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  1. G

    Mental health news this week

    More must be done to help people with mental health problems stay in work. Chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies says mental illness cost £100bn last year yet 75% of people received no treatment - More must be done to help people with mental health problems stay in work | Society |...
  2. P

    Advice Please you lovely lot :)

    Hi there guys and dolls.. Need some advice.. not about me but my wife. I will go through the story with facts and not skip anything out. When I first met my wife 15 years ago, she was the woman of my dreams. Everything I ever wanted. She quickly fell in love and we shared everything...
  3. O


    Looks interesting. I will be watching. Starts Thursday 31 October 9pm Channel 4. Bedlam - Channel 4 - Info - Press
  4. G

    Mental health news this week 25-10-2013

    Hum Anima CIC's October newsletter (animal therapy) - Can fish make you feel better? `Caring for the Future’ conference at the MAC (in Edgbaston in Birmingham) on 29th October looking at the integration of health, social care and housing. There are many excellent speakers and...
  5. J

    ESA Tribunal

    I'm new here so sorry if I am going over old ground. In December 2011 I was moved from IB to ESA without a medical. However in October 2012 I had an ATOS medical as I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. The 'nurse' decided to ignore what I told her and, despite my obvious discomfort...
  6. G

    Mental health news this week

    (Mad Pride seem to have have reverted back to their old habit of sending out stuff at short notice again) MAD PRIDE - A Celebration of Creative Lunacy For World Mental Health Week, SATURDAY 12th OCTOBER. Noon until 11pm @THE IVY HOUSE, Stuart Road, Nunhead, London SE15 Admission £5 / £2...
  7. K

    ESA tribunal help!

    I have my dreaded appeal tomorrow at 3pm in birmingham. I'm 21 suffer with severe anxiety and depression. I have the advice from my local welfare rights officer unfortunately he cant attend with me but my Mother is coming with me for support. I dont have any medical evidence to provide because...
  8. G

    Mental health news this week

      Supermarket chains Tesco and Asda have withdrawn two Halloween outfits after they were criticised for stigmatising people with mental health issues. Asda dropped its "mental patient fancy dress costume", and Tesco later withdrew its "psycho ward" outfit. Both stores apologised for any offence...
  9. G

    Mental health news this week

      Yankland, deranged person who had no proper mental health help, guns easier to buy than cigarettes, lots of people shot dead, yet another case, govt still doing nothing - enough said? BBC News - Navy Yard: Aaron Alexis 'had mental health issues' That text is so that next time I'll just be...
  10. ghillie101

    New member

    Ghillie101 When I was 15 my girlfriend at the time was self harming so stupidly I SHd and things just got worse after that, we went out for 2 years And now I'm 22 in October and I don't know if she still SH's or not now. But I dont know why I do it
  11. G

    Bipolar and driving license...

    Hi all, I recently discovered that I need to declare my Bipolar on my license so that should be done over next weekend - in the form however it asks if I've been in hospital in the last 12 months... I was in on a section 2 for a month from the beginning of October to November. Is this pretty...
  12. Fairy Lucretia

    DLA change to PIP

    hi I thought some people may find it useful to know ,especially if they are on DLA ,that although the DLA benefit changes over to PIP this year ,it will not affect you yet if you are currently on DLA for an indefinite period.If you get DLA indefinitely you will not be re-assessed for PIP until...
  13. D

    HELP! Been taken OFF ESA!

    Hi guys, Since all the recent changes to benefits i've had nothing but bother. I have had three medical assessments in the last year and have had no end of paper work, new forms to fill in etc. Everytime a decision has been made i've had to appeal against it as they were saying i had limited...
  14. xTKsaucex

    oh depression its you again

    I've recently had a hypomanic blip which went up and up until I had very psychotic and paranoid thoughts. Then it all levelled out for a while but I fear I am slipping into a depression phase. Totally feeling useless, worthless and insignificant in this world when I feel I could be something...
  15. O

    New to this

    Hi, I live in Australia and am new to these types of forums. I have suffered from depression for years, but these last two years have been awful. I had to fly to UK with my husband in August 2010 to bring Mum and Dad back home as Mum had taken ill, she got worse and passed away in October 2010...
  16. G

    Mental health TV - Sat 22/11/2011 - Fri 28/10/2011

    If you want this list emailed direct to you each week, email [email protected] Bedrooms and Hallways was on BBC 2 last week. Romantic ensemble piece about a lonely young gay man who finds love with an unexpected partner after joining a self-help group to improve his social life...
  17. G

    Mental health TV - Sat 15/10/2011 - Fri 21/10/2011

    Mad For Poetry - short videos on Community TV, watch them online - http://communitychannel.mediatrust.org/video?channel=all&sort=published&page_num=1&keyword=Mad+For+Poetry Saturday Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge. A New Jersey town is rocked by scandal when a group of respected college...
  18. G

    Mental health TV - Sat 8/10/2011 - Fri 14/10/2011

    Radio 4 health and well-being shows; http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/programmes/genres/factual/healthandwellbeing/player/episodes?page=6 Saturday Falling Down. Michael Douglas, giving one of his greatest performances, plays a stressed motorist who cracks under the pressures of everyday life...
  19. G

    Mental health TV - Sat 1/10/2011 - Fri 7/10/2011

    Radio 4 health and well-being shows; http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/programmes/genres/factual/healthandwellbeing/player/episodes?page=6 Saturday Hammer House of Horror- Witching Time, Horror Channel, 9pm. At the isolated Woodstock Farm in rural England, workaholic composer David Winter is...
  20. Star-28

    Season Changing...

    Uh Oh.. I can already feel it coming on.. I always get sick when the season changes in October.... :cry: today is the first cool day. ive already been psychotic for the past few days.