1. bobshocker

    always wondered?

    whats the Cthulhu got to do with Bipolar? I mean I read the necronomicon, but how does summoning the 'Great Old One' have anything to do with Bipolar? Anyone know? I saw my pcdoc today, he said although I don't drink much, I should give up booze completely, i kind of felt annoyed about that...
  2. F

    Going out

    Going out i can get strange looks of mocking amusement. I am all too aware of it . It can make me feel very self conscious ie am i making strange expressions? walking funny? exhibiting odd mannerisms? I prefer to go out as early as possible if i can ,when there is less people about.
  3. T

    Anybody else have weird physical responses?

    Im going to class this topic as self harm but mostly suicide related. Has or do anyone else get odd physical reactions to the thought of impending self harm or further? I get a really odd reaction when its passed the need just to harm like to self harm etc bordering on suicidal intent. I lose...
  4. A

    can returning to this forum be harmful??

    Hadnt posted for 7 months as in recovery, came on for support 2 days ago, now reading through posts and finding so many stories/emotions in others' posts I used to suffer and had sort of forgotten about... feeling really odd and a bit panicky now; as if i've awoken old demons by coming on here...
  5. jezcoleman


    Ive just got this really odd feeling come over me, its like my head is trying to have a 3 way battle with its self, one side anxious, one side depression and the other side joy all at the same time, could my meds have anything to do with it? I dont feel sad or happy or anything, its like...
  6. P

    sorry another question about therapy, re confidentiality this time

    if I tell my therapist the stuff about my ex I think at least one of those things maybe more may count as sexual offences, ie no consent. I'm a bit worried that this will mean she has to report him as he has access to our children. I don't think he would abuse the children at all, only me lol...
  7. M

    anybody about?

    Is there anybody around? Can't sleep and feeling a bit odd. Would love a bit of a chat about nothing in particular. Maddy
  8. F

    Why wont they diagnose me?

    Ok my psych said i had a severe psychotic episode, hearing voices,delusions,social withdrawal,paranoia. I'm on the maximum dose of olanzapine 20mg and i have been on that for about 2-3 years can't remember. I still hear the odd voice, but the paranoia is still very strong. I have OCD which he...
  9. S

    Body parts circling w/emotional intensity

    Hi, I'm a 40 year old male, someone who was rather emotionally "shutdown" for years. I've been trying the last couple years to work through some issues and get in touch with my feelings better. I'm a recovering perfectionist and compulsive "nice guy". There seems to be some deep hurt and a wall...
  10. C

    odd symptoms?

    Hi recently i have been getting really hot flushep normally at bedtime or in evening also anyone experience pins and needles? For no apparent reason also i get it in my hands fingers and feet is this normal?
  11. LilyRose

    Hi everyone, anxiety person here!

    Hello, I have just been diagnosed with anxiety by my GP and she is referring me for counselling. I have what I call "episodes" where I feel very edgy, and that things dont look real, like a surreal existance. Things smell odd and look odd. I just need to know that this isnt completely...
  12. J

    feeling odd

    feeling really odd , been Self harming , wound is healing now, touchstone has really messed my mind now
  13. B

    what a crap state of affairs

    Hi guys got up about an hour ago cos of the pain in my teeth..it's really getting me down. Im just about to take some painkillers as I have to take them with or after food. Im sat in front of the tv thinking I am slowly going mad. and its making me really down. Plus the citalopram is doing odd...
  14. W

    Worried about mum

    Hi people, first time posting here but I don't really know what else to do. I'm a 21 year old currently living at home with my mum. My grandmother, whom my mum was very close to, died 8 years ago. In addition, my mum's 4 brothers don't have anything to do with her, why, I don't know. Now, the...
  15. T

    how ironic

    :tongue: went to the volunteer centre last week. they phoned me today with apossible placement. it is at sunnyside! the psychiatric unit where ive been having my holidays for 4 years. out of all the positions they must have how odd that they found this one for me:clap::clap:
  16. H

    Dying For Some Insight/Advice Please Its Getting Me So Down :(

    Hey there, I think i need some real mental help with this issue now, Please don't laugh it sounds crazy I know but seriously, my brains not working right my 1st girlfriend had a tiny bump on her nose but i literally never ever noticed nor cared, my 2nd had a slightly bigger one and i didnt...
  17. Rosepoet

    my day

    today i went shoppin with kids felt bit odd but not panic think i hav felt odd so long normal feels odd. got most school stuff sorted but cant afford new jumpers will hav too get next month. it felt odd in the giant supsertore so many people! i did manage some enjoyment though. feel bit blank now
  18. M

    very strange ideas and thoughts

    i have had anxiety and a big fear of going mad or having something else wrong with me and i have seen a phychologyst and phychiastrist but i decided not to anymore and get on with my life. I have been doing alright but theres this one very very weird thought that repeats in my head daily and i...
  19. M

    ... im moon... any you are probably no existant...

    hello. so ... the weather hey.. well this is odd. end message here i think.
  20. D


    too much a good thing too little and wisdom is lost would you say that acceptance of this illness might help? that if you were really mad you wouldnt know it? or that too much awareness cripples your personality? ive really become nocturnal i sleep all day and am up all night the only thing that...