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  1. E

    A place to socialize and meet others with anxiety

    It would be nice if the community could have large cafes where people with mental illness can meet and socialize and hangout. People who are in similar situations. Wouldn't that facilitate and accelerate recovery? These cafes could be nice places to do homework, maybe even to find your soulmate
  2. H

    Hello all nice to meet you

    Hello everyone, Nice to meet you guys, my name is Hal, I was diagnosed with OCD in the summer of 2015. It has turned out to be extremely bad which I wasn't aware of until less than a year ago, at least in my case, I never felt that what I did or what I thought wasn't normal, I am trying to...

    The Astral Plane – Common Summerland Elements

    I came across this website the other day. It is about life in the astral. It is quite pleasant and nice to read with a cup of tea. Here is the link: The Astral Plane – Common Summerland Elements - GoldenGaiaDB
  4. M


    Hi , joined this morning ☺.....have a nice day.
  5. G


    Hi, am new here.. was dx w Sz many yrs back but have since gone off meds on my own and stay off. My bro was also dx w sz the year I was off it. Nice meeting u I was originally from mental earth but don't know what happen that it's gone. :(
  6. A

    I don't think I'm a very nice person

    I'm now in my 40's and do not have any maintained relationships. I cannot seem to keep friends or partners. Work always turns nasty too. People fall out with me, its happened all my life. When I first meet people I try so hard, I'm chatty and smiley and go out of my way to do favours and...
  7. E

    New member

    Hello all. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for a long time now and I came across this forum and thought it would be nice to have someone to talk to who understands.
  8. S

    Hello Everyone

    Hi everyone hope you are all having a nice day :) I am new here and hope to get some advice for my anxiety :)
  9. letmein

    why do i bother?

    the more i offer support the less i get in return. I don't want massive thnak you's it would just be nice one in a while to be respected. :low::low::low::low::low::low::low::low::low::low:
  10. S


    Hi I'm a 27 year old male and I have paranoid schizophrenia, paranoid social anxiety, severe depression and body image issues. I join this forum cause be nice to chat to people who fight the same battles about the same mental heath disorders like me.
  11. C

    Hi money troubles/mistakes I've made In past

    I find it hard to explain what I've been thru. I have constant burden of the past. Things I didn't do/say... act on. I now have money worries. I started a job a month ago. I find it hard to express what I feel km going thru... like sometimes I feel in control and sometimes I don't... which...
  12. N

    Angels in human form

    That amazing feeling when even though you're at your lowest possible ebb, you know someone out there truly cares. It's such a wonderful feeling. If you have any stories of people being kind, please share. Be nice to read about nice things and how we as people can not only be "mentally ill"...
  13. A

    living with schizophrenia

    hey everyone I'm new here my names Dwayne and I feel completely useless and depressed all the time, Sometimes i hear voices when i have a relapse. my last relapse sent me to a hospital in the maritimes. I feel completely alone, and I'm not looking for attention I was diagnosed with schizophrenia...
  14. D


    Hi all :) thanks to tired tina for wellcome. Hope I find what am looking for. (Friendly people with insight of schizo, or a mental instability, Reasurrance, sound advice & help) build a network of like minded people a circle of virtual pals. A laugh would be nice as well. I lead a solitary...
  15. C

    Feeling ignored

    I'm in one of those dark moods. I just phoned my father who tells me that he'd received a lovely call from my son to say he's having a lovely time on holiday. That's nice I thought, I didn't receive a call. So I got pissed off and I sent him a message that I'll probably regret sending...
  16. J


    Hi everyone 👍This is a first time for me joining a forum ,but thought it might help to talk to others on here😀I suffer with anxiety and intrusive thoughts 😩I'm on remeron 30 mg /mirtazapine/at the moment but don't seem to be helping😩Anyway I'm hoping to have a few new friends on here to chat...
  17. Lisa-Marie666

    Don't know how much more i can take!

    I really don't want to be here anymore. Why does everyone hate me? I know you can't answer this, it's just me having a rant. Makes me feel better to write it all down. I've never been a really nice person but with my own i have. I've turned really nasty because i don't feel wanted. Had this...
  18. F

    New NICE guidance on dual diagnosis: sterile or infectious?

    Mental health and substance use dominate the top ten global causes of non-communicable diseases (Delgadillo et al, 2016). In combination they can have a hugely debilitating effect on individuals, but unlike many other areas of healthcare we still don’t know how many people have a combined mental...
  19. Mark_01


    Psychiatrist mean well, but do they really know what they are doing? They can't do a blood test, or a brain scan to know what is wrong with me. It is just their opinion. My new psychiatrist is young and beautiful, and she thinks I'm more crazy than my last one, who was old and fat. They are both...
  20. Funnyday

    Keeping up with the Joneses

    My neighbour just the other day got a new BMW. I could see it when ever I looked out of my living room window. I wondered how did he afford two BMW's for him and his mrs as he is just a manual worker doing menial work. My depression at not having a nice car as well got the better of me. As I've...