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  1. J

    Anxiety disabilities

    Whot are some of the things that you cannot do when feeling anxious I cannot buttter my bread, open my mail i cannot open a bin liner there are a whole host of other things but I cannot think right now I just thought about it to see if other people have the same difficulties when they are...
  2. nickh

    Solihull Sub-Group

    The next meeting of the Solihull Sub-Group will be on Tuesday 11th November at Solihull Manor House, Solihull High Street from 1.00 to 3.30. I have mentioned that there is a PMHG Solihull sub-group before but will open a separate thread now and try to remember to post the dates :). Nick.
  3. J

    I'm offering a paper to the 5th European Symposium on Non-lethal Weapons

    I'm offering a paper to the 5th European Symposium on Non-lethal Weapons For the information of any members of Hearing Voices who want the information offered. (I'm not really interested in "flames" from people who aren't interested in the topic raised. I only came back because this forum...
  4. T

    i think i need to talk to someone

    i just found out the nhs are lying to me and it's making me panic and i tried to phone some helplines but they wouldn't fucking answer. i tried everything but the samaritans because i'm not suicidal. so if anyone knows any helplines that are open please let me know. if you're out there i don't...
  5. rollinat

    Open Learn - Free courses with the Open University

    I don't know if anyone is interested in online study but I have just been looking at the Open University site - I have done a couple of courses in the past when I have felt the need of some intellectual stimulation! - anyway, there are lots of taster courses which are free here...
  6. rollinat

    So here goes - an introduction

    So not really sure what to say here. Have been suffering from depression for the last few months. Have been on anti-d's for the past month - first time I've been on medication but not the first time I've been depressed. This time I have felt worse than ever before, perhaps because I can't see...
  7. W

    Open all hours

    Hi Everyone:welcome: This forum is the place to look for news and local threads if you live in the Nottingham area or think you might want to vistit. Its a friendly place.:grouphug: You can reply to threads that attract you or open one yourself with fitting subject header.:rolleyes: Remember...
  8. M

    Is this right??

    I am of the belief that agoraphobia is not the fear of open spaces as it is made out to be but, the actual fear of fear itself. For example I spent a couple of years in the house because I was scared not of open spaces but having a panic attack when I was out. It's open to debate.
  9. daffy


    Thought id start a thread for us to say hello. Im female and in my fifties. Ive had problems on and off all my life but fortunatly only a couple of hospitalisations. I sufer with bi-polar along with anxiety and occassionaly psychosis. Yep i dont do things by half:rolleyes: I had to stop working...