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  1. BlackHeart


    I have had misophonia since I was a child but as I've grown older it seems to have gotten worse. I can't eat around anyone as it drives me off my head, especially my father who I've told repeatedly about the condition, but just ignores it and continues to make the most grotesque noises I have...
  2. Tired Daisy

    My neighbor is monitoring me

    So this could be purely paranoia or my gut instinct is correct. I think my neighbors might be making noise nuisance sheets about me and they have been doing it for some time. I'm not a noisy person I don't play music and if I do it be through headphones and I never watch TV as I'm mostly on...
  3. R

    I have bpd, but I'm also now hearing things.

    It started out with wind chime like noises, little bells and whistles, it's now like I'm listening to a just out of tune radio, I hear noises like music and also muffled voices, it's a lot worse when I'm in silence, so getting to sleep is difficult, I'm just wondering if I should goto the Dr's...
  4. K

    not sure if i should be worried or not? please help!

    so. i honestly don't know if this is even anything i should be worried about or not, or if my situation is just dumb and i'm over reacting. basically the deal is, i'll sometimes just sit at my computer or even do the dishes and suddenly every noise around me will get louder and i will start...
  5. S

    Feeling threatened by noises being made by my brother and dad

    I feel threatened sometimes by this. An example would be closing cabinets or drawers in the kitchen. Or it could be getting a plate out, pushing in a chair, closing bedroom doors, etc. But I only feel this way if my brother or dad make those noises. If my mom does, I don't feel threatened...
  6. M

    Uncontrollable/harmful actions when I have unpleasant thoughts.

    Not where to place this, so please let me know if I'm in the wrong section. I'll probably post this in more than one section. However, I'll cut straight to the chase. Whenever I think something embarrassing I did or think of something unpleasant, I cannot control my actions. Sometimes I'll make...
  7. M

    Phobia of loud noises

    I have fear of loud noises, like fireworks, firecrackers, popping balloons, and people who yell and shout!!! You I can resolve this phobia?
  8. S

    Irritated by noise!!

    Does anyone else feel totally irritated by noises?? Everything to me seems so loud at the moment. I am normally bugged by certain noises in particular.... things such as, other people chewing, drinking, coughing, even laughter all seems so LOUD :panic: This is at the point where it actually...
  9. X

    Randomly Hearing a Family Member Yell My Name. Hearing Falling noises. Would this be considered Hearing Voices?

    Randomly Hearing a Family Member Yell My Name. Hearing Falling noises. Would this be considered Hearing Voices? I have never told any Psych about this. I recently started hearing in my head a family member yelling my name, as if in distress. Also I hear falling noises. I would run quickly to...
  10. R

    Why do I make noises, and find it very difficult to stop?

    Hello, This is my first post, so pardon me if I make mistakes or if I am not thorough enough. The issue: I make odd noises e.g. partial cough, lip noises and other strange noises (Some are VERY hard to explain). I can control these noises, although I find it very difficult to do so most of the...
  11. P

    Could it really be psychosis

    I have been depressed throughout my life. It started as a kid due to living in an abusive environment. (physical abuse, verbal abuse and sexual abuse). I remember self harm as young as 12 years old. I remember hating myself and wishing I lived in a different place. I remember moving at least...
  12. RainbowHeartz


    I wish the noises would stop its making me paranoid
  13. L

    Noises in head

    Does anyone else have noises in their head. Especially when eating or from not sleeping. I get so fed up from not sleeping but I am do anxious about eating anyway. I am recovering from a breakdown and still get anxious about stuff.
  14. A

    My life

    Well i dont know where to start but obviously with my anxiety. Loud noises scare me, a car door opening out the front of my house makes me look out there and i've become very good at working myself up over virtually anything.Even when i get excited i'm anxious. Going to the shops is very hard...
  15. H0llie


    Ok, I have been hearing *things* not voices. I don't know if the noises are real, but I find myself trying really hard to listen to it. Then, I get majorly anxious and try to block the noises out by focusing on something else. I saw my G.P and tried to explain the noises but couldn't explain...
  16. R

    I hate school now

    I now hate schools. I cant stand being in them because of my anxiety. My anxiety is in crowds and loud noises. I once went to a school that was all indoors and thats whn my anxieties started. Im afraid of the loud noises because they sound 10 times louder to me and then im clastrophobic so it...
  17. deathandsequins

    Sounds and sound distortion

    Hey all, I haven't been experiencing a lot of voices lately so much as real sounds being distorted to sound like other things, as well as random noises that no one else can hear. For example, the other day there were a load of crows cawing on my roof, but after a while it turned into men...
  18. E

    do noises annoy you?

    When your depression is bad do noises annoy you? For my my hearing gets really sensitive Clocks ticking, packets russtling, people snorning, people asking my questions... That always seem to be stupid. Alarms going off.
  19. A

    Noise anxieties

    I am schizophrenic and I have noise anxieties today i was at my very limit broke down and cried it out as I felt helpless the people living upstairs had friends over kept making lots of thumping noises it felt like they were doing it on purpose as they know of my condition from years ago. the...
  20. F

    Fly in my brain

    There was a fly which was flying about in my bedroom, i got the thought that the fly would go in my ear and lay babies near my brain. Ever since that thought i've been hearing fly buzzing noises when there arn't any flys around and think maybe it did go in my ear. The noises are really loud near...