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ocd obsessive compulsive

  1. L

    Hi! I'm New

    Hi everybody!. I wanted to come here and take a moment to introduce myself. I found this site and feel that it really helps me to know that I'm not alone in this battle of mental illness.. and to help others get through their battles as well! So a little bit about me. I am 36 years old and the...
  2. B

    OCD symptoms help

    Dear all, Hi. First-time poster. I am a long-time OCD sufferer, whose symptoms have, over time, included cleaning, checking, and intrusive violent/sexual thoughts. These symptoms have largely subsided since my early 20s. However, I still suffer from responsibility/religious OCD and...
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    can't be here ,im not helping you all x

    im probably making you feel bad with my low mood and obsession with death love you all will be back if i feel better Lu x
  4. T

    i feel i may have some sort of ocd

    I am always worried im picking things up and swallowing them any random items or poisons. Rationally I know it would be dangerous to do that, but my mind runs and makes me question am I doing something like that? If I see something laid down and i come back later and its gone I worry did I...
  5. H

    Need advice please help

    Hi I'd really appreciate anyone's advice here as I'm feeling miserable and in need of support. I'm struggling mainly with social anxiety and don't have friends or family for support. I'm worried I might have autism or adhd and have been diagnosed with ocd. These worries ruminate in my head...
  6. J

    This Girl Is Driving Me Mad

    I have OCD and always wanted a girlfriend. A couple of months ago I found a girl on this autistic dating site I'd seen in the past. She was too much so people on forums said I should dump her. After dumping her she still wouldn't stop calling and messaging me every day and I had no choice but...
  7. H

    Help I’m scared I’m a pedophileTRIGGER WARNING

    I’m a girl and I’m 19. Since I can remember I’ve always had fears of being things when I was younger my mom would watch murder mysteries and horrible things and I would be too scared to go to the back and play so I’d watch too. I’d always be so scared because they said the people were normal...
  8. R

    Trying to be sociable with OCD/anxiety/depression

    Hello, I’m 44 and have suffered from anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember but I was only diagnosed with OCD 9 years ago. I tapered off my medication in May last year and have not been on any meds in the interim but my symptoms seem to be worsening. I am trying to be more...
  9. T

    Paranoia and depression. Please help me? I beg of you...?

    Hello everyone. I am new here. I stumbled upon this website when I was searching up some paranoia sites/threads. I hope I am doing everything right, and what I post below isn't too long for you to read. Anyways, thanks. I am 24 years old, and I got rid of all my friends because they were...
  10. H


    Hey guys, I would like to have an opinion on something. I seem to be obsessed with a girl (not acting wierd) but idk I be waiting for her to answer, get angry if she takes time, always tchecking my phone if she replies. Honestly I hate that, I feel dependent of her... How do you guys cope...
  11. T

    Please help.

    I have never posted on a forum before to seek help for my mental health problems, but the situation has become completely unbearable over the past month. Im a 30+ year old man, and since the age of 11 I have suffered from OCD, anxiety and occasionally depression. Over the years, i've attended...
  12. B

    Do I have ocd?

    Hi everybody, I’m a 26 year old male. I’ve struggled with social anxiety for as long as I can remember. I’ve always lived with anxiety and has never been able to relax and always in a constant state of worry. The past winter I finally saw my doctor because I also developed severe depression...
  13. S

    Intrusive thoughts

    Hi friends! Been a while since a post but I think it’s needed right now. I keep having very bad intrusive thoughts that make me believe I am a bad person. I used to get these a lot, but they were on a different, If not more scary, subject. These thoughts are offensive and things I would never...
  14. P

    Normal house cleaning routine?

    I would love to hear some examples on normal (but hygienic) cleaning routines. Having a good example would help me to cope with my obsessive cleaning.
  15. B

    Hi people!

    Hey what's up, I'm new here. I came here for support and for suggestions and help with my OCD, anxiety, and depression. Nice to meet everyone.
  16. M

    Somatic Delusion and Ocd

    Hello, Every time I raise my eyebrows, I hear a mushy sound right next to my ears and every time I touch my scalp at certain areas (usually top and right and left side next to my ear) I feel a weird sensation(tingling and a tender skin). I also suffer from intrusive thoughts which make it...
  17. F

    Please help me !!

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I have been suffering from severe OCD for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately OCD runs in my family(my grandmother and my parents to some extent). So, probably, I have inherited it genetically. I remember having OCD issues right from my childhood. But...
  18. K

    Helpsexual side effects SSRI!!? (trying wellbutrin on top of zoloft)

    Hi friends, :) I have been really bummed about the sexual side effects of the otherwise wonderful for me Zoloft. :low: I have it all - dryness, loss of desire, very delayed and then "pleasureless" orgasm, basically anorgasmia.... so looking for any advice on how to proceed with this! Since...
  19. M

    Is neurosis the sane as having OCD and anxiety?

    Is having neurosis: a relatively mild mental illness that is not caused by organic disease, involving symptoms of stress (depression, anxiety, obsessive behaviour, hypochondria) but not a radical loss of touch with reality, the same as having OCD and anxiety?
  20. C

    Thought or voice saying "kill" over and over

    I dont even know where to post this because it seems so messed up. I was obsessing over eye floaters in my eyes over a month ago and it was causing bad anxiety and depression. That then lead to me thinking i had sensorimotor ocd when i read about it, so i started obsessing about the fact that id...