1. B


    My 6 year old step-son is showing classic signs of Oppositional defiant disorder. We were guided to this possible outcome by a friend who is an ex mental health nurse. We have made the school aware of the information we've been given and the SENCO is going to keep an eye on him in the coming...
  2. S

    Seeking help

    Been to several doctors and a mental health professional. Nobody has any idea what's going on. I'm high in debt and can't afford to keep trying different meds which either make it worse by adding other symptoms or just do nothing at all. If anyone can help or knows of someone whom can help, I...
  3. mrlaurel

    how are you doing?

    another bloody day, lernt some stuff I couldn't do anything about but isn't nice, a friend of mine has been charged with manslaughter because of a RTA not sure if I shouldn't try and go and see him take him 20 benson? sorta shocked me a bit odd week again, had to have a Job Centre interview and...
  4. mrlaurel

    question for you guys - post vacectomy OUCH!

    just a quick question and if no one wants to answer thats cool..... but how did you feel once you got the " none seen" result? odd question I know but I'd like some input if you are brave enough :)
  5. mrlaurel

    am I who I really want to me ?

    odd day odd question no answers just a blank space where my mind should be.
  6. mrlaurel

    feeling odd...

    hello folks, hows everyone? I'm having an odd couple of days, yesterday I felt drunk all day couldn't stan dup without feeling sick... today a bit brighter but still feel rough, nasty head aches etc... I've cut down on my food intake this week, so don't know if its that, I' reckon I've cut out...
  7. AmyS86


    Hi guys. Just taken Zopiclone for the first time last night. Has anyone had this before, as i'm experiencing a really odd side-effect. Any advice welcome. :)
  8. mckeo5514


    Well I've decided to try and get a relationship. I'm 32(almost) and my last and only relationship was 2004 that lasted maybe 3 months(ish). I'm quite shy so it's a hard to ever make a move and I have mild aspergers too which makes body language almost impossible to read so I haven't had much...
  9. B

    A good day :)

    Really feel a lot better today. Although this has happened a few times in the last few months where everything suddenly looks positive only to fall apart again a few days later. I still feel anxious and agitated and a little paranoid but it sure has died down. And I feel I have got my focus back...
  10. mrlaurel

    I've stalled............

    my recovery has got to shit, my mood is down, I feel ill and I have no idea how to get my home sorted out... odd day. stan
  11. flowergirl

    problems with speech

    Im used to calling things by the wrong names like saying put the milk back in the drier when I mean fridge I do it hundreds of times a day but sometimes when Im talking random words just come out im not thinking of them and im intending to say something different but just odd words come out its...
  12. M

    Going without meds after 5 years of remission?

    I am approaching 3 years since I had my first psychotic episode. I was almost 25 years old. The worst experience of my life. I've been in remission since I was first medicated so a long time. My psychiatrist had said I'd be able to come off the meds after 5 years if I am well. Why so? I feel...
  13. M

    I wasn't thinking about dying..

    I od'd a couple days ago. My roommate found me less than an hour later. So it didn't work. He over reacted...and when he saw the bottle, his first reaction was to punch me in the stomach. He has terrible aim so I have a cracked rib. I wasn't thinking about dying. I was thinking....I never...
  14. sahasrara

    odd couple days

    Odd couple of days. Been on a downer this last week hit its peak Monday nite ended up crying at work for an hour, but last night my friend invited me over, I kicked up a fuss coz he had a work mate over an I dint no her even tho I wanted to go over. Anyway he talked me round an I went over...
  15. K

    How to deal with little issues that seem really big??

    I haven't been diagnosed with OCD but I figured I'd probably find some great advice on this forum! There are a few "little" things that simply drive me nuts... and are currently driving my partner bonkers as well! We all have them to some degree... but for me it's the little things that stress...
  16. marcustwelve

    Alcoholism - Question?

    I probably know the answer before I ask the question but here goes: Does anyone think / believe a recovering alcoholic who has abstained for several years can take control and have the odd drink to relax etc? Do you know of anybody who has managed it? Is it a definitly no no? Regulate it?
  17. K

    Odd moments

    Not so long ago I went to my doctor and explained that I've been having some weird back to front de-ja-vu moments where I will be somewhere really familiar, around familiar people and then suddenly feel as though I've never been there before, that I don't know the people I'm with and I don't...
  18. S

    bpd psychosis

    Hi im new to this site, i would just like to share that as being diagnosed with bpd, i went through a psychotic episode about 2 year ago now. It first started off wit thinking i was getting followed and i actually thought i could hear and see him . Then came the voices they told me to harm...
  19. P

    Feeling odd

    I just feel, odd. Strange, like I am here, but don't feel all that "with it" at the same time. Like last night, my head felt "buzzy", like bees were swarming around in there, but there was no actual noise, just a busy feeling. I was depressed due to all of the crap happening in my/our...
  20. I

    nothing much... my ramblings while waiting.

    Sat in the local psychiatric house waiting to be seen. Hate these places, full of really bad poorly people. Wish I could help them. At least im not that bad any more, I know my bipolar and apart from the odd day can control it. Just thought id speak to someone while im waiting. Wonder if I'll...