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  1. Kerome

    The Sacred Feminine

    After daydreambeliever39 commented on the poor treatment that Mary Magdalene often gets in biblical texts, I thought I would pass on some perspectives of the sacred feminine which have been quite revealing. Now I will 'fess up and mention that a lot of this comes from my mother, who finds this a...
  2. D

    Self hugging

    ?I Love Me? Tip: Self-Hugs - Lessons from a Recovering Doormat Take a look. If you are feeling starved of nurturing or could just do with a hug, why not start with yourself. love D x I gonna hug myself right now, in fact I'm gonna do it everyday, from this point forth!
  3. E

    How to deal with Critical Voices

    http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread107262.html Deaing with critical voices is much like dealing with critical people you can apply the same principles to voices. Some points I got from the article: 1. Do not become defensive [can perpetuate a cycle of argumentation] 2. Criticisms...
  4. cpuusage

    Nurturing soul therapy

    i'm not endorsing this web site/treatment/therapist/approach - just seemed like an interesting link - NURTURING SOUL THERAPY,JUNGIAN PSYCHOLOGY, SOUL THERAPY, EMMA BARNES
  5. R

    "Useful" Migraine ?

    I've wondered about a couple possible theories, such as: I have BPD which, as you may know, comes with a co-morbidity combo meal and large side of emotional dysregulation... I have had migraines since age 7 when I was being sexually victimized. My home was neither a validating nor nurturing...
  6. Pixie37

    The Nurturing Safe Room

    Hiya everyone, I am wondering if we could create a virtual nurturing safe room in here. Somewhere safe and cosy where us selfharmers can look after each other when we are getting urges. The focus being on comforting each other and distraction. In my mind i imagine this safe room to like the...