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ocd obsessive compulsive

  1. P

    Seeing Spiders

    So I decided to create this account just to get feedback on this issue I've been having recently.. Like I've only noticed this in the past couple of months and I'm unsure if it's something small/it shouldn't be worried about or more, and I would ask my therapist but honestly it just seems a bit...
  2. Garmc


    Hi everyone my name is gar I suffer with depression ocd and generalised anxiety disorder
  3. J

    My new job

    Hello. I started a new job a few weeks ago. I suffer from anxiety and OCD so it has been a tough transition. My issue is whether or not I am being paranoid, in terms of fitting in with my coworkers. The group is having a birthday lunch for my boss, and even though I was on the email invitation...
  4. C

    Germphobia, opening up for the first time

    Hi, I've had a germphobia for around 5 years now, for so long I kept it to myself and tried to deal with it in myself, I kept to myself for so long as to I was and still am embarrassed by it. I also thought I could get rid of it on my own. I have looked over what I wrote and it's quite...
  5. Satirical

    OCD and Anxiety Phone Apps

    Hey there! There are several phone apps that can help people cope with anxiety and OCD alike. I have some of them on my phone. They were recommended to me by a psychiatrist who recently led my treatment in a psychiatric hospital. GGOCD Thought Challenger Worry Knot Other apps like these...
  6. Satirical

    My Introduction.

    Hello, everyone. I just got through the registration process (which wasn't grueling), and I decided to make an introductory post because I thought it would be the best option. I live in Massachusetts and am 18 years old. I struggle with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). My OCD also comes...
  7. A

    Hiv ocd?

    Hi all, hope everyone is okay... So I am trying hard not to freak out but I am slowly loosing grip the more I think about it! I was at the park with my dog - my dog was playing with another dog and when he came back he had blood on his head! So I checked the area to see if he had been hurt...
  8. C

    obsession over conversations

    Hi, This is my first post here. I seem to replay conversations over and over in my head until i am literally sick with a headache and queasy stomach. My worry is with the person i have a conversation with. I am wondering if they meant something other than what i heard. For instance, i went to...
  9. D

    POCD or the real thing?

    i'm a 19 year old girl who's been having extremely intrusive thoughts regarding children for the past 8 months or so. it all started when i watched an episode of black mirror where a pedophile is blackmailed by hackers. it left me feeling super paranoid and i went through months of search...
  10. M

    Anyone have these experiences? Help will be nice.

    Hello I’m new to this forum, anyways I have a few OCD problems (well I believe they are associated with OCD). Okay so, at work I have to update product and that requires re packing them and I struggle with this because when I do it I have to check and make sure nothing else got put in the boxes...
  11. I

    Diagnosed with OCD. But this is too real to be OCD.

    ///I will try to describe my story as accurate as possible because everytime I feel like I missed something./// So, here we go again, my story started a few months ago (22.07.2017). It was a wonderful day I was outside, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, talking about my new...
  12. O


    OK OCD sufferers have A THOUGHT...FEAR..COMPULSION TO REDUCE FEAR... and so on as the cycle begins again Now is this still OCD because I am tormented with guilt and doubt about my OCD theme. Basically one day I thought ok OCD can't get me this time. It won't make me do anything bad. I felt...
  13. H

    Relationship intrusive thoughts

    I have been in love with my boyfriend for about a year now. When we first met and started dating everything was perfect. Every moment we got together was like heaven and it still is. It pretty much is my number source of happiness in my whole life. He takes away my worries and makes me feel safe...
  14. C

    Maybe OCD, afraid i have an ASPD

    Hi all, this is my first time on this site, i hope i can get a little help with some issues. I have not been to a doctor yet or had any formal diagnostics, but ive been experiencing symptoms of what i believe is anxiety and some form of OCD. Ive noticed that every so often i would get into a...
  15. S

    OCD unwanted physical sensations.

    I have really bad ocd of the sexual kind. I've heard of getting criminal responses in your groin when getting a disturbing sexual intrusive thought, but wondered if it was normal, and part of ocd, to get physical arousal sensations in your stomach or chest or other parts of you body when you...
  16. A

    Relationship anxiety

    So I have been with my boyfriend for 9 years now and we are only 21 so we have been together for a long time - we broke up a few times when we was really very young but have been together since. I started uni today this will be my second time going but my first year. I was in the line for...
  17. C


    My Parents and people don't believe me. They think its just OCD But I have impulsive tendencies and struggle with empathy. I don't feel fun I have low self esteem I lie a lot of impulsively steal money from my parents. I lack social skills rationalize my behavior when feeling guilt I have...