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  1. U

    My 1st post.

    Hello everyone. I am new to the site so thought I would post here first. I have a family history of mental health and I have also been battling depression for many years. I just didn't want to accept it and it took a long time for me to reach out for help. I did and was put on meds and then...
  2. U


    My neighbors are spying on me.... to the extent.... that I feel I cannot speak freely. Anyone else experienced this? I think they are trying to build a case. Last week he opened the door when my mom came to visit..... I think he wanted her to start talking.... glad she didn't.
  3. B

    Hello All, I am new here. After a breakdown I have been diagnosed with BPD.

    Hello All, I am new here. After a breakdown I have been diagnosed with BPD. I am just coming through an episode of psychosis. It has been a really hard few months. A hospital stay after taking an overdose, self harm and general destructive behavior. I have been living with this all my life...
  4. S

    Fear, paranoia and distrust of people in general

    I am extremely introverted and almost always keep to myself unless I absolutely have to go out in public. When I was younger I was a little more "outgoing" but over the years I have developed severe Social Anxiety to the point where I have practically lived like a hermit for the last 15 years...
  5. H

    can't believe what I almost did

    Shit. I don't believe how stupid I have almost been. I got into such a state I almost did something that could have had awful consequences. I went on a dodgy site, contacted a flipping stranger and asked him to sell me valium. I gave out my e mail and we spoke backwards and forwards figuring out...
  6. sahasrara

    loosing battle with myself

    I don't no how I can cope with all this anymore its like as soon as I start to feel better more shit gets piled on top an buries me :'( My sons dad is being nasty an dragging me down an triggering me coz I told him he can't see his son as he is not safe an to go through court if he does want 2...
  7. lulubelle

    One thing... or my mother.

    Got a birthday card from my mum yesterday. She's not got me one for so many years. Its not a heart felt message or anything from a mother who hasn't seen her daughter in years. Its a goodbye, a nice goodbye- the goodbye only me her and my sister know. It just said; Lou Be Happy, Be Lucky...
  8. mrlaurel

    The Wonderful Hour - off topic

    anyone remember this on Talk radio (for the over 40;s I know) but what would you say is wonderful? My neighbours daffodil's, made me smile this morning when I opened the curtains” your choice?
  9. lulubelle

    fear of post?

    Wow, this is goin to sound so silly, but I sitting here trying so hard to get the courage to open the post I haven't opened since April!! shaking!
  10. A

    some please help

    i dont know what to do i told my mum how i felt i told my partner how i felt and im just left sat here on my own i told my mum im not well i need help and she knows whats come of that before yet i just get left alone is this pathetic...i opened up i get shut out.my mum knows thats the worst she...