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  1. P

    CBD oil dosing recomendation

    i am currently attempting to use CBD oil to help with my depression without the use of an anti depressent from the pharmacy such as lexapro. i have a 1000mg 30ml Full Spectrum(has trace amounts of thc) CBD Tincture oil. the recomended daily dosage was one dropper full which would provide 33 mg...
  2. BlackHeart


    I have had misophonia since I was a child but as I've grown older it seems to have gotten worse. I can't eat around anyone as it drives me off my head, especially my father who I've told repeatedly about the condition, but just ignores it and continues to make the most grotesque noises I have...
  3. B

    CBD Oil

    Hi guys. Anybody tried CBD oil for anxiety/depression?
  4. K

    I did it again.

    I started thinking myself into a panic and getting REALLY upset over literally nothing. Thankfully, I acknowledged what was happening this time and now I am covered in lavender oil, drinking lavender tea, and high out of my mind. 🙂 Too bad I can’t be high during the day; I might actually enjoy...
  5. B

    Cbd oil for anxiety uk

    Does anyone here use this oil for anxiety and if so does it work? Where to get it from?
  6. V


    Has anyone tried CBD oil it is from cannabis
  7. O

    Paranoia about the World running out of Crude oil for diesel or Petrol

    I'll start by writing a conversation I had in church today. I was telling a guy in church that I wanted to study human life before Petrol was in the world and how humans went about daily living. I told him this knowledge would be helpful how to cope if the world ran out of Petrol. I said I was...
  8. S

    alternative help.

    Hi, Has anybody heard of or tried CBD oil for anxiety and depression? take care Sxx
  9. D

    In big trouble

    I live in the US (I saw most everyone is UK) and I'm 21 (legal drinking age here) and I currently live with my boyfriend and his parents. They are VERY anti-alcohol, but I drink occasionally and socially. I hid my unopened alcohol in the trunk of my car, and today my boyfriends father who used...
  10. chesterking

    fish oil, banana and multi-vitamin tablet cured my severe depression

    I use to feel suicidal and depressed for no reason a about 17 years back. But then had some fish oil capsules (omega 3), a banana and a multi vitamin tablet and that did the trick. It got rid of my severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Fish capsules are also very good for schizophrenia and...
  11. C

    Need to eat healthier any advise

    Hi people just a few questions. i want to try and start to eat heathier but as ive got a eating disorder. i eat mylti-vitims tablets with iron does anyone know what else i could take such as cod liver oil. and i do need to bulk up a little bit as i am weak and does anyone know any superfoods...
  12. OobieMoobie

    Has anyone lived in an oil heated house?

    Hey guys So basically, I'm having to switch accommodation for uni due to some very sad circumstances with my previous landlord :low: and in a few weeks I'll be moving into a gorgeous 1900 mansion which is probably haunted :eek: There's 6 of us living there (it's 5 bedrooms, I actually have to...
  13. F

    Today's cooking

    Leek and potato soup. Not so nervous about this one except for peeling and cubing of spuds.(I'm the world's worst peeler). Ingredients 1 tsp vegetable oil 1 onion , sliced 8 oz/ 225g potatoes, cubed 2 medium leeks, sliced 2 pints/1.2 litres vegetable stock 5fl oz/150 ml double cream or...
  14. D

    Not sure what to do

    Basically I'm not sure whether I need help or even what help or how to get help. I'm not sure what I'm suffering as I'm currently slightly underweight and restrict, when I do eat something like a sandwich I feel too full and anxious until I purge, if I don't purge I feel myself swelling up and...
  15. ABsea

    i think im ready.

    It has been maybe a month or two since I've selfharmed. Tlthough im left with these disfiguring scars on my leg as a reminder of what i did. Is there anyway i can get rid of them?? Or will i never be able to wear shorts or swimsuits again? I've been putting pure vitamine E oil but it doesnt...
  16. A

    Need advice on how to help my husband

    I have been married for 10 years, and I am fairly certain my husband has bipolar disorder. He's always had extreme highs and lows. Then after 4 years of marriage he hit a major low. I had to wrestle an item from his hands. I convinced him then to see a psychiatrist. They diagnosed him with...
  17. fontana

    You British are So Clever.

    You people over there on the otherside of the Pacific with your distinguished accents are so ******* funny. Everytime I come up with a post or reply, one of you kick my ass with your clever viewpoints. It seems like half of you are going for your PhD's, while the other half of you are...
  18. E

    scar reduction?

    Anyone got any tips on scar reduction? Bio oil? Special plasters? Whats best?
  19. P

    what alternative or supplementary thingies do you find helpful?

    I bought some supplements today, friends been nagging me for a while then therapist started going on as well so i succumbed! Got some solgar multivitamin with lots of b vitamins, vitamin d, and thiamine. Also some cod liver oil capsules. Also I am friends with a medical herbalist and often pop...
  20. Rosepoet

    Any one awake

    Whose burning the midnight oil i cant sleep