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  1. M

    been offered schema therapy

    Just finished a psychology assessment and the psychologist has offered me schema therapy ,she said I have a very fixed idea about the world /myself and other people ,she said my childhood was very abusive and I also experienced being exploited. So it's no surprise to anyone I behave and think...
  2. N

    Have you ever been offered a social services support pakcage

    Do you think you would need a lot of support needs to be offered a social services support package or supported accommodation? Have you been offered support from social services or are you left without no support but need it? Do you get direct payments. Do you think having a support package...
  3. M

    of no use

    told people will phone back and they don't send emails that are not answered, i'm no use to anyone, even when i offered to volunteer on here there id no response. i get the message m
  4. M

    Own worst enemy

    Keeping it short. 26 year old father of one, suffered from major depression for the best part of 13 years. I have never really dealt with it as such just buried it deep down within myself until just over a year ago I tried to take my own life and very nearly succeeded. For some reason i can't...
  5. Funnyday

    Three monthly injection

    I've been offered a new treatment for schizophrenia. I forget the name. Instead of a monthly injection it will entail an injection every 3 months instead. Anyone else been offered this?
  6. S

    Advice for first time fluoxetine

    Hello all, After a long time of putting it off I finally went to my Dr tonight to discuss how I've been feeling recently (very low mood, mood swings etc) after some brief chat he prescribed fluoxetine. I was a bit shocked as I thought a GP would explore other options before going down the meds...
  7. T

    Has anyone had a mind befriender

    Have any of you had a mind befriender before, I've been offered one and wonder what your experiences are. Do they take you out places or just chat in your house.
  8. T

    Has anyone tried clozapine?

    Hi my CPN told me that he knew a guy that was a mess and he took this medicine and he was a completely new person. I've been offered it twice so far so they must think it would help me please let me know your experiences GOOD and BAD.
  9. H

    I can't seem to stop crying..

    Firstly, I'm sorry if I'm posting under the wrong category. I'm just in real need for advice.. So, it's currently 2:04 AM where I'm at, and I've been crying since around 6ish. It all started when I accidentaly broke a table top worthing almost 10 mil (rupiah) earlier today during a photoshoot...
  10. megirl

    anxiety agitated

    Hi been feeling ok but my boss had started being a bitch! But i initiated a meeting with her on thursday about me getting unwell if i get stressed and that I am under the care of the mental health service and see a support worker twice a week. When i asked to have this meeting she told me she...
  11. pepecat

    "Shoot the Damn Dog' author Sally Brampton dies

    Sally Brampton, journalist and writer, dies aged 60 - BBC News (contains suicide specifics) Of all the 'celebrity' deaths this year, this one has stunned me the most, though actually, I"m not massively surprised. I feel a bit 'hit by a truck' for a few reasons..... I didn't know Sally at all...
  12. N

    Lost my own personality

    been depressed and have aniexty my whole life, im 22 so young. I have suffered so much have social issues lost all friends because they are the wrong crowd so I said to myself enuffs enuff and stopped hanging around with them. I sweat soo much when im around people, I feel so restricted as to...
  13. Tired Daisy

    How do poeple get offered the chance to go live in America?

    So I'm hearing this a lot and I'm thinking well it was impossible when I wanted to move over there to be with my girl friend that I had at the time and my family. I live in Britain by the way. I'm thinking its because I'm British which is why I don't get that opportunity, I think it is unfair. I...
  14. mami5

    Out of DBT

    Phoned psychologist this morning to ask for extra support as I'm really struggling at the moment. Ended up with him telling me I wasn't suitable for DBT any more and that he wanted to close my case. No idea where that leaves me, apart from on my own. Has anyone else been offered some other...
  15. Jaminacaranda


    I’ve just come back from a ‘taster session’ of the IAPT aka ‘Wellbeing’ service in my local area. It was basically just a ‘talk’ outlining the range of services offered. I’m glad this option is there and it even allows for self-referral, which is what I did since I’m dubious about my GP offering...
  16. C

    I've Graduated!

    When I first got out of the mental hospital nearly six years ago, I entered a program called PACT, which offered a high level of care. After several years, I was transitioned to a place called MHA, which offered a lower level of care. Now I've completed that program too, and I'm moving on to a...
  17. valleygirl

    Crisis Chat is Offline

    I don't want to call a crisis line because I'm crying too hard to be coherent. Why is it so hard to get help when you need it. I only have 6 more sessions with my therapist because she's private practice and I can't afford any more therapy and my parents have already payed for therapy for 1...
  18. E

    Help me my mental health team has abandoned me!

    hi, im 22 years old ans was recently diagnosed with personality disorder, depression, anxiety and abandonment issues, since my diagnosis in oct this year i have heard from my mental health time once. i have tried to contact him everyday since but nothing, it feels like he's abandoned me. i am...
  19. shaky

    How doyou get a therapist in the UK

    I mean on the NHS I think one would be good for me - but It's never been suggested or offered to me. And I'm currently not under the care of the CMHT (Again :mad:)
  20. A

    Stupid decison making while drunk.

    I'm new to this site but I just needed to voice my fears. I decided to go out last night and it was a pretty good night until I got to drink.I started to feel really down about my work life and my love life. Everything I've tried to do lately I seem to fail.It's been that way most of my life, I...