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  1. S

    "Some people fake mental health..."

    To get out of work. That's what my manager told me when I went to her at the start of a nervous breakdown to tell her I couldn't cope and wanted to go home. She said I was lucky to have a job. Nothing done about the stressful work environment. Short staffed as always. Occupational health...
  2. M

    one to one occupational therapy

    Just wondered if anyone else has been referred for this, what it involves etc etc, what it's like. My social worker says,she and an occupational therapist will come to my home and do an assessment. But first I will meet with her, and two Ot's at the mental health centre for them to get to know me.
  3. S

    NHS Occupational Health check - very worried!!!

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I got offered a place to be part of a HCA training development programme with the NHS conditional of passing CRB + occupational health checks. I've sent my form disclosing mental health problems - including that I've been under section over the past 3 years, and spent a...
  4. N

    Occupational health

    Maybe a month ago, I saw a company doctor who referred me to my GP for occupational health. I did not get an appointment and was not seen nor did I see the report that was written! Now my employer has asked me to take unpaid leave whilst they investigate, as the doctor surgery claim I have not...
  5. P

    schizophrenia voices.

    I have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and social anxiety disorder, I have been stable for the past 4 years without any symptoms besides anxiety and paranoia.. my delusions, hallucinations and voices have all been under control with my medication I take 25mg abilify, 40mg citalopram...
  6. B

    The role of occupational thearapy within mental health

    I am a student an I'm doing a project on occupational therapy and how they help people with mental health. If anyone has any thoughts of how they help. Or if you have seen one yourself I'd love to hear about it.
  7. C


    I'm 18 and I've had depression for a year and a half now. I'm on mild anti depressants but they are not benefitting me. When I start to feel down, I self harm, and even then I can't stop. I like the pain that it causes because it relieves tension. I've been to the doctor endless times and I'm...
  8. H

    Bipolar II- discrimination?

    Hi, First post here... After about fifteen years of serious depression I was diagnosed with Bipolar II a few years ago. I started a new job in November of last year. Before joining I declared to HR that I was considered to have a disability and also wrote this on the online Occupational...
  9. C

    Are psychiatrists the least effective of mental health professionals?

    Psychiatrists the least effective of mental health professionals, says consultant psychologist Psychiatrists are the least effective of all mental health professionals, a consultant clinical psychologist has claimed. In a stinging criticism of the psychiatric profession, Dr Henck van Bilsen...
  10. S

    New Job Advice / occupational health

    Hi-- I'm desperate for advice, I called ACAS and HR and am still no clearer. I've even offered a new job. I disclosed I have a history of struggling with depression. The HR manager has sent me an occupational health questionnaire. My employment offer is subject to satisfactory health...
  11. J

    medical clearance

    I've been offered a teaching job based on medical clearance. I've had some history of stress, one week off for stress two years ago and 3 days last march. Both times, I had antidepressants. Also visited an occupational health clinic. I have to fill a medical questionnaire. Would my job offer be...
  12. D

    Looking for advice, possible legal stance.

    Hi all. I live in the UK have had bouts of depression (3 or 4) over the last 13 years. They've always been triggered by traumatic personal events. The last was my marriage breakdown and it has taken the best part of 3 years to recover. In that 3 years I have hit rock bottom and been as low as...
  13. L

    What happens when work refers you to occupational health?

    I'm sorry if I'm asking a question that's been answered over and over again but I'm a bit jittery and my ability to search for things seems to have gone out the window so I was wondering if anyone could tell me what happens at an Occuptional Health appointment? I have been off work for a few...
  14. D

    occupational therapy

    So I was with my mh team n they said that because of how my mh has progressed I'm now on secondary care (anyone know what that means) so I have to see an occupational therapist, never been before n quite scared cos I researched it n they say they do loadsa tests on me but i don't wana feel like...
  15. N

    Occupational health appointment

    Can anyone please advise if I can ask Occ/H to visit my home. I have been off for several months now with depression and anxiety, I very rarely go out. I work for NHS, and the thought of going out makes me even more anxious.
  16. G


    Hiya I am starting to get the urges to sh again. Can fight them off at the moment. No one wants to help me get better. GP sent me to mental health in april got discharged as "it wasn't sh was just stress related" I started to struggle and I went back to gp to ask to be re referred to...
  17. angiebib1976

    Freaking out over works Occupational Health

    I am really worried. Received a letter from school saying they have referred me to occupational health. I don't know whether to tell them the diagnosis from the pdoc (bipolar) or to go with the 'socially acceptable' depression that is written on my sick note. I feel really privilaged that I can...
  18. M

    First "group" therapy tomorrow

    Bit nervous really I hate groups of people I get overly paranoid and the voices go garaty like they've taken speed! It's a reading group and it's being taken by my occupational therapist... I really don't want to go but she asked me to try it so I guess I will just wish I wasn't so nervous...
  19. M

    Occupational Health and work!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Everyone! I had my occupational health appointment today and an informal chat with my HR department. The Dr has agreed that I can go back but on reduced hours which will be gradually increased over a period of six weeks. My HR manager has suggested that my immediate line manager and his...