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ocd obsessive compulsive

  1. J

    Hi all!

    Hi all Long time anxiety and OCD suffer here. I am hoping to get some good advice from this forum. :)
  2. K

    Obsessive Thoughts, Marijuana Use, etc: Here's why I joined this forum

    Hi guys, I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I just joined this forum after years of reading comments on and off. I'm joining because I realize that I need help and I'm hoping someone here will be able to give me tips/advice on how to get past whatever it is that I'm going...
  3. C

    female, intrusive thoughts of sexual assault

    i’m a 20 year old female who has been sexually aroused by sexual assault since i was around 8 years old and saw my first rape video on the internet. i have been sexually assaulted before but this has been going on since before that happened. over the years the thoughts have been growing more...
  4. W

    Severe constant anxiety, OCD thinking? Social anxiety?

    I've suffered from severe anxiety on and off for many years. This last bout has been going on for over a year. I think I have always had social anxiety but have tried to force myself to do things instead of avoiding situations. However, even visiting some members of the family is difficult apart...
  5. Anime-Alchemy

    My OCD.

    I have OCD. I remember when I worked at a University, I was in a hall that had students taking their exams, although i'm pretty sure we called them schools rather than halls. So this was the south school I was in and it was assigned to me to look after and make changes, etc for the exam period...
  6. Diplodocus

    Question about OCD and living with it.

    Hi, It is the first time I write on this forum. I do it in a process to know more about OCD and how to live with it. Here is my situation : I'm living with my girlfriend. I love her more than anything, so my process here is to try being a better boyfriend for her and understand her more. All...
  7. J

    Obsessive note taking ocd?

    I always thought my mum's note taking was to help her remeber things, but its gradually got worse and more obsessive over the years. She writes notes for things as simple as shopping lists, bills, peoples names, conversations, numbers, conversations good /bad, things that have upset her and...
  8. J

    Do I have OCD

    Hey folks Am not sure if I have OCD but hope anyone reading this forum may help I have over the years also a thing of touching anything in a room house outside And my body but (not private part lol ) if i touch anything I have to keep repeating it and can be hard to stop. Anything I think of I...
  9. L

    Hello Everyone

    Hello there, my name is Tomer and I'm 23 years old. I joined the forum to help and be helped. I was diagnosed with OCD for those interested. Not to make this post too long, just wanted to say hello.:)
  10. A


    Hi All New here advice needed. I am 31 and all through my 20s have suffered from OCD Thoughts, Anxiety and one episode of phychosis. Through this however managed to hold down a good job abd dealt with severe episodes by taking sick leave do very few people are aware of my issues.... I guess...
  11. T

    rOCD help - intrusive thoughts feel backwards and convincing

    Hello all... first time poster here. I have struggled with OCD thoughts for over 30 years and waves of depression for the last 20. I was officially diagnosed with OCD in February 2017 after having battled scrupulosity for years and after entering my first serious relationship at 37, which I...
  12. Z

    Obsessive fiaxtion on therapist

    Hi, I'm new here and I thought I might try giving this forum a shot; I hold everybody at a distance and as such I have nobody in the real world to talk to about this, so I thought I would try here for like-minded people. I hope others can perhaps relate without judgement. I'm 20 something yo...
  13. E

    Bpd and comorbid OCD

    Hi. I was wondering if someone have experience of BPD and OCD and if yes what kind of therapy you have received för this? I will begin DBT for my problems with BPD but im not sure how to adress the OCD parts, perhaps the OCD will remit once I start working with the DBT therapy? Any kind of...
  14. D


    Hi. Im new to the forum so just wanted to introduce myself. Im 29 and have ocd. I suffered really badly at the age of 11 when my mum and dad split but then the compulsions gradually got less without me really working at them too much. I got with my boyfriend (now ex) 7 years ago. Long story...
  15. H

    I really need support :(

    Hello, I'm 19 years old and this is my first time sharing my story on a forum, but I have never met anyone with OCD like me and I hope this might help me find some hope that things will get better. It all started over the summer when I was going on a trip. I was convinced that something would...
  16. M

    OCD: Obsession to document everything

    I still haven’t found a solution about this, but I’ve an obsession in documenting everything in my life through photos and videos. Especially moments with my girlfriend, I feel like I need to have pictures/videos of every moment between us. It started with just some special moments and now I...
  17. D

    If you think I deserve it, may you help me?

    Hi all, I am 24 years old, male. Architecture student. And I have been suffering for more than 3 years. I have been diagnosed with so many illnesses that I was confused in which forum I should post this thread. But it is mainly connected with depression so let it be depression. Some of these...
  18. A

    Constant irrational fear of death

    Hi guys! I’m new here. So I’ve had this issue with an obsessive fear of death pretty much my entire life, although as a child I was not as self-aware and therefore this problem did not bother me half as much. My whole life I have been very superstitious (believing nearly all of the Friday the...
  19. A

    Weird thing I did when I was a kid and teenager

    Hey everyone, I was recently diagnosed with OCD I am 20 years old. When I was a kid I always would play with sticks and pencils and shake them while walking up and down the halls. I would make up stories while doing it knowing that it was all make believe. Shaking the stick made me think better...
  20. E

    Ive had enough

    Ive been housebound for 4 years im 23 have no friends and life my life revolves around ocd and bdd all i do is cry all the time. i was diagnosed with ocd at 6 but havent been diagnosed with bdd tonight i felt so low i wanted to kill myself i was trapped staring at a part of my face ive been...