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  1. T

    Tired of Myself

    As my username suggests, I am tired of myself. I am tired of my life, and that I am going nowhere. I feel that no matter how much I try, I simply cannot keep up with other people I know. It seems like everyone is meeting life milestones in a more timely manner than I am. I am 28 and...
  2. L

    Hi New Member Here.

    Hi I'm Charles. I'm new in this forum :grin::grin:
  3. Z

    need help with ptsd

    hello. I have eu bpd. but ive also spoke to one of the workers at the mental health clinic about ptsd. I'm seeing my psychiatris at the end of the month. hopefully for a diagnosis. the reason I'm posting is to ask a question about it really.. my uncle died last deember and I was with him while...
  4. F

    Study: Low cost interventions can improve patient and staff safety in mental health wards

    Study: Low cost interventions can improve patient and staff safety in mental health wards A recent study, published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies, reveals a set of ten low-cost interventions that can increase safety on psychiatric wards. This Safewards Model reduces...
  5. S

    Getting my life back- I think!

    Getting organised for my first day back at work after nearly a year off and I am fit to shit myself! I'm only in for four hours today but I've been awake most of the night worrying about it! It's not even like what I'm about to do is very difficult, I'm going to be doing a desk job for a few...
  6. C


    Herefordshire Herefordshire Mind Recovery and Wellbeing Heffernan House HR4 9HN 01432 278569 [email protected] Services include: Residential Nursing Support Community Support Team Recovery & Wellbeing Community Outreach Safe Space Peer Support Carers in Mind Complementary...
  7. natasha244

    Just a quick update!

    I've not been online for a while, been really stressed out with sixth form stuff! Things have been good& bad... I successfully completed my year volunteering with the police and on Monday night, had my very formal awards ceremony! Been seeing my CPN every two weeks and taking my meds(although...
  8. C


    Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland LAMPdirect | Mental Health in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland 65 Regent Road Leicester LE1 6YF Tel: 0116 255 6286 Fax: 0116 247 1073 E-mail: [email protected] LAMP is an independent voluntary organisation working to promote good mental health...
  9. megirl

    where from here

    I feel like i am in limbo? maybe its other peoples opinions affecting me at the moment. I am a cleaner no pressure supportive boss I do take the odd day off here and there, hes fine about it all. A few people have suggested I go back to nursing? If only I could. If it was a perfect world of...
  10. megirl


    I have just lost another friendship. Apparantly to my friend i am always having dramas. She has a brother apparantly with bipolar whom never has dramas like me. AND apparantly i blame any of my issues or behaviours on every one and my mental illness. When apparantly 'its all up too me' I was...
  11. M


    Hi everyone, I wrote my poem below when I was getting better and in therapy with a DBT Practitioner, and before I re-lapsed, in every way. Hopefully once you've read it you may find some solace in the words and it's sentiments like my re-newed hope for myself? DREAMS CAN COME TRUE One day I...
  12. megirl


    Have nothing to do with any of them except my so called mother. My dad used to be so proud of me and would never ever go on about my brothers etc. He would be interested how my nursing was getting on, talking about the garden dropping his home grown veges around for us to eat i would bake for...
  13. Lynda

    My mom is in a nursing home and my sis hates me! I need to talk w/someone!

    My mom is in a nursing home and my sis hates me! I need to talk w/someone! I have 2 main issues that I need to talk about and I don't have anyone who wants to listen! My mom is in a nursing home about 5-6hrs away from me and I have no way to go to see her. My sis told me that my mom cries...
  14. L

    Very bad place...

    So I thought I was getting better... :low: I have made a decision to quit my phd yesterday and I went to see my supervisors - both were so lovely and supportive. I felt great. I know I definitely made the right decision. I felt amazing when I got home yesterday! :redface: I know this phd isnt...
  15. F

    Math Might Help Crack Mysteries of Schizophrenia

    At 32, a year beyond a postdoctoral fellowship, Danielle Bassett could only express unreserved astonishment when she learned that she was one of 21 winners of a 2014 MacArthur Fellowship. Bassett was the youngest this year for one of the so-called “genius” prizes totaling $625,000. For 12...
  16. Agama

    Worries about employment

    It's me again bothering u guys. My clinician found out about my two ODses ...I had this problem in the past like few years ago. I'm a nurse and I'm just about to start a new job,can they stop me from doing my job? I'm just really worried and can't get my head round... Work is everything for me...
  17. I

    mental health nursing

    Hey All, I have excellent news to tell you aIl. I have applied to do mental health nursing training and on the 13th Feb I have an interview for LSBU. Anyway please can you follow my like page ad twitter account if you wanna find out more https://www.facebook.com/mhnursing2014 @mhnursing2014
  18. G

    Just started new job, gone off sick and ? going to hand notice in.

    I have worked part-time as a nurse for 20 years now. I have bipolar disorder so I have had a tough time with lots of sickness absences. I am in a really difficult situation right now, and I'm feeling quite desperate about it. I came off meds last summer, and was convinced that THIS time I would...
  19. T

    Access to Nursing Interview.

    I have an interview on Monday. I know I will get a test on English and Maths. Which is worring in itself he he I thought I should think of a few questions they might ask me. 1. What is a nurse's role? 2. Which branch of nursing and why? (Still not sure on adult on MH) 3.What qualities must a...
  20. megirl

    feeling a bit overwhelmed atm

    Doing pretty good atm. Still struggling a bit with the alcohol thing but havnt drank any alcohol since started antabuse. Anyway its been some time since I have worked. Am a registered nurse but I have my doubts that I could ever go back, the responsibility its just too much! Saw my therapist...