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  1. L

    Anxiety around partner

    So, I’ve been bipolar majority of my life. Just wasn’t fully diagnosed until about three years ago. Every single romantic relationship that I have during May time I start to have serious doubts about the relationship. Yes, there usually are stressor before these intrusive thoughts start. I’ve...
  2. L

    At a loss...

    Does any one else experience anxiety around their partner? Sometimes when he’s away I feel fine. I don’t have anxiety. I still have these thoughts about if I love him or not. I still have compulsions. But I sometimes want him to go away so I can not have the anxiety and obsessions I have around...
  3. S

    Heads wrecked

    Hi let me say some things about myself i have a diagnosis of depressive disorder with psychosis. I agree but think there is a lot more to it i have complex ptsd, ocd traits, delusional parisitosis anxiety and avoidance traits and maybe bpd, according to the psychologist. Psychiatrist says maybe...
  4. N

    Life problems

    I'm really struggling. I suffer from depression but usually manage to control it and make out I'm 'happy' however recent events have made me feel like everything is spiralling out of control. I have been with my partner about a year and a half, he is good to me in the sense that he buys me lots...
  5. H


    Hey guys, I would like to have an opinion on something. I seem to be obsessed with a girl (not acting wierd) but idk I be waiting for her to answer, get angry if she takes time, always tchecking my phone if she replies. Honestly I hate that, I feel dependent of her... How do you guys cope...
  6. H

    What happened?

    So...a while ago some 3 months. I broke up with my gf. I was broken, because i am unexpirienced in it.I couldnt let go. But I was still stalking my ex, all the time because we share all classes together. A day would pass and I would spend time analyzing why is she like that how she feels etc...
  7. H

    Going to try and keep in simple

    So I'm having a crisis and have been for 7 weeks, a met the love if my life who happens to be engaged and I thought if I slept with him he would love me aswell so I did that and then he's cut me off and I've been cautioned for harrasment because I was stalking him, he's actually quite a nasty...
  8. confusedwanderwaffle

    Is this normal for depression?

    All in the span of a few weeks, going through these emotional phases: one week I'm borderline obsessed with self harm that I spend like £30+ on medical supplies and tools because I wanna go really deep. Next week I lose interest in that and then get obsessed with experimenting on overdosing on...
  9. N

    How can I persuade my psychiatrist I have OCD instead of Schizoaffective Disorder?

    How can I persuade my psychiatrist I have OCD instead of Schizoaffective Disorder? I have a long history with being diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder which is written down as chronic. I personally think I haven’t got SZA but OCD because at my worst I've had very obsessive thoughts around...
  10. V

    Obsessed with people?

    I'm going to sound like a total freak, but I'm wondering if anyone here can relate to this. Do you ever become obsessed with a certain individual, not necessarily in a romantic way, but just someone you like and you think about them ALL the time? Do you feel depressed and wish you could just be...
  11. R

    Over-obsessed with ex - 3 years and I can't stop

    I've been married for two years, and obsessed with my ex for almost three. Almost three years ago Thanksgiving was the last time I saw him. We never had the proper timing, I pushed him away and by the time I told him my feelings it was too late and he was engaged to someone else. I tried my best...
  12. H


    my names hannah and im new to this forum im 19 and i have bipolar disorder (i think bipolar 1) im obsessed with youtube and music and im looking for new friends cause im lonely :)
  13. M

    Narcissism, god complex, megalomania, psychosis

    My therapist says i have NPD. i actuallly display every single symptom of NPD. and she said i might have psychosis. i didnt tell her about how bad my delusions of granduer are but she does know i have them. ive heard of people in movies/tv who were schizophrenic and thought they were God. i...
  14. kyarahope

    Loss of control

    These past few days have been hard, I do not know how I feel or why, my mind is constantly angry or upset and disassociated. I feel as though I am losing the connection to the world. I went to meet my new care coordinator yesterday and she was actually really nice, after me thinking she would...
  15. kyarahope

    New member 24 F UK :)

    Good Morning, Although I have already posted, I thought I would quickly post on here to introduce myself. I have created this account to be able to talk freely about my issues and to help others where I can. I am 24 years old, female, vegan living in the UK. I was diagnosed with BPD a few...
  16. C

    whats the name of this disorder

    basically iv been obsessed with the way i look,since grade 1 i thought a girl will never like me because of how ugly i am,i constantly look in the mirror i hate the way i look
  17. B

    I am really confused which mental disorder I am suffering from.

    Hello Friends, :) I am a 26 years old guy. I think I am really having some deteriorating mental issues which is being a hurdle for me in my life. Right from my childhood, I really knew that i was very different compared to all my friends who was interested in spiritual issues about what...
  18. Z


    Haven't posted in some time, having a lot of trouble even focusing on anything. Feels like my mind is just slowly shutting down. Whatever social skills I could claim went away, and its just me and the negative thoughts. I'm not at risk, I suppose, not really. Obsessed with dying, praying for...
  19. Fairy Lucretia

    obsessed with my ex

    i love him so much still but he does not love me :low: i love him so much i would kill myself if he told me to please love me again i need you
  20. Fairy Lucretia

    worrying about the future

    im obsessed with what is going to happen in the future ,i have to plan years ahead ,i constantly say to people what if ,what if this happens what if that happens i cant just focus on the here and now for example with my care i have to know i will get care forever i cant just be happy im getting...