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  1. R

    transference gone wrong

    I have been I therapy for the last 6 years and almost from the beginning felt strong feelings for my therapist (shes female and so am I and no I'm not gay). I recognized it as transference from the beginning but didn't feel safe telling her. Shes noticed it somewhat over the years as shes...
  2. Funnyday


    I'm being targetted by a Phiser. I've received bogus emails purporting to be from various organisations asking me to login and check my account as it is in disaray etc. I always check the address of the email to see if it really comes from that organisation or not. Surprise surprise it don't...
  3. B

    Unsure about how "open" to be at work

    Afternoon all, I'm posting to ask, or get a gauge on how wise it'd be to open up about certain parts of my mental health. I'm recently promoted into a job, my boss is great and supportive of my progression. Work has known for a while I get mad levels of anxiety, and my confidence is in bits...
  4. B

    Voice hearing

    Hello, I'm a 31 year old women who's been hearing voices for the past 5 months solid. I've even started dreaming about it. I've been hearing the devil aka Baal for the majority of the last 2 months of it. I lost sleep for over 1000 nights becoming a new mother. The first voices I heard were 3...

    Detailed and rich NDE

    This is a good one: Talkzone: John J. Davis Keep an open mind.
  6. C

    when does opening up cross the line?

    I was always that person who'd shut myself out and wouldn't tell anyone anything about me, I thought my feelings didn't matter because I was always told that others had it worst and I just didn't trust people at all Now it feels like I say too much, I've lost all my friends and can feel the...
  7. D

    The right mindset to fight and overcome depression

    I'm going to throw some information at you which will help in analysing your problem rationally: (try to keep an open mind) Simply acknowledge that emotions are just stupid obstacles and focus on living your life without giving them much importance and you'll see that sadness and feeling down...
  8. T


    Hi, Im 20 and i currently study psychology, a big part of why is because ive been struggling with mental health and have seen alot of people struggle with drug addiction etc. Maybe one day i can help people on here better (im only in my first year so limited knowledge obviously) and till then...
  9. D

    Having a little problem

    Hello again, As I have said previously I just started see a new counsler about a month ago. Things have been going great so far. I feel like I can really connect with her. We have decided to start working on my anger issues and my nightmares. Well, most of my nightmares always have something to...
  10. A

    Hey.. I'm Andersen

    Hi... Let me introduce myself. I am an 18 year old student. I live in Asia and I speak fluent English. My family consists of dad, mom, me, and my little sister. I am a very awkward and timid person but I would really like to open up to people. I have recently been hit by depression and have...
  11. Y

    To messed up to love??? hope is all you need

    I think I found my soul mate in rehab. well she works there. she has expressed that she likes me back. I feel like the luckiest person in the world , cos she's perfect . I'm trying to open the " box" as I put it and try and express myself to her. addiction problems and little to none...
  12. L

    Hi? *nervous*

    Hi, I've never used one of these sites before. I'm 29 years old, with generalized anxiety disorder, attention deficit disorder, depression and reading and writing disabilities. I'm about to start group therapy and I'm really scared about it. I don't really know how much I'll be talking but...
  13. G

    I Think My Friend Is Self Harming, but I'm Not Sure What To Do

    Hi. One of my closer friends was talking to me tonight. She mentioned that she was depressed and I didn't think much of it at first as she is usually pretty humorous and open about her depression/bad days. However, I realized that this was different when she pulled up her sweatshirt sleeve to...
  14. N

    I feel like a fraud. Going to open up to the psychiatrist.

    I've been feeling like a fraud for a long time like I really don't have a illness and have been faking it all this time. I have a CPA review with my treatment team and I think I'm going to open up about my feelings. I'm worried about what he's going to say thats why I've been hesitant in...
  15. I


    Open the Doors > Decreasing Stigma
  16. L

    Open Windows

    I like to open my window to let some fresh air in but I constantly see shit moving thats not there. I like seeing the outside but it fucks with me. Is there a way to cope with this?
  17. C

    Hi everyone.. i m new here and i need to know from where i can post my issues for open discussion

    Hi everyone.. i m new here and i need to know from where i can post my issues for open discussion please guide me
  18. W

    Hi, new member here

    I wanted to take a moment to say "hi, I'm new!" I'm a 20-something living in London and I have a long history with bipolar disorder, OCD and anxiety. It's taken me literally years to be open about my mental health problems; they started when I was a very young teenager and caused me to alienate...
  19. Kerome

    Quietening the Mind

    So I thought it would be worthwhile to collect some thoughts about this. It's something we as mental health sufferers have a unique amount of difficulty with, but perhaps people have also developed particular techniques to do with it. Sight Trance generators: swirly blob, open fireplaces, sea...
  20. cpuusage

    Shamanic, Mysic, Visionary or Psychotic state?

    i can't get away from the first experience that i had that lead to being sectioned for 4 months on a locked ward. i think it was dealt with & responded to largely very inappropriately, & in a very damaging way. A lot i have seen, studied, researched & read seems to corroborate certain...