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  1. valleygirl

    Feeling Very Fragile

    I don't really know why I am feeling this way. But since Halloween I was counting down the weeks, and then the days until Christmas break. By the time we were down to 1 week I was barely holding on by a thread. At the end of that week, on Friday night, I slept 14 hours. Counting weekends, I...
  2. S

    Anxiety around noise

    Hello I've just signed up to this forum as I'm wondering whether there's anyone else out there who has a similar anxiety issue to me. My anxiety is noise. Particularly neighbour noise. My wife and I bought our first house about 6 months and initially it was fine. On a nice Saturday early on...
  3. Tired Daisy

    My neighbor is monitoring me

    So this could be purely paranoia or my gut instinct is correct. I think my neighbors might be making noise nuisance sheets about me and they have been doing it for some time. I'm not a noisy person I don't play music and if I do it be through headphones and I never watch TV as I'm mostly on...
  4. S

    Noisy Neighbours

    Ok I don't want to sound like I am moaning but this is getting on my nerves. I have lived in my house for almost 10 years, I had neighbours before these ones moved in which is almost 2 years, the ones before these were horrible neighbours but they were not as bad as these ones. There is the...
  5. Kerome


    The last time I tried (with approval of my psychiatrist) to reduce my medication, the first symptom I experienced was what I called almost-voices. This was basically a sensation in my hearing like tinnitus, a kind of white noise, except that it went up and down and would have pauses and things...
  6. T


    Hello there. This is my first time posting and I hope this is the right place. I really hope someone has some semblance of an answer for me. Background: Depression and anxiety sufferer since I was 10, developed agoraphobia in my teens, am now 26. I also am prone to migraines and have at least a...
  7. M

    On downer and now investigated by council

    I feel Sh*t to star with everyday is such a struggle but next door are now complaining to the council that we are making noise all night. I'm asleep most of the time and there is no noise I just don't need this in my life.
  8. S

    upsetting illness, with noise distortions too

    experiencing noise distortions makes me want to cry .. i hate how noises can often sound '' cold '' '' disgusting '' and almost distorted and weird . my therapist has given me a suggestion to listen to music but i don't want to keep putting music in my ears why should i have to , sometimes i...
  9. nickybow86

    Does anyone relate?

    I dont hear loads of voices or different conversations My voice just calls my name but it only seems to happen in a certain noise or tone it like the voice is in the noise or sound ?? . It sound so strange. As iv gotten older I don't hear it as much but it it does happen still. Does anyone...
  10. Bookfairy

    Depression/anxiety excess noise?

    Hi everyone first time posting so please bear with me x I have suffered most of my adult life with severe depression and this was amplified a while back due to severe nerve damage to my spine (I won't bore you with details) During the last few years this has been exaggerated to the point where...
  11. Mr.NiceGuy

    first times with white noise ghosts

    "when I was seventeen I drank some very good beer I drank some very good beer I purchased with a fake I.D. my name was Brian Mcgee I stayed up listening to Queen When I was seventeen" Sing this song in your head into headphones with loud white noise or amplified silence and tell me you can't...
  12. Mr.NiceGuy

    Ghosthunting and how it relates to hearing voices

    A while back while I was ghosthunting I noticed that I could hear my own thoughts in the white noise and had to hold them in I also noticed something talking back to me when I voluntarily did this. I ve made an art out of controlling and creating voices heard in white noise. When I listen to...
  13. G

    fed up triggers maybe

    I have suffered for a number of years in the states in substandard housing due to being on disability for two diagnoses. i suffer a lot from noises. i've literally had zero decent neighbors. my suffering is really bad at present and feels like head is going to explode. the uneasy mixture of...
  14. N

    Am I hearing voices?

    So when I was a kid, I remember that sometimes I'd be curled up in bed and just have a sense of dread and felt as if I was being shouted at. I'm pretty sure it was my own voice saying "i should just kill myself, everyone would have been better off if you never exsisted in the first place, no one...
  15. Tired Daisy

    Another panic attack of the day

    Well today and yesterday.... well I still think that a certain person I know is after me and is watching me and there planing on breaking into my house.... long story but at the same time I think my paranoia is playing a big part of this as I was going into my house yesterday I heard the...
  16. Mr.NiceGuy

    schizophrenia cured

    In using a space heater as a source of sound, as it has both the heater and the fan element to use as a sort of white noise, I can create an array of varying voices and sounds coming out of the fan. In doing this I found that you can only listen for one type of sound to manipulate at at time. By...
  17. P

    Old Lady Neighbor

    I could use some advice. I live in elderly/disabled housing due to ptsd and mdd. My old lady neighbor seems a bully. Before she left for the summer she told me "no smoking" (I don't smoke} and seems to assume I am a drug addict or mentally retarded due to being younger and/or disabled. She...
  18. P

    severe distress with noise and ptsd may trigger

    I am having severe noise distress. No one, including T's, ever took me seriously. Noise makes me very suicidal due to childhood abuse (sexual] from father. The woman next door is in her eighties and at times is LOUD. I do NOT know how to talk to her about this. I can't. I have tried to get up...
  19. M

    Noisy Neighbors

    Hi, I have a problem. I believe it's related to hearing voices. I believe I am being targeted by my neighbors. My upstairs neighbor is extremely loud. The noise keeps me awake sometimes until 3:00AM. He is a computer programmer so he works from home and rarely leaves the house. The individual...
  20. S

    Housing Rights

    Hi All,New to This I have been suffering from Mental Health Issues since 2013,I also moved to this property in 2013,Since moving here everything has deteriated,Its a Housing Association Property,My next door neighbour has 3 young girls an a never ending family that keeps coming,the noise that...