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  1. S

    Is it normal to feel so alone when your partner is struggling wiith..

    Hi, my husband is suffering with anxiety. We have been married for over 6 years. A few months ago he said he wanted to get a divorce. This came as a real shock to me. He is completely a different person. He is withdrawn, we hardly communicate unless it’s about our son. He has pushed all his...
  2. P

    Im curious

    Hey guys Ive already made a post about me and my problems but this is new. Long story short im an anxious person and was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder (GAD). New problem came in and i want to ask if any of you have this or if you think its normal. I have a buzzing noise in my ears...
  3. M

    Take me out of this suffering

    I'm sick and tired of my situation. Fatigue. Dizziness. Confusion. Every part of me says I'm wrong and need to be fixed right away. Every second of this is too much. Every millisecond of this is too much. Every single moment of this is too much. Nobody understands how hard I'm suffering. Help...
  4. M


    Is it normal to live your whole life thru a shadow of imagination? I mean all the time in my life I am imagining things like I get lost in my own little world a lot. When I am speaking with someone there is always a second conversation going on in my head or after I stop speaking with someone...
  5. G

    Behavioral Addiction

    I have a really terrible Behavioral Addiction I've been trying to overcome for years. My symptoms have definitely gotten better... however I can tell I'm a little broken on the inside and I'm unsure why. I wish I didn't feel as lonely as I always do. I wish I had more people in my life to...
  6. N

    Recovery of Szchiophrenia - This time of year

    Hi Folks, I'm very well. No problems to report. Mind you yesterday, through my problems of painful sinuses, I accidentally missed off, having breakfast. Ouch, anyway, I rectified that today. I have had lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner though. The only slight issue I have regarding this...
  7. qwerty1234

    I believe in telepathy but my father doesn't like me talking about it.

    I have been talking about it with my friends and my Dad thinks they are just humoring me. It lowers my self confidence a lot. I believe that the electronic waves emitted by the brain and picked up by EEG also affect human behavior, including our subconscious, and am interested in the idea...
  8. T

    My brain no more normal because of several psychiatric injections

    I have been a psychiatric patient for years.after a few years of taking injections It has affected my brain I can't read and assimilate I don't have pleasure from sex poor memory.my brain has locked.anyone with advise on what I do so my brain returns to normal.
  9. S

    Undiagnosed but pretty sure and trapped

    Well I don't really know how to start this or what I aim to get out of registering and posting here but I do know I have to try to do something - anything -different before I lose it. So this might get long winded but I appreciate anybody who reads and replies. This predictably may get a bit...
  10. A

    Olanzapine withdrawal

    Have people come off olanzapine successfuly ? I was on 10 mg then went to 5 and doc reduced it to 2.5mg.im feeling anxious and confusion. I've read that these are normal withdrawal symptoms
  11. C

    i don't know how to be around normal people

    i am a schizofreak, squeaky clean. Going softly, quietly, trying to keep a solid face and solid state around people who are much more ordinary. Who seem to belong. I know i know, it is insides to outsides, but my insides near their outsides hurt. I don't know how to settle into this strange new...
  12. S

    new here / trying to choose between medication vs just letting it ride

    Hi everyone, I'm dealing with bipolar which is yet "unspecified" because I didn't stick around in therapy long enough to get my full diagnosis... because they wanted to put me on antipsychotics. That was about a year and a half ago - fast forward to now, I've been through SEVERRAL debilitating...
  13. M

    Serious Letter.

    Thinking of writing a serious letter about my struggle with Blpd. I want Drs to understand when they get new 'patient's' This is going to be hard to type. Emotionally/pyhsically abused as a kid by kids Left Feeling scared and unworthy of anything Drinking Alcahol at 12 Shutting Down Killing...
  14. L

    I'm back...

    I have not been writing on here, because I have a counselor that I been e mailing. I go in to physically see her from time to time. Thing are not getting better just moving along day in day out. My sleeping is totally messed up. I been pretty edgy lately. Still frustrated with civilization and...
  15. Hikikomori1979

    Setting Boundaries with your parents

    Im not sure how many people can relate I have an unwell father and my mother is intolerable at the best of times but in terms of how they disrespectful they are Situation 1. wanting to just set me up (NO SETUPS! PLEASE) with complete strangers with no narrative. Their Rationale - wanting...
  16. C

    Is this normal for depression?

    Hi, is it normal to feel physically sick, and so tired that I can barely move? It’s a complete nightmare because I have 17 month old twins and I’ve gone from having so much energy to have less than none since the depression has hit me square in the face.
  17. M

    I want my life back. Now.

    I'm fed up with being so tired all the time. I'm fed up feeling like I don't belong anywhere. I'm fed up fearing to be judged by everyone around me since I'm not normal. I'm fed up pretending everything is normal when it clearly isn't. I'm fed up being emotionally numb, sweating, itching...
  18. M

    I deserve to be normal. It sucks being like this

    I hate the way I'm feeling right now. I'm dealing with constant severe fatigue, numbness and brain fog. I've been like this for 15 out of my 21 years of existence. I'm trying to write a reflection on a text document I've read but I can't because the fatigue is debilitating. I just want to be...
  19. worriedDAD

    My son is suffering from sleep paralysis. What should I do?

    For the past week, my son has been suffering from sleep paralysis. I don’t know if this is normal but having to deal with it for how many days is not normal anymore. My 15 year old kid kept on telling me that he’s having nightmares and bad dreams, which I don’t like. I read an article in a...
  20. S

    I’m kind of annoyed

    Didn’t expect to come to a social community and be ignored... I get enough of that in normal life.