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  1. M

    Need your support.

    Hey peeps. I hope you are all fairly well. I usually post up saying about how life is horrid and how things are really difficult and I am loosing grip etc etc... :unsure: This time its something a bit different. I am about to make the biggest descision of my life and since I dont really have...
  2. N

    Benefit Change October 2008

    Hi, Something I have been trying to avoid because of anxiety for one, is all this change in October. I am long term sick. I have been not been able to work since 1989 and even that was for a short period. Before that I lost jobs because of the illness e.t.c. Life has been quiet that way for...
  3. nickh

    New Vision for Mental Health

    Apparently the Government's 10 year plan (the National Service Framework for NSF) runs out in 2009. 7 big guns in the voluntary sector (including Mind, Rethink, Mental Health Foundation) have written a New Vision for Mental Health - you can find links including a download for the document itself...