, i no longer live with my parents and only go round on sundays for dinner and to spend some time with them, also my dad is very political and forceful in his views. I couldn't care less about politics when talking to him because we won't agree. For a while he seemed...
  20. A

    Do I have Avoidant Personality Disorder? can it be treated with self-help?

    Do I have Avoidant Personality Disorder? can it be treated with self-help? I'm a girl and 23. I’m an international student from a Southeast Asian country and currently studying master where I have no sufficient knowledge and experience. I made a mistake by enrolling an advanced subject that I...