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  1. F

    North Fort Myers, Fl Here

    Like to know if there is anyone from the Fort Myers area here. If yes, hopefully we can support one and another
  2. S

    North Lanarkshire

    Hey im new, we have many scots in here?
  3. H

    North West UK chat

    Hi I’m new here - from Wirral. I’d love to be part of a local chat group where we can help and support each other. Anyone interested?
  4. I

    Isolated in North Wales

    Hello all, I'm hoping to meet other people in North Wales who are suffering from anxiety and depression. I'm isolated and have started Mindfulness and other things, but hoping to get involved in much more. Best,
  5. N

    Leg/Sinuses adn irritilbility Health conditons/Fitness Class North West of London

    Leg/Sinuses adn irritilbility Health conditons/Fitness Class North West of London Hi Folks, Though I have now bouncing back, from my sinuses at the moment and also my leg, I'll decide this evening, and tomorrow morning, If I attend the fitness grouip on Tuesday. Weather wise, I have my...

    North West London

    Hi I am in this area, good to see any locals.
  7. mami5

    Am I the only one???

    Anyone else from North West Wales? Feel lonely here.
  8. megirl

    xmas all gone yippee

    relief xmas is over and done with I am up north with my in-laws I get on well with hubbys mum much more than my on, I got through xmas without any real issues. Xmas eve I got agitated and overwhelmed and was in my car hubby driving put my feet on the dashboard qagitated and kicked my windscreen...
  9. M

    Please to meet y'all.~

    Hi, I'm Matt. I have the worst self confidence ever, social anxieties, an awful relationship with my body (self harm) and food and regularly feel depressed. Never been diagnosed with anything simply because I've never been to the doctors about it because I would have to tell my parents at least...
  10. A

    Looking for new friends aged 18-25

    I’ve posted this in the depression forum, so you may see this again. But I thought I post this in the anxiety forum as is suffer from this too and just in case others might have not seen this post. So I have never done this before, but I would like to know if there is anyone out their in the...
  11. mrlaurel

    stress head..............

    has a week from hell, from a cancer scare with Hilda through to so much family shit you wouldn't belive! i am so stressed, my emotions are all over the show, can't stop crying and my mood is so up n down. off to my first Rethink "coffee n cope" on Monday see what it's all about and to see if...
  12. M

    Mad Pride - Nuts in May 2- this Sunday 27th May - North London

    Hi Folk There is a Mad Pride Family Funday on Sunday 27th May in North London. This is a Mad Pride event, yes to raise a few pennies for the anti-Cuts cause, but I think mainly to meet up. Cheap to get in (£2 concs) and there will be food too! Of course there is a jam packed line-up of...
  13. H

    If you could be anywhere in the world right now...where?

    Wherever you want to be, anywhere. The practicalities don't matter. Everything is sorted. Whether you want to be at the North Pole or the Equator....it doesn't matter, it is fine. Or it could be with someone, or doing something. The choice is yours, you can be there. Right now I want to be on...
  14. marcustwelve

    North Wales

    Hi, don't know who to approach but would it be possible to set up a North Wales Sub Forum? Unless I'm the only nutter on here from N Wales!!
  15. ally41

    Cold weather payments?

    Phew, I finally get one, have been waiting 2 weeks but they have finally conceded that it IS cold here. Out of interest, has anyone else got one and where are you? I am in the north west/west yorks.
  16. H

    Is there anybody out there ?

    Anyone got details on active North West groups ?
  17. J

    Hi from the North East

    Hello my name is Jennifer and I live in the North East of England. I am in my 60's and have been diagnosed with bi-polar for over 14 years. I have one friend who also suffers from this but I did not know there was support like this available. I feel fantastic at the moment and I am not high...
  18. A

    800,000 claim decade of incapacity

    More than 800,000 people have been claiming incapacity benefits for more than a decade, it has been revealed. Government figures showed 806,630 claimants - nearly a third of all those who claim incapacity benefits - have received the allowance for more than 10 years. The North West was worst...
  19. gemmaLIV

    Request for research participants in the North West!

    Hello! My name is Gemma. I am currently doing some research with the university of Liverpool, which I am hoping will contribute to the literature that might influence psychiatric diagnosis (in a good way!). I am looking for people in the north west who wouldn't mind being interviewed about...