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new girl

  1. xxCloverxx

    Hello, newbie here!

    Hey everyone, Not too sure what to say here, but I'm 23, live in Leeds and have been dealing with depression and anxiety for a number of years. Just looking to meet new people who would understand what it's like and to help others too. Anyway, thanks for reading. :)
  2. Lazz

    New GAD diagnosis

    Hi guys. I'm new to this forum so I'll introduce myself! I'm Lazz. I'm a university student who's recently been diagnosed with GAD (about 3 weeks ago). I just wanted to join this forum to hear about other peoples' experiences with anxiety. In particular, I find it quite isolating sometimes as I...
  3. CherryBlack

    Hey, I'm New.

    Hey, I'm a twenty-two-year-old girl from Canada (you can call me Cherry or CherryBlack if you wish) and, well, I'm trying my best. I've always struggled with mental health, even as a kid. I'm not really sure if it's hereditary or if it's environmental or if it's some weird mixture of both. My...
  4. R


    Hi. I've just registered. I'm not diagnosed with any sort of depression. I've only ever been to a psychologist as a kid after one of my close family members died. I'm 24, supposed to finish university, but I am always down and unmotivated, and it got to a point where I can not feel happy any...
  5. SpiritHeart

    Hi... Not sure what to say?

    Hello, I am SpiritHeart but you can just call me Spirit. So I suppose you're interested about me and why I'm here right? Well, I have been diagnosed with Anxiety disorder, chronic depression and ADD (Inattentive) and currently have no clue what to do with myself. I still have no clue how this...
  6. A

    Hey, new to the site

    Spazzy808-just trying to find people to talk to, read about others and try to help others out that might need it.
  7. D

    Hello To All

    Good evening, new here and looking for advice and support. Suffering from bipolar 1 disorder, anxiety, and OCD. I have been wanting to introduce myself since I joined over two weeks ago but have just been really busy with daily errands and especially preparing myself to go back to school...