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  1. P

    Female seeking female friends in Nottingham area

    Hello to all who read this!:) Happy Mental Health day! I am a woman currently working to overcome anxiety and agoraphobia which has caused me to experience social isolation for several years. I would really love to meet female friends in my area to share mutual support and social time with...
  2. C


    Nottingham Erewash Mental Health Association – Breakthru Day Centre 1 College Road Long Eaton Nottingham NG10 4NE 0115 9461213 [email protected] Monday to Thursday 9.30 - 4.45 Friday 9.30 - 4.30 We run two Day Centres for people experiencing long term Mental Health...
  3. Q

    Anyone local?

    Just wondered, anyone currently posting local to me? I'm in Nottingham.
  4. V

    Sawley / Nottingham Area

    Hi! I'm new to the Sawley /Nottingham area and would be interested in getting to know people who are living locally who would like to widen their social & support network & make new friends. Happy Sunday! Verity
  5. D

    Closure of Adults with Asperger's Team (Nottinghamshire)

    I must add here that I have posted this on behalf of someone else who agreed that I could, and that I am not in any way connected with the above campaign, the NAS or anyone involved in either,t5his is simply so that other people can read this and make up their own minds.I don't even live in...
  6. P

    Dbt therapists in Nottingham or East Midlands?

    Hi, I'm searching for dbt therapist in Nottingham as my doctors are useless. I want to get better and be rid of bpd. Does anyone know of any in this area? Any help is very much appreciated.
  7. RedRoseBeauty

    Recently moved to Nottingham

    Hiya :) Just thought I'd say hello and say that I am new to Nottingham, I moved from Liverpool 2 weeks ago. Hope you are all well :)
  8. D


    Hi everyone, i've been having problems with mental health now since 2001 and i've got to the stage where i've improved as much as i can alone. I've not had a freind for atleast 3 years and that was my co-ordinator. I realise freindships play a key roll in mental health but making them is tough...
  9. W

    County Council Takes Child Away

    "Lawyers acting for a teenage mother from Nottingham whose new baby son was taken from her by social workers are taking her case to the Court of Appeal. The baby boy, named only as G, was separated from his 18-year-old mother only a few hours after he was born at a Nottingham hospital in the...
  10. W

    Open all hours

    Hi Everyone:welcome: This forum is the place to look for news and local threads if you live in the Nottingham area or think you might want to vistit. Its a friendly place.:grouphug: You can reply to threads that attract you or open one yourself with fitting subject header.:rolleyes: Remember...
  11. W


    Welcome fellow Nottinghamanions.:welcome: I am very happy that we now have our own forum and can talk about issues affecting us locally.:grouphug: So whats in the news? Mental health issues feature in the case of a young mum who had her baby taken away here in Nottingham and I am not going to...