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  1. T

    anyone want to be friends?

    it would be nice to have someone to talk to about issues or just anything, or if anyone needs someone to listen i will
  2. R

    An apology: to my parents

    Dear mom, dear dad, I AM SORRY. I have said awful things about the both of you. But I love you both! You buy me nice things all the time. I AM SO SORRY. :cry2: I'm a terrible daughter.
  3. S

    Why me

    Why is it me who is depressed. Why is it me who has to take medication because of depression for being lonely and not having a girlfriend. Why can't my stepbrother be in my shoes or stepsister and then I can have what they have, a nice job, a gf and someone to go on holiday with
  4. jojo94

    I'm new here

    Hi I'm Jojo I'm 24 and I'm new here. Nice to meet you all x
  5. mentats

    Noobs 1st day , Hello ~0-0~

    Hello , I would just like to say "hi" to the forum members , I live in England and I have mental health issues and it would be nice to chat with others that are in the same boat.
  6. B

    Hi people!

    Hey what's up, I'm new here. I came here for support and for suggestions and help with my OCD, anxiety, and depression. Nice to meet everyone.
  7. H

    Do I tell work?

    Hi, I’m 20 and suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. I started my new job at the beginning of February and I really enjoy it, the people are nice and I’m managing, some might even say happy. I got a letter in the post saying I can start therapy soon. Something that I signed up for over...
  8. DanL15000

    Hi, I'm back

    I used to be DanL53 but now I am DanL15000. I doubt anyone will remember me. I still have: Severe Agoraphobia with Panic Disorder Severe and Chronic Scizotypal Personality Disorder Social Anxiety Disorder Some kind of Depression although I guess it's under control? And just to be mean they...
  9. T

    Interesting article

    Nice piece from today's Guardian about what depression is.. What is depression and why is it rising? What is depression and why is it rising? | News | The Guardian
  10. W

    Strange tips for anxiety attacks

    Hello. This one is in regards of my previous topic, in which I told my story aboit something that I seem to have, something like depression, but it seems more like the sudden burst of bad imagination and bad/weird images/phobia of hallucinatio/ general anxiety and talking to mysel in my head. I...
  11. T

    Hi :)

    Hi Forum, I've never done this kinda thing before but really struggling with day-to-day right now and it's nice to find a place where I can speak. I've started to see a therapist once a week (3rd session next week) and think i'm beginning to deal with things but so difficult. Especially...
  12. C

    I can't imagine wanting to live

    It would be a nice feeling to want to be alive, but I feel like it's something I will never achieve
  13. E

    Why does my mother always talk to herself in a angry tone?

    Hello, So I want to say for the last 15 years I've noticed that my mother always talks to herself. It started off as a whisper and now it's almost like she's shouting. I know she realizes that she is talking to herself because whenever anyone comes near her she starts humming a tone to a song...
  14. S

    What do i do

    Hello, I am 25 years old with autism i have never had a girlfriend before and never even kissed a girl or held a girls hand. I have no money, no job and no job will employ me. I am not lowering my standards working a MacDonald of KFC because the people there deserve to have their face spat on...
  15. M

    Hi everyone

    Hi, just wanted to say hello to all you nice people. Have only recently been diagnosed as suffering with depression. Looking back it seems I've had it for many years. Have had terrible trouble sleeping for 7 or 8 years or so. Have some good days but at the moment I am drowning and frightened...
  16. little rose

    trauma depressed

    really depressed today i tried so hard what for to sit here suffering feel so mentally unwell keep having panicky feelings even though i tried to be nice to myself even though i done nice things for myself like exercise walking outside having a bath being kind to myself.. to now sit here cryin...
  17. Under_The_Moon

    Hi all

    Hey from Canada. I found this forum to be very helpful, reading others posts. So I joined today. It will be nice to share thoughts and feelings without hearing "suck it up".
  18. O


    Hi. Its nice to meet you all. I don't really know what to say here. I don't even know where I should belong on these forums..
  19. C

    New here, Nice to meet y'all

    I just wanted to say hi and maybe I will introduce myself more another time. I need to get to sleep... Work comes early. My name is Catness. Nice to meet y'all. :sleepy2:
  20. I

    Hey guys! :)

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and just wanted to briefly introduce myself. I'm soon to be 27-yo female, I suffer from some phobias (emetophobia would be the main) and anxiety from childhood problems. I've been in therapy for about 1,5 years and I have found this very helpful and I enjoy going there...