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  1. F

    Pdoc appointment

    Saw the pdoc this afternoon. It was the first time he had seen me. He did a thorough assessment.Past history. Past medication. Symptoms . Family background. My stepdaughter was there with me. She said her piece re what she has noticed about me. He says that paranoid personality disorder doesn’t...
  2. X

    Weird symptoms started recently

    Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place, but strange things have been happening to me and id like some help figuring out the reason basically, ive noticed my thoughts "stuttering?" i can speak fine, but when i think a sentence or simply narrate what im doing (which i also noticed i NEED to be...
  3. W

    How much time do you spend thinking about depression?

    Hi everyone! It's been awhile when this question keeps bugging me. I've been depressed with sporadic spikes of intensity and frequency for around 1.5 year now. While I believe I've made a good progress in terms of getting over my destructive patterns of thought, still I noticed that the...
  4. Drooo


    I don't know if this was the result of being continuously on medication for three years (I've always been on/off with meds before), but I have noticed that since that time I don't seem to be able to enjoy very much anymore. I don't have much in the way of interest and I don't like many things or...
  5. T

    Increase humour and sex drive

    Hi, I recently experienced no sleep for 5/6 days. I went to the doctors and was prescribed zopiclone. Since then, I've noticed my humour and sex drive has rocketed. I know its a strange combination! Is this normal? Thanks!
  6. B

    do they go together?

    My partner was almost always pretty anxious and now he's suffering from panic attacks. I take it his anxiety has progressed to panic. But recently, I noticed that he is also becoming agoraphobic. Do they really go together eventually?
  7. A

    i just need to write it all out.

    hey previously i was almost 3 years free of harming, just recently i slipped and have stopped again resisting the urges been a daily task. the depression isn't really a problem for me as I'm use to it, but whats worrying me is I'm just getting into a new relationship, i know she has noticed my...
  8. vanish

    Are there any Aussies here?

    I've noticed there hasn't been much activity on the Australian forum for quite some time. Are there still any Aussies lurking about? ;)
  9. Zardos

    Having Trouble Posting ?

    Is anybody else having trouble posting to the forum ?.. When i click the summit button it takes ages to do anything.... Then i get a warning message saying the some of my data may not have been saved.. Plus I've noticed on the forum over the last few days a number of duplicate posts... Is...
  10. L

    Unhealthy obsession...

    OK.. where to start… Im guessing most people would describe the following as ‘unhealthy’.. but none the less… ------ Just some background.. sorry if its long but I thinks its important… .. I am 33 yrs old, and have suffered from pretty bad social anxiety all my life… Just of late (last past 6...
  11. C

    Mirtazapine meds

    I have posted a coupl*e of times on here be*fore about my 24 year* old daughter. She l*ives at home and has *had clinical depressi*on for years but rece*ntly she was getting *worse. Her diet was *terrible, she hardly *ate anything, was sle*eping all the time an*d seemed to be sinkin*g deeper...
  12. P

    Do I have depression?

    So after a group of friends dumped me and my best friend,i started having suicidal thoughts and get really sad easily.I noticed that my body is always aching.I always just want to lay in bed and use my phone and do nothing else.Even though my friends are okay with me again and try to talk to...
  13. Chopsy

    seeing a pentagram

    As i looked out of my bedroom window I could distinctly see within the branches & leaves of a distant tree, the shape of a pentagram. Not noticed this before. Interesting :mrgreen: Just been reading up on it's meaning/s
  14. W

    Impulsiveness, How do you deal with it?

    Ok, so i have recently been diagnosed with EUPD and after reading up about it have noticed lots of things which click with me. At first i was a bit Anti, becasue i could only focus on the negative side of it. Anyway, one of the things i have increasingly noticed is my impulsivness. In all sorts...
  15. RainbowHeartz

    Hate *trigger warning*

    hey all i feel self going insane again, i think the world has got too much, a religious place has been hateful towards me because of having a same sex partner from their religion. Noticed all humans are very selfish to a certain extent, i am just not a people person. i have many pet peeves such...
  16. T

    What should I do?

    Hello all! I'm new on this forum and I ask you to forgive my English because I'm not a native. Ok, so I'm a normal teenager but I've noticed that since last year I started to hear voices in my mind saying bad things. At the first time, my mind ignored them but since few months ago, "my mind"...
  17. I

    I've noticed that sometimes (they) refer to others as "cars"

    Maybe they're alluding to using others as vehicles of some sort.
  18. B

    think i'm becoming a hypochondriac

    i think i'm becoming a hypochondriac. i have many aliments, and being honest when i go to the doctors something is always found. for instance a few months back with everything else going on i developed a pain on the right just below my belly button, and on bad days it would go right in to my...
  19. P

    now struggling to manage

    I'm in receipt of ESA and used to manage fine, but over the past six or so months things have got more and more difficult and now I have an overdraft. I rarely go out - my money is going on food and bills. Has anyone else noticed that things have got harder lately? Does anyone know when...
  20. T

    Propranalol dose

    I noticed yesterday that a prescription I picked up a while ago, but not used yet, is the wrong dose. I had 10mg pills, but was changed to 40mg slow release which is what i thought these new ones were. But they're 80mg. Should I take them back to the pharmacy? Or would they be OK to take? To be...