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  1. K

    Show me. Offensive.

    I have found it one of the most offensive things that anyone especially professionals seem to ask with ease. Being told or forced to show self injury is one of those things that feels very offensive I dont know about other people. I never show my injury, in as many years as I can remember I...
  2. J

    Help and guidance needed! Please

    Good afternoon, im a little confused with my head and im hoping someone can help me please. I definitely overthink things and often worry about things i may have dealt with or said to someone. If someone has said or done something to me i ofetn feel a overwhelming sense to go on the...

    Schizophrenic Humour.

    I hardly ever see any good schizo comedy. I guess it is niche market, but yeah would be cool. This is an old video but I think some of you here find it offensive? Meh if you have schizo jokes would love to hear some. :)
  4. I

    how offensive shit stirer

    So a shit storer so called friends think I'm making up having a boyfriend
  5. Q

    Narcissistic Family: Family Scapegoat - Weddiing From Hell

    In a nutshell about the background. Mum and Dad (who passed) where divorced. Dad had a mistress and she had two babies with Dad. Me and my Brothers only met my half-siblings three years ago after Dad passed so we had to inform them and invite them to the funeral. Met dad's side of the...
  6. S


    I was prescribed anti-psychotics at around age 16-17. To date, I have been hospitalized around a dozen times. It is usually my parents going to the Justice Of The Peace to have me hospitalized. I was eventually placed on a community treatment order. I find it highly offensive that these...
  7. C

    It's ok for me to feel how I feel

    I've been writing tonight, trying to organise my thoughts, I mentioned that I don't want to feel that I have to hide anymore. It seemed only right that I do something about that, so I will share a part of my private writing, somewhere it is hopefully safe to do so. It's not something I do...
  8. O

    Being Polite and Sexuality

    In everyday life, I am very polite, I am easily offended and maybe sensitive, I don't use derogatory or offensive language. However in sexual situations I am the complete opposite, I use offensive language as foreplay, I often use offensive terms like fat/skinny, swear, other offensive terms...
  9. P

    People accusing me that I'm on recreational drugs...?

    Wasn't sure where to post this but I think this section is ok, mods feel free to move it if necessary! Basically, for quite a while people often ask me if I'm on drugs etc. For example, last night, my flatmate said 'what was you doing in your room with those people the other day? When you came...
  10. C

    How can I get standard knowledge?

    Ok, so setting and meeting a goal offends others... OK, spiritualist thinking aside, if somebody sets and meets a goal to lose weight, is this offensive? or to buy a house? Or to go on holiday? i don't where you live, but then I don't think many people would say striving for something per se...
  11. S

    Feel in control

    I haven't self-harmed for at least a few wks but tonite i cudn't cope with my thoughts and i tried writing it down but it got all too much so i self- harmed and i've cleaned up myself. but i had forgotten the release and now i feel i can cope with anything. i'm sorry to anyoneif it sounds...
  12. Mister.B

    Other's open-mic-night

    If the others are saying loads of daft stuff in your skull, then you can post it in here if you feel you need to release it into the ether (or should that be e-ther?) If you are part of someone's system you can also post in here, if you are unhappy. All are welcome Me first: "I don't care if...
  13. sunflower

    Any tips?

    Any tips to stop the stinging please? Just had a go at cleaning my arms up, but I should have done it several hours ago when it would have been easier. Just used some soapy water and a flannel, as best as I could. But really stings now. :( PS. sorry if this is offensive to anyone. I really...
  14. bobshocker

    Side effects of moderation

    Hi I dont know if anyone can help, but I have been heavily moderated since being diagnosed with mental health forum. Since I've stopped taking calypso , I find that I am experiencing my posts being moved, names being changed and grossly offensive swear words being removed. I've been on the...
  15. lulubelle

    Disgusted with the Open University

    :mad:Hi Guys, I am stark raving mad at the OU. I was studying and came across this very offensive cartoon with the caption "When accountants get schizophrenia" making a complaint
  16. O

    Please complain to the BBC

    Below is a link to the Graham Norton show where a story is told by a psychiatric nurse about a patient who was clearly suffering. (22.30 minutes into the clip) Making mentally ill people the butt of jokes should be unacceptable. I found it offensive. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006xnzc...
  17. O

    Please complain to the BBC

    Below is a link to the Graham Norton show where a story is told by a psychiatric nurse about a patient who was clearly suffering. (22.30 minutes into the clip) Making mentally ill people the butt of jokes should be unacceptable. I found it offensive...