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  1. D

    i'm done with me SA life - History

    I want to share what my life was with strangers. and My childhood was happy whot my broters. until the twelve that enter the school. (I had private tutors). That year was if not the worst year of my life I was bulling every day by 3 guys. they physically assaulted me, they made fun of me.was...
  2. S

    Goodbye mental clinics

    I'm lucky, I'm a researcher At the same time I sample the study. I am not interested in reading previous research related to the subject. Today we will talk about the Red-hot sensory nerves in the front and nose. Where it was found to be the main cause Symptoms of mental illness، Especially...
  3. Mr.NiceGuy

    starting a conversation from the words in your nose whistle

    Do you ever hear words that mix with the breath of your nose or your wind that don't really feel like your own ? Like the words 'I KNOW ALREADY!' came out of the breath of my whistler and I knew it would upset ghosts or voices or whatever, so I started rambling in thought in the direction of I...
  4. S

    Afraid of pain!!!

    Not exactly sh but an oddity. From the shoulders of both arms to both wrists I have only scar tissue, no real skin exists anymore and they are also deformed from 32 years of sh, yeah I'm a mature self harmer. The teenage me never left as far as sh is concerned. The thing is I have decided to...
  5. J

    I need help

    Okay I understand this will seem pathetic and trivial but it's just how I'm feeling. I recently had a mental breakdown at home after my girlfriend left me and treated me terribly. I'm agoraphobic and have anxiety and several other issues. I recently moved to London for a fresh start but I feel...
  6. S

    Nerves of the nose and schizophrenia

    I have heard from a doctor that some of his patients feel better in their mental health if they sniff a perfume. After several tests on the condition I discovered that the reason is that the nerves of the nose are inactive in patients with schizophrenia and that the solution is to make them active.
  7. Boomerang

    New med FEEL ILL

    I cannot find anything on the internet that would make me worry so much but i am worried. I have been on Lamictal/Lamotrigine for over two years. I have started Lexapro and SSRI four days ago. Each night when i take them both i have had very warm skin which is what happened when i was titrating...
  8. G


    Why is it that we can give the best advice to someone else but when it's crunch time for us and we know what to do to get better that we just don't do it what the fuck? It's like picking your nose if someone else does it it's disgusting but it's ok if I do it :(
  9. Catastrophe

    I feel really ugly :(

    I hate the way I look. I have a big nose and an overbite >.> I'm hoping to have surgery on my jaw soon and am actually considering a nose job. I was bullied in school with the way I looked and I still feel really ugly. I try to avoid mirrors because it just makes me depressed. My sister is a lot...
  10. Lincoln1990

    My birthday is tomorrow...

    And I'm going to be sick on it. I have a sore throat, stuffy nose and cough. Darn my mother.
  11. T

    When going down (ooh er!)

    Innuendo aside. What do you do when you can feel your mood is starting to take a bit of a nose dive? Do you have any self help things which help at all? X
  12. Pixie37

    Red Nose Day

    This years Red Nose Day is on 18th March. Are you planning anything for it? Why not do something fitness wise but fun and healthy? :dance: http://www.rednoseday.com/
  13. J

    Please help, boyfriend is suffering badly

    My boyfriend of 4 years is in a really really bad place right now and keeps threatening to kill himself, I dont know what to do anymore he listens to nobody. He has severe depression and BDD- Body Dysmorphic Disorder. After a surgery that went wrong on his nose 3 years ago his nose was put out...
  14. phil93

    Just started taking fluoxetine

    I have been perscribed fluoxetine 20mg. I am on it since wednesday. I was told about all the possible side effects etc. Here's what im feeling: - Dry mouth - Tiredness, - No change or increased depression - had nose bleeds for the first 2 days. Is it all normal? What else can i expect? When...
  15. phil93

    Cat allergy, interrupting my life

    is there anything i can do about my really bad allergy to cats? I have a lot of friends with cats, my girlfriend will son have one, and i'd love to have one too. But when im around cats... i get red eyes, whistly cough, sneezing, runny nose... And if i stay overnight i suffer, i cant sleep...
  16. M

    Hiya everyone.

    Hiya, im new to the forum and pretty nervous. Im mum to 2 teenagers and looking for help and advice on lots of issues!! I wont bore you with the details just yet, im gonna have a nose round the site and try to familiarise myself with some of the topics. hope thats ok? speak to you soon. thanks.
  17. G


    Does anyone else experience horrible rage? Sometimes I get so angry I feel like my nose is about to bleed.
  18. Lara

    Wish I knew about these forums sooner

    Hi every one, I wish some one at my mental heath clinic had told me about these kind of forums :lol: well, I'm gonna have a nose around, so, yeah, Hi :thumbsup:
  19. J


    I was at my family physician, Dr. RG, for a routine physical because i was experiencing dizziness, vomiting, slurred speech, headaches, loss of motor skills, and nose bleeds, just to name a few. he suggested we do many different tests, including a colonoscopy to see if i was suffering from...
  20. Eleison

    psychosomatic struggles

    It is becoming clearly apparant that I have suffered with this for a long time. And now, in therapy, as I'm facing unburying lots of previously suppressed and repressed feelings... my body is reacting in defence. Trying to stop me. The most distressing current symptom is a blocked nose. It...