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  1. Danniegirl1990

    how things are going..

    I have been slightly dissociating, been taking clonazpam with quetiapine to knock myself out do the dissociation gets work. I spoke to my Care coordinater about a short admisson...so the crisis team is coming today. I HAVE BEEN TRYING EVERY THING TO TRY AND PREVENTING IT FROM GETTING WOSE. my...
  2. Nikita

    Still really upset about hospital biopsy.

    So when I went to have the polyp removed on Monday the nurses really upset me and I am still upset and angry. First of all they acted like I was there for their entertainment,and like it was a social occasion merited social chat.So they were asking what do you do and when I said I don't work I...
  3. J

    I seen 3 doctors yesterday and finally got help

    hello im 24 I run a very succesful business but has created a lot of stress, along with so much more. My girlfriend left me who promised to stay by my side. She's left twice, the second one was when i snapped at her for no reason and regretted it and forgot what I had even done. I was jumping...
  4. T

    Dementia in the Elderly and the Improper Treatment

    I once went to a nursing home to help out. It was not easy. Not only did it bother me to see people suffering from various illnesses such as Dementia, but it was troubling to see how these people were treated. I remember going in a locked room where Alzheimer patients sat in wheel chairs. It had...
  5. A

    No one told me

    Apparently I've been diagnosed with EUPD/BPD for three and a half years and not one person from my mental health team mentioned it. I only found out because I was sent a copy of my notes by the PIP tribunal. It's almost as if they've actively hidden it from me. Are they allowed to do that? I...
  6. Fairy Lucretia


    she just had to go by ambulance to the vet i dont think im ever going to stop crying she has been drooling for a few weeks they said she will probably have to stay in for a few days and go on a drip i cried so much when she left but the nurses were really nice to me i miss her already please...
  7. H


    In AnE why do nurses have to be so gossipy & rude they dont know me. I really feel like walkin.
  8. Hayyyleyyy

    Going down that route again!

    Last summer I was really bad with my self harm; I was in A+E every day and having police called on me weekly. In October time I managed to cut it down and stop going to A+E all together with the help of some helpful nurses and a police man. Sadly I have started again; I'm struggling to control...
  9. M

    What Interventions with nurses has anyone here found has had most benefit, if any?

    What Interventions with nurses has anyone here found has had most benefit, if any? I am a student nurse with an interest in finding out about individuals and not just what is written about personality disorder. I am aware that some nurses have a negative view regarding personality disorders and...
  10. amathus

    Mental Health staff to help Police:

    BBC News - Mental health staff to be based in police stations Mental health nurses are to be based in police stations and courts in 10 areas of England as part of a pilot scheme aimed at cutting reoffending. The nurses' duties will include helping officers to respond to calls and identify...
  11. C

    There is no point

    You come on here and admit to feeling REAL low - you get a bullet for maybe giving another ideas. You check into hospital - they know you are a so called MH professional. They try to respect you (the nurses not the Psychs) Your family want you to be ordinary - but you are not and you do not...
  12. E

    Newbie in hospital

    Hi there don't know where to start. Well here goes, I was in Spain got sectioned out there horrible experience as they used to tie me to the bed and inject me with poison. I was in there for 1.5 months then my parents sent me back to uk went to see gp and had to see two nurses then got sent to...
  13. coldwater00

    Crisis team experiences?

    hi everyone :) I was discharged from home treatment team (crisis team) about 3 weeks or so ago after about 3 months with them. Was sooo glad to get them off my back. A lot of the staff, (apart from the male nurses) were really rude and dismissive. Some of the nurses/ support workers were so...
  14. F

    Im boring and depressed

    this injection depot is making me depressed at first I thought it was a plot by the team(doc and nurses) a plot to make me boring
  15. amathus

    'I'll tell you what self injury isn't'.......

    'I'll tell you what self injury isn't - and professionals take note. It's not masochistic. It's not attention seeking....' What do you think about that statement in relation to your own self harm? Self harm for me, represents a way of getting some relief from the absolute anguish I feel at...
  16. A

    Nurses Confront the Myths of Psychiatric Drugs

    http://www.madinamerica.com/2012/07/nurses-confront-the-myths-of-psychiatric-drugs/ The July issue of Nursing Ethics takes on the myths of psychiatric drugs, saying that “psychiatric drugs are used only to control ‘patient’ behaviour and do not ‘treat’ any specific pathology in the sense...
  17. L

    Bad things to in a general or psych ward...

    On AAU ( Acute Assessment Unit) after an od.. HCA: You're here for observation then tomorrow you will see the crisis team Me: Why? HCA: * Looks at me blankly* " You know why Lauren" I didn't think the od was much :blush: On the same ward.. There was a elderly man who was in the bed oppersit...
  18. perfectionawaits

    why aren't medical doctors trained in.mental health?!

    I have had so many experiences where some docs and.nurses have no clue about mental health and dismiss it....bpd=attention seeking. Anorexia = section and force feed...no discussion. Were still human beings we just need a.little support. I.have had some fab nurses and docs but few and far...
  19. 555jess555

    experiences with emergency rooms?

    I was curious to hear about anyone who has had an experience in the emergency room for sh. How the nurses treated you etc. Thank u
  20. S

    Question for any nurses out there

    Hi, I was wondering if any nurses would be kind enough to advise me. For awhile now I have been feeling so lethargic, I'm not feeling depressed,...I just can't be bothered to do anything - which is really not like me. I feel so lazy, I'm tired all the time & when I get the chance to sleep I...