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  1. P

    Self harm

    So a while back when I was on floxetine I started to self harm on the odd occasion. Not much just the odd bit here and there just to feel something. I mentioned this to my GP and she said it can be a side effect when changing doses etc. Fast forward 2 months and I'm still Self harming but I'm...
  2. B

    using magnesium for anxiety?

    Having had a bad 2 day episode of anxiety, I took a magnesium tablet, and I felt a lot better. But I have a few odd sensations, and I wondered what other people's experience of taking this would be.
  3. letmein

    stay safe

    odd thoughts here.... just stay safe all of you.
  4. Not_Crazy_Yet

    I've developed a fear of walking the streets.at night

    I have some trash that I should have taken out last night but since the shooting I've been afraid to go out in the relative darkness for whatever reason. This is odd to me as I'm neither afraid of the dark nor hoodlums. I also have no fear of death. I can't for the life of me figure out why this...
  5. 2

    Just dropped in...

    Hi, I've been on meds for depression/anxiety for over 20 years but it probably started before that. I've had several different kinds of episodes along the way but I don't tick enough boxes to be any flavour of bipolar. Just on the spectrum. Recently had an odd one and thought I'd try this...
  6. B

    Anxiety and romantic relationships

    Hi, I'm new here. I am struggling with balancing my anxiety and my relationship. We've been together over 3 years, but the last 2 have been ling distance. Not being together every day seems to amplify every fear I've ever had and threatens to ruin everything. Has anyone else faced an LDRwith...
  7. vanish

    'Stable' Schizophrenia

    So forum folk, I am considered stable by my psychiatrist and I don't have to see him again for another 3 months. ;) This means that although I still have the odd hallucination and odd day of paranoia. I am nowhere near as bad as I have been in the past (being hospitalised for months on end)...
  8. L

    BPD AND ODD connection

    I have been researching Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) in great detail lately and think my 6 yr old child fits the criteria. I am taking the next steps necessary to help his quality of life. However ; my discussion isn't about him and his ODD. I recently broke up with a man who I believe...
  9. shaky

    Eyebrows - left and right brain?

    When I shaved this morning I also shaved off my right eyebrow Don't know why I am a bit unstable at the moment I probably ought to take some risperidone - but I'm also inspired and creative and I don't want to spoil that So why shave off one eyebrow? I think my left and right brains are not...
  10. L

    Feeling odd.

    Hey everyone, I've not been on here in a while. I actually recovered and got my life back on track. I was on lithium and Abilify. But I roughly took it in April and come May, I had stopped taking it. And I was fine, no immediate relapse. But now I feel odd. I feel very flat and...
  11. G

    Odd question on voices

    Those of you who give yourself a set time with your voices, what do you do in that time with them?
  12. A

    How to help a friend?

    Hi all, I'm new here, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section. I would like to ask for advice. I have a good friend whom I suspect to be a suffering schizophrenic. I met him when I first moved to LA. I ended up living with him for a few weeks and right off the bat he seemed a bit odd. For...
  13. S

    Will reduce meds with taper in two years

    Now I have finally quit drinking which was mentally fucking me up I can start working towards a goal. The plan is is to taper after being on for two years over 15 month. After quitting drinking I still at odd times get a little stress in my mind or at odd times feel a little paranoid but I...
  14. T

    What kind of foods to you eat every day

    I seem tto live off muesli and scrambled eggs and beans at the moment with the odd bit of oven chips what foods do you eat a lot of?
  15. T

    I've seen it

    The positive mutual regard tht humans can have about each other I saw it today It's is possible.... It does happen.... Don't let the odd psychopath mess with your reality Well there's always ONE isn't there.:mrgreen:
  16. M

    Please help me, anyone have this anxiety,scared your never sleep again

    Please, please, please help me !! I had had strange thoughts in the past, but came of meds as having 4 the baby, so preg now !! Bit had to back on meds !! As my odd thoughts have come back, and there is one that is really scaring me !!! I convinced myself I wouldn't properly sleep again ...
  17. nonotme

    odd & stupid.

    I feel odd today and taken some extra pain killers just to try and chill (stupid I know but not enough to cause any harm) heating up full blast and made myself a cuppa. just letting the world go by.
  18. The Big Dawg

    What does this mean?

    So I went out to get some food and a woman looked at me and smiled. What does that mean? does that mean she likes me or is it a friendly look? Sometimes when a woman looks at me and smiles I don't know what to think, I dunno if shes looking at me because I look odd or whether shes just being...
  19. C

    British newbie

    Ok so i've not been on this kind of forum before and have no idea where to post. I'm a musician and admin assistant (odd mix I know), suffering from a lot of issues right now but always feel better to talk about it right?
  20. mrlaurel

    just checking in, so how you doing?

    hello folks, thought I'd stop my and say hello and see how everyone is doing? not been on for a couple of weeks needed some head time... so what you up too? anything interesting going on in your life? hows you mental health issues ? are you coping with shit? I'm not great today about a...