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  1. M

    Help desperately needed with my wife's behaviour

    Hi All I desperately need advice about what to do about my wife. In the two years we've been married she has assaulted me which resulted in her being arrested, she's threatened to kill herself when I was 30 mins late home from work, she invited a virtual stranger into our home for sex while our...
  2. Jojojabini21

    Mirtazapine - ridiculously tired

    Hi, I've been on Mirtazapine for over a week now, I've chosen to take 7.5mg instead of 15mg because I just couldn't wake up of function! Saying that I'm still struggling to get up and constantly feel like I need to go back to sleep. I've read people's opinions to take earlier but I work from...
  3. D

    Where does it end?

    Hi, I'm 28 I'm a single mother, currently sitting in my house listening to the rain... Doesn't help but there's nothing else to do, no one to turn to, I've had nothing but stress after stress in life and I have no friends, I have a partner but we don't live together. It's hard to speak to him I...
  4. P

    letters of explanation

    I've just sent one. I feel sick. My mum's gp friend who once saw me following a suicide attempt. I'd gone to his house. This was three years ago. Not seen him since. He doesn't know I have bipolar disorder or that I was hearing voices that day. I just wrote to him explaining. Explaining what had...
  5. A

    intrusive thoughts???

    This is the hardest thing ever for me too post about such a thing on here but I cant help whats happening with me so id like some advice please. To start with I have aspergers syndrome and have had intrusive thoughts before but not as persistant as the ones im having now if that is what they...
  6. N

    help with nursery fees..

    Hi sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. My son attends nursery which i pay £40 a month for it might not sound alot but im £15 a week on bus fares too and a single parent on income support and waiting to find out if im getting dla, a parent said to ask social workers for help as she...
  7. cadence


    hi sorry i am new so not sure if this is right section. i am curently on meds to treat symptoms of bpd, but one quietapine, seems to totally knock me out within an hour of taking, so on a morning i struggle to get up (never used to be a prob) get kids ready and take them to school, then...
  8. T

    can Trichotillomania be associated with ptsd?

    i have been diagnosed with ptsd, as i suffer from flashbacks after long term abuse, during these flashbacks i pull out my hair. I never thought about doing it before it just happened. since i have seen a documentory about trichotillomania and discovered i have had symptons for years for example...
  9. T

    Panic attack

    Oh they are driving me mad. Just got ready to take my daughter to nursery when my button popped off my jeans (too fat lol) so i had to quickly look for another pair iron them all v quickly and next thing panic attack. I just feel like im going to collapse when i get on. no energy in my arms or...
  10. T

    My friend died last night

    She had cancer and was told she had only a few months to live. that was four months ago. she had gotten worse in the last week. my mum and dad both saw her yesterday as she had asked for them. i thot i was ok as when i was told she had died i thot ok i was expecting this, just dropped my...