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  1. Fairy Lucretia

    universal credit roll out delayed

    was on the news yesterday i don't think it is for everyone though but i hope it includes people moving from ESA to UC as i have PIP review this year hope this is good news for some x
  2. mischief

    NBC News Opinion Feature on Hearing Voices Movement

    NBC News has published an opinion feature on the Hearing Voices Movement.
  3. M

    Do you ever feel like people on radio and TV know what you are thinking?

    Do you ever feel like people on radio and TV know what you are thinking? I take Clozapine and don't suffer from any hallucinations. I rent an apartment along with my roommate. After an incident at Jewel after which I felt I was ridiculed by a cashier I moved back in with my parents. That was...
  4. S

    Just expressing some emotions...

    This post may not have a real point to it. I guess I just need to express some emotions after hearing a news story today. Not far from where I live, a nine-year-old kid committed suicide after being bullied at school. I’m not sure why, but this news story is really hitting me hard. Personally...
  5. Zardos

    Still Kicking

    I'm still alive guys.. But I'm in a slump.. I've stopped eating.. Shopping.. Shaving.. I look a right mess.. But I don't have the energy to do anything about it.. I spend my days watching YouTube videos about nuclear war in the eighties.. its no wonder that I grew up depressed.. I remember a...
  6. Hikikomori1979

    The 'News stories that bother you' thread

    I dont read the news that much, because theres always 2 sides to the story, which happens with people: anyway the story of the young couple whom met their demise while cycling in central asia bothered me. while people think that its a story of two people living more than ever, its also selfish...
  7. Zardos

    And...... You're Back In The Room

    Suddenly a sense of deceleration.. And I'm thrown forward.. And I can actually feel the straps catch me as they dig into my chest. So this is reality ? it feels cold... Time to put some clothes on... Well I suppose its only 1am.. The 'good' news is I've just had a Pot Noodle.. The Bad news is...
  8. J

    How to avoid or deal with the news?

    So I hate all the crap that goes on in the world that my parents subjected me to (was fine not being alive but nowt I can do about it now). I stopped watching the news because every time I watched it something bad would be on it-I can't even watch it for like 5 minutes because I catch the bad...
  9. D

    bad news bad news . every day , every day

    The bad news , unfortunate circumstances do not stop ever. For the last two years or so my life has been a series of heart breaks, family issues, financial problems and utter depressive thoughts and extremely lonely episodes . As soon as i feel something is improving im facing some other...

    Jeffrey Barry: Brutal murder of Kamil Ahmad was 'avoidable'

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-44560171 The murder of a man by a violent schizophrenia patient "could have been avoided" had a medical tribunal been given complete information on his past, a report has concluded. Jeffrey Barry stabbed neighbour Kamil Ahmad at their supported...
  11. Mayfair

    Lawyers sue the scouts...

    What is your opinion on this? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43519296 My opinion: I don't read the news, but allow myself to look at BBC top 10 most read new articles, and this caught my eye, so I opened it. I can't really comment on my thoughts because news stories are generally sketchy, but...
  12. frogsplash

    Article in the News today

    People with schizophrenia 'can learn to control voices'
  13. Tired Daisy

    PIP People will get paid more

    I'm finding this had to understand tonight as my brain isn't in gear but I came across some news about PIP and it sounds like its good news and thought I'd share it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42862904
  14. N

    Labelling us folk with Szchophrenia

    HI Folks, I just read via an on line source, that a sufferer of szchophrenia, was being fed up as being portrayed as dangerous. Not all are. I have been wanting myself to break the stimatism attached to szchophrenia in years, of this labelling, so at long last, and through news media, this...
  15. S

    ESA payments during mandatory reconsideration?

    Hi all. I had a ESA assessment a few weeks ago; I received a letter letting me know that I passed it. That's the good news. The bad news is that they switched me from the support group to the work related group. I plan of appealing. I called the DWP and requested the reasons for this...
  16. Funnyday

    ESA underpayment of £7000!

    Its just been on the news that the DWP underpaid those switching from incapacity benefit onto Employment Support Allowance by £7,000! Thats some good news for some on ESA. You'll be able to have a very merry Christmas.
  17. G

    Mental health TV shows - Saturday 11/11/2017 to Friday 17/11/2017

    Mental health TV shows - Saturday 11/11/2017 to Friday 17/11/2017 Ruby Wax autumn tour; ​​Thurs Nov 16th, 8pm, The Atkinson, Southport Fri Nov 17th, 7.30pm, Pontio, Bangor (Wales) Tues Nov 21st, 7.30pm, Royal and Derngate, Northampton Weds Nov 22nd, 7.30pm, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry Sun...
  18. Zardos

    Not Having A Good Time

    I've fallen into a general state of apathy... i can't concentrate.. So I'm just listening to music and free wheeling.. And spending way to much time in bed... I'm waiting for 'Have I Got News For You' then i think I'll go to bed... life sucks :cry2:
  19. madfryer

    i did not know yoga did this

    a great watch Pupil: 'Yoga tells the worries to go away' - BBC News
  20. A

    Some good news

    I have been so suicidal lately, but today I had some news to give me a glimmer of light in the darkness, something to help keep me focussed on the future. I had my 1:1 appointment with my keyworker today and I've found out that the next supported flat that becomes available is mine. I...