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  1. J

    For the first time I was sent home from work

    I am 25 years old and have worked since I was 15/16. Last Friday I was sent home from work for the very first time. They think I'm depressed and urged me to reach out...so here I am. I don't really know how to go about this...so I'll just start from the beginning. I've always thought there...
  2. Anime-Alchemy

    Doctor telephone appointment

    Just came of the mobile phone from telephone appointment from my doctor. It was to renew my sick note for universal credit. I also just made conversation/updated about how I was going/feeling just because I felt it would be rude just to ask for renewal of sick note ( I don't know i feel that I...
  3. W

    In Danger of Losing Job

    Has anyone some good advice on how to prevent job loss due to this condition? I'm covered by FMLA, but if I am out sick for any other reason and don't have a doctor's note, even for the flu or stomach upset, my employers write me up and try to fire me.
  4. B


    Everytime I get out a mental hospital and then weeks and weeks gone bye and I seem can't get a hold of myself is putting alot of stress on me. I am sick and tired of trying to find new ways to harm myself. No one cares so I don't care at all. It hurts me badly and I just want these feelings to...
  5. J

    My son took overdose

    Hi just really need to talk about my son as I'm really confused, He is 18 and started getting really low last year dr put him on anti depressant and sleepers by xmas he was ok, so I thought. Then a couple weeks ago I don't know what made me do it I snooped around his room and found suicide...
  6. S

    Socially insecure. NO ESA nor JSA nor sick note nor help from my GP nor income. HELP!

    Socially insecure. NO ESA nor JSA nor sick note nor help from my GP nor income. HELP! I am trying to find a doctor to write for me 2 identical copies of a "Statement of Fitness for Work", which I require as a social security benefit claimant. I was signed off work and onto sickness benefits...
  7. F

    help with wrag group problem

    hi i have been put in the wrag group and ive come up against a rather nasty work advisor at the jobcentre, its open plan at the jobcentre and she shouts when talking to me ie about my cv she wanted me to do but i havnt worked for a while so cv was not up to scratch so she was putting me down on...
  8. blurrypeach

    Is this dissociation?

    Hello all, I originally didn't want to post about this since I don't want to overthink stuff :scratch: but maybe not asking makes it worse. So yesterday I experienced something weird. I was having an argument with one of my voices. I felt... very strange, it's hard to explain. The best way I...
  9. I

    Feel so scared

    Hi I got sign ed off as doctor said I'm not fit for work ,however I don't think my company are happy as suggested I go to the doctors to get a fit note and Im so scared off getting in trouble I have fone on flight mode
  10. C

    Hi, I'm new too.

    Hi, Just a quick note to say hello!
  11. katya

    What are you good at?

    Sometimes it's important to remind ourselves of these things. I have a very fast typing speed that everyone comments on, so I'm good at that. What are you good at? Note: don't say "nothing," because that's not true. :)
  12. nonotme

    note to self.

    take control of you our life and stop fucking around. Me.
  13. RainbowHeartz


    been to the doctors today, he wrote me a sick note saying i was schizoaffective, but explained to me that i might not be, now im confused
  14. Catastrophe

    Do I still need a sick note?

    I've now been placed onto the work related activity group and I'm not entirely sure if I still need to send off a sick note or not. It should be due around now but I haven't had a letter yet :unsure: They normally send me one before it's due. I done some googling and some people are saying you...
  15. V

    Diagnosing a child

    Hi, I am a primary school teacher and worried about a child in my class. He is only 6, but has severe concentration difficulties. He normally can't concentrate for more than about 2-3 seconds. I know thiis may be normal, but am not totally sure. He also finds it difficult to fit in socially...
  16. J

    ESA Cant take it no more!!!!

    Can someone please advise me I cant take no more of the ESA, I have spent the best part of the day crying, and the rest trying to get someone to help I have tried/ing to appeal ESA and i have no idea whats happening. about 20 months ago when I was told I failed the Atos medical. This was...
  17. J

    Cant back date sick note

    Can anyone help please, Ive been "appealing" an ESA claim for about 16 months now, and handing sicknotes in every month until March when things went pear shaped for me. Ive been really struggling and just gettiing out of bed is hard. I havent had any money since mid March, I've borrowed money...
  18. M


    at times they just stop, it's a silence most strange and empty. recently in the early half of this week they have been loud, the mornings have been overwhelming, they told me not to share certain experiences with the doctors. I am coming round to this idea but have'nt made up my mind. I have...
  19. J

    Just a note to say hello

    just a note to say hello
  20. B

    esa appeal won - what happens now ?

    I wn an ESA appeal 2 weeks ago. I originally applied for it a year ago but atos disagreed. Have been on. JSA since. My advisor at the job centre is reluctant to have me off JSA and said that a sick note I have from GP is not valid if I want to claim ESA. The sick note covers 2 months (already 2...