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  1. M


    Hello,everyone.i'm a new member here.i just wanted to introduce myself.i'm Misshelle.it's nice to meet all of you.
  2. A

    :( sad

    Hello everyone, I am pretty much in dire straits and an online forum is the ONLY thing that I haven’t tried. Before I begin I will tell you that I have my first NHS psychotherapist appointment next week and speak to my GP regularly. About me; I am 32 years old, male, fit, great job, fabulous...
  3. R

    Severe difficulties at work

    Hi there, I suffer with very bad SA and my doctor said I had mild autism I'm really not exaggerating or being paranoid when I say I'm hated at every workplace i've been at (mainly because of the difficulty I have in making eye contact) and resultantly REALLY struggle to hold down a job. I am...
  4. J

    I overdosed.

    This has been quite awhile ago, but i still to this day have never felt the same. I think I may have caused brain damage, to what extent i do not know. I don't have money to find out, so I was seeing if there's any nice people that have had insight into this situation.
  5. AliceinWonderland

    What self care thing did you do for yourself today?

    Yesterday... I expressed what I was feeling, as a way of caring for myself. Anyone else want to share what they've done? I thought it might be nice to encourage each other, in the little things that we do to show ourselves that we matter, that we're worth looking after and being nice to...
  6. Bernardos

    Hey Now.

    Hi I'm Bernardos and i'm suffering from various things,anxiety,chronic depression,eating disorders,ocd...personality disorders,but other than that i'm in perfect shape :innocent: Haven't been on messageboards in awhile,thought maybe was nice to meet some good people and share thoughts and...
  7. spacecandy


    I've been suffering from PTSD and insomnia since December 2008. I don't leave the house much at all unless I have to for work. Nice to find a site as I don't feel alone. UK here
  8. qwerty1234

    I space out a lot.

    I don't know what the problem is but it may be the depression, so i post here. I was also diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I used to have this when I was younger, too. I want to, am interested in studying, but my brain is not there. I have started meds and recently increased the...
  9. S

    hello. I'm new

    Nice to meet everybody
  10. Q

    What is up?

    I'm Q, come by and say hi. I'm here to introduce myself ! It's nice to meet you all.
  11. meowy


    nice to meet you,, id like someone to talk to. i have no one to talk to about things like this, and it would be nice if u can listen to me. i am 24, with anxiety and depression that ive had for the majority of my life. id like to know if there is a mental disorder i might have been born with...
  12. N

    This is me ...

    Hi, I am new here and wanted to introduce myself I've had doctor diagnosed depression for 13 years and i'm back to 13 years ago with it. I came here to look for support, to talk to others who is going through the same thing with hopefully not being judged. So *waves* its nice to meet everyone...
  13. A

    Choo choo!

    Here comes the train! That's basically me, every single morning. Now I am (probably) not bipolar, or at least never diagnosed. I did some research and it's in a lot of ways not the same as what I am experiencing, yet in a lot of ways it is. I'm here to gather some knowledge and advice on how...
  14. A

    So I am in a complete rut - I recognise that I need help

    Basically, I have multiple things "wrong" with me, I am a fuck-up through and through and although I am currently coping - I am doing so through unhealthy means. I am essentially working too much to beat loneliness and thus causing myself to become quite unwell in the process of it. I have made...
  15. Kaii24

    What am I Doing?

    Man, often times I just wonder if I’m existent or existing... It seems like everywhere I go, I’m rejected or overlooked. And it’s not like I’m a bad person or my hobby is to bully people.. I’m actually pretty cool people. I’m nice to everyone. I love helping. But then that battle in the...
  16. R

    Why am I never happy with what I have

    Why am I never happy with what I have ? I have nice cars a nice house but still feel lost and what better things like if I was staying in a 3 bedroom apartment for a holiday I would want the penthouse and only then I would be happy maybe not even idk so lost :/
  17. M

    Clozeril and Diabetes

    I'm on Clozeril... is it possible it caused my Diabetes? I didn't have Diabetes before I was on Clozeril. I am on meds for the Diabetes but my levels are still high. I want to come off of it but my doctor doesn't want to discontinue it, I feel stuck because diabetes isn't a nice illness. :cry:
  18. T


    Hi, I'm new here as I'm desperately trying to find a place where I can talk. I've had anxiety for as long as I can remember, and I've been struggling on and off with depression for about 13 years now. Right now I'm in a really deep depressive mode, I've just started my PhD and I hate it and...
  19. B

    Cannot move on from regret

    Just to recap. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, chronic depression and anxiety disorder. Encompassed with drug and alcohol addiction. It makes for quite an interesting story. I am trying so hard to move on from my past at the present. Does anyone else really...
  20. S


    Hello everyone, I just made an account and thought that I should say hi. You can call me Sunflower. I am early-mid 20's in age, and located in Colorado (USA). I am extremely shy so I'm not sure how much posting I will actually be doing, but I am very nice and would love to be an ear to talk to...