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  1. S

    Do good people have bad thoughts about others?

    I'm very liberal, I try and treat people as I'd expect to be treated myself but I still occasionally get bad or prejudicial thoughts about people based on appearance etc. They occasionally just flash up in my mind and I have to tell myself that's a horrible thing to think. I wonder sometimes if...
  2. S

    How common is imagining being someone else?

    I tend to do it mostly in the quiet moments before sleep when your mind wonders. It's not necessarily about being someone well known, although occasionally it is, it's usually about being someone who I imagine to be more successful and popular than I am. Is it common to fantasise like this?
  3. N

    Moved to a new country, experiencing intense feelings I haven't felt before

    Moved to a new country, experiencing intense feelings I haven't felt before I recently moved from the US to the Netherlands with my wife and 16 month old. I'm 31 years old and moving here has been my dream for the better part of a decade. Three months ago we realized that dream and are overall...
  4. C


    After suffering depression and anxiety for years I've learned up to deal with it quite well, or so I thought. I have recently been told by an aquatance that I think the world revolves around me, I make people feel uncomfortable, that it's a liability and joke that occasionally I need reassurance...
  5. BorderlineDownunder

    Antidepressants and Increased Suicidality

    This comes up a lot on this forum, I talk about it occasionally but have found a link I think most of us should read. Why Do Antidepressants Raise Your Suicide Risk? The Surprising Science Behind ‘Paradoxical Reactions’
  6. F

    Advice please....

    I also posted this in the Employment Forum. I moved down a grade and workplace location with my large employer, generally finding I am happier, under less stress and due to not having to work shifts any more, find it better for my health. The happiness and daytime only hours outweigh the higher...
  7. F

    A supportive team leader/manager, yet can be a dragon and admits it

    I moved down a grade and workplace location with my large employer, generally finding I am happier, under less stress and due to not having to work shifts any more, find it better for my health. The happiness and daytime only hours outweigh the higher wage I once had. My team leader is very...
  8. B

    finding peace

    I really don't have a relationship with myself. I don't really know who I am as I have spent most of my life imagining being someone else. Ever since I was maybe 6 or 7. Since i started being able to escape into books. I don't know how to turn it off. I don't like myself. I think of all the...
  9. D

    Sudden burst of anxiety?

    This may be quite a long story to tell so bear with me. I have had GAD for about 2-3 years now, but for the past couple of months, it's been very good to me since I fell in love with a girl and we're now in a very healthy relationship. But the other day, I was getting tickled by her, and I...
  10. F

    Have you ever moved down a grade at work and been happier?

    I have, but occasionally feel others may judge me for it.
  11. M

    the human mind can be broke permanent??

    you know i knew my body could be broke and could be broke in areas permanently i just finished 6 years of therapy she said all that can be done is done i said what about my feeling emotions im blank she said all the childhood abuse (not sexual) i have shut and walled myself down to much that...
  12. L


    My immediate household is the poorest in the family and we rarely if ever stay or visit relatives but relatives do occasionally visit and stay with us. Now they expect my mum and I to housekeep for them before, during and after the visit and yet they would never offer to spend some of there...
  13. JennyWren32

    Physical and mental illness,anyone else?

    I have a degenerative physical illness which I can occasionally find to be very exhausting - like today. Usually my sense of humour keeps me upright at least but it's really just p*****g me off today. Does anyone else have a physical and mental illness? If so,how do you juggle this? What...
  14. Z

    Teeth obssesion

    Hi, I wonder if somebody here can give me some advice? I have obssesive thoughts about the state of my teeth. I started having this obsession about three years ago, before that time I used to neglect my teeth and didn't go to the dentists for a long time. As part of this obsession I have...
  15. Q

    Social apathy?

    I wouldn't say that I have social anxiety, though at times I act in a way that mirrors it. From what I gather, people with social anxiety are afraid to talk to people, nervous about what might be said about them, etc. But for me it's more that I just genuinely don't care about most of the people...
  16. BlueBerry

    Outside hospital now

    I got let out of hospital the other day, and I was ecstatic that I was finally getting to leave the hospital. I really missed the outside world and I missed the independence of being able to walk around town or make my own dinner. Being in hospital made me feel really trapped and anxious, not to...
  17. V

    Im under surveilance, me and girlfriend broke up, life is a mess.

    Everything is spiralling out of control lately, my personal life is a mess i cannot focus my energy anywhere, i keep on failing miserably at the easiest tasks, now she have decided to leave me, this is not some i feel sorry for me thread its just the truth, also i dont eat much lately, i have no...
  18. Thanatos1

    The musings of depressed drunk

    It’s not often I go out to try and have good time but when a colleague at work put up a flyer saying comedy night £15, well how could I resist. It was in the week before the anxiety started to creep in. For no logical reason the tightening of the stomach muscles the what ifs start entering the...
  19. RainbowHeartz

    occasional voices

    i get them occasionally not very often though.... i was asked today if i hear voices the answer is yes sometimes and they out of my head not in my head
  20. F

    'So so'

    'So so' is a phrase i frequently use when asked how I am or 'not bad' . ' I keep a lot to myself because in the past when I sought help I got negative and hostile reactions. I don't want those days to return so 'so so' or 'not bad' is a way of avoiding saying much. Occasionally the barrier...