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  1. I

    boyfriend not my bf

    So person I thought was my boyfriend doesn't want to share a bed when go away really offended
  2. Poopy Doll

    Mirror Effect ?

    Rumi, “When you see a fault in another, the fault really lies in yourself, but you see it reflected in him. Likewise the world is a mirror in which you see your own image.. Rid yourself of your own fault because what distresses you in another is really in yourself. You are not offended by any...
  3. Mark_01

    Is it Offensive?

    Are you offended by the way mentally ill people are depicted on television and movies? I always see the actor playing the mentally ill person doing and saying things I would never say or do. I really hate it when they talk in the "stupid" voice. Also offended by the way they dress. I dress in...
  4. J

    Pastor yelling at me for being offended at not being invited places

    I am so upset, I feel like my friend and pastor dislike me and want me to stay away from them because my friend said she needed space and was yelling at me for feeling excluded bc Im not invited places and thinking Im being rejected when that is supposedly not true. My pastor messaged me...
  5. I

    help im so scared and frightened

    Hi I can't cope anymore I'm feeling so.frightened and scared.basically I went away with one of my friends on holiday for five days and it's gone pair shaped since day one I suffer from dyspraxia and she's been really harsh to.me.i don't feel I can cope anymore.basically because I shaved and got...
  6. pepecat

    10 things passive people say.

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-squeaky-wheel/201511/10-things-passive-people-say?utm_source=FacebookPost&utm_medium=FBPost&utm_campaign=FBPost How passive you are depends on your personality, your perceptions of the world and your place in it, your feelings of empowerment and...
  7. L

    why do I do this?! :(

    So I'm currently battling depression and anxiety and suicidal throughts/attempts and urges, and it's having a huge strain on my life and my relationship with my fiancé. He doesn't really know how to react or what to say to me or anything about it, except he gets really overly smothering. And it...
  8. A

    In-laws don't like me

    Hi. This is my first post here, as I've just joined. I'd like some advice and I didn't really know where else to go, so here goes... Background is this. I've been going out with a guy for just under 2 years now, and have recently got engaged. About a year ago I suffered from depression...
  9. S

    I think this is more than depression

    I was diagnosed with chronic depression in 5th grade but now,at 22, i have other symptoms along with it and think there is something else going on. These are the symptoms: Making unproven assumptions Thoughts everyone hates me Self neglect and self hatred Uncommon phobias Insomnia Self medicate...
  10. M

    End of summer/political correctness/close to tears

    Hi, been a while since I posted last as I've been enjoying the weather and have got a new Cairn Terrier puppy. After losing my beloved Monet I came to realise I can't really live without a furry friend. Summer has been good weather wise and have been able to spend a lot of time outdoors...
  11. C

    positive thinking.. honest opinions..

    last few weeks ive decided after 29 years of feeling like a victim... im gonna change my hole view on things to be nothing but positive... how can i make my situation turn around and prove a good thing? what better than to use my experiences to educate others.. had a few different suggestions...
  12. P

    my dad really upset me with what he said.

    He said that when he is older at pension age i would neglect him and my mam and tell them "to sit in a corner". he honestly thinks i would not look after him if him and my mam needed help with everyday living. I have never felt so offended. I must be such a horrible person.
  13. Fallen From Grace

    Did I say something wrong?

    Okay, so I have been beta-reading (reading an unpublished book and giving feedback so the author has an idea what they need to work on) for a self published author. When I first started out, she wanted me to email her my thoughts every few chapters. I've been doing that, and up until lately...
  14. P

    what to do :/ dilema!

    So in a few weeks im going to a friends flat at uni and im stopping there for 3 days and 2 nights. Now i dont know what to do! Do i take my 'tools' or not? Because if i need to do it and i dont have them. Then i will find another way to SH. But i dont want my friend to find out and be offended...
  15. S

    New to the Forum - here to support and be supported!

    Hi Guys Just introducing myself, probably in the wrong place! Also sorry to anyone I offended by private messaging them.. almost forgot it was a forum lol S
  16. H

    have I offended anyone here?

    I feel a bit peculiar.....I am not sure why. I have this awful feeling I have offended someone somewhere. I don't know why except I know I have been drinking too much lately.......I thought I was doing this to spite the shrink.....how warped is that? My memory is shot and I have this heavy...