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ocd intrusive thoughts

  1. O

    OCD is the bullykid looking for any opportunity to humiliate you.

    Obsessive compulsive dickhead. Do you ever wish you could fast forward to old age? Just so you skip a life full of uncertainty and anxiety? ...Yep. Do you sometimes wish you could cut out half of your brain and live life vegetated and unaware... Of course. Ever wish you had the bollocks to...
  2. N

    Relationship anxiety

    Hello, i've introduced myself yesterday but I thought to post my issue directly in the Anxiety Forum - I've been reading a few posts and it's so informative especially about intrusive thoughts, thank you all for sharing, I am so happy I found this place to share experiences and opinions! I...
  3. A

    Any tips

    Hi guys any tips on how to deal with bad intrusive thoughts they’re taking over my mind and making me feel like I’m turning evil. I feel like I can’t look at people Anymore
  4. L

    Why is OCD so misunderstood?

    It's obvious how many misconceptions there are with the term "OCD", but I think this article does a good job of shining more light on this issue. Unfortunately, the media/society continues to only show the hand-washing side of having OCD...
  5. A

    This is going to be long and I'm sorry for talking about the things that I'm going to talk about

    This is going to be long and I'm sorry for talking about the things that I'm going to talk about The reason I'm posting this is because I want to dig out this shitty condition that's been a problem for most of my life. When I was little I had a sexual experience with two of my friends. After...
  6. M

    Anyone have these experiences? Help will be nice.

    Hello I’m new to this forum, anyways I have a few OCD problems (well I believe they are associated with OCD). Okay so, at work I have to update product and that requires re packing them and I struggle with this because when I do it I have to check and make sure nothing else got put in the boxes...
  7. N

    H-OCD: Does anyone else have this problem? Need Reassurance/Help

    I've been reading through the OCD forums and realizing that the symptoms I'm currently experiencing are word for word bit for bit point for point the same kind of OCD some have been experiencing here. I'm relieved but at the same time, I don't really know how to stop. Okay, I'll try my best to...
  8. J

    Is this only depression? Help!

    Hi. I'm new here. First off I'm trans. I was born female at birth, but I don't identify as female. I've always been a depressed type of person, but I've always been able to hide it. I guess it started when I hit puberty. but once I came out to myself at 18, that's when everything went downhill...
  9. G

    Intrusive thoughts

    Default What is going on! I call it having "episodes" where I'm emotionally and mentally distressed. I experience intrusive thoughts about bad things happening and it feels so real. When I try to think about my future and the kind of person I want to be, my mind goes all over the place. I...
  10. P


    hello. i am on here seeking support mainly for an eating issue and OCD, although i have past history of treatment for personality disorder and self harm. went through abuse of all kinds growing up, especially verbal emotional and spiritual. i live in the UK, and keep guinea pigs. i am a...
  11. S

    OCD are these thoughts real? Confused! Please Help!

    Hi! First I would like to say I’m Sorry. English is not my native language. I’m from an asian country. I have been suffering from Pure – o since last year and I’m currently on Fluvoxatine. Recently I started getting flashbacks of my past which is really annoying. I keep thinking and reassuring...
  12. W

    OCD/Intrusive Thoughts need to vocalize them

    I have always been somewhat OCD as far back as I can remember but about a year ago it got worse. I started remembering all the mistakes I have made in my life and I felt like I needed to vocalize them to my wife. At the same time I started dealing with disturbing intrusive thoughts ( mainly...