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  1. L

    Not happy in my new job. Struggling to cope :(

    Hey all, I don't suffer too frequently from anxiety, unless they are associated with my Intrusive Thoughts, but at the moment I am struggling. It's been a tough year. My partner has been very unwell, although she's slowly recovering now. I have managed to cope well, with help from family...
  2. qwerty1234

    feel nervous

    I don't know what it is with me today but I feel uneasy, anxious, nervous, sensitive, distracted
  3. W

    New to forums!

    I have never used a forum before and pretty nervous!! I “suffer” from various mental health issues but I’m aware of them and trying to make them a part of my life in a good way and not be over come by them. I have a few friends and a wonderful husband but it would be so good to just be able to...
  4. E

    Is it just me......?

    How many times have I asked myself this? I've been dealing with depression for years and have been on medication for the last two years. I was very good at hiding it and giving the impression everything was fine. I was very good at functioning at a very high level at work, despite daily...no...
  5. E

    Nervous about school

    I've been told that I look like I'm going to kill someone. It was funny in high school but now I'm going to back to school. The last thing I need is for people to think I'm going to shoot up the place. I need to make friends if I don't want people to get me the wrong way. I try to talk to people...
  6. C


    Hi I'm new to this site and nervous about being on here so hoping there are people that are going through the same as me
  7. R

    Major anxiety before starting a new job tomorrow

    Hi everyone, new here. I'm 20 years old (female) and have suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I'm currently on sertraline 50mg for my social anxiety, but I'm thinking about asking for the dose to be put higher as even though its taken the initial every day anxiety away, I still...
  8. E

    PIP assessment nerves

    Hi everyone, I’ve got my PIP assessment tomorrow and I’m really nervous. Denying me into meltdown.Anyone got any experience? Thanks Ollie
  9. D

    Fasting - Nervous sweating

    I have suffered with anxiety for years and in particular I have an issue with nervous sweating, especially on my forehead and face. I have long suspected that this is aggravated by my diet, although I have struggled to pin point the exact cause. Recently I started intermittent fasting (only...
  10. M

    Facial Self Consciousness

    Hi all, New to the forum and I wish you all well. I'm posting because I have been getting recurring issues in certain social situations which has put me in a state of despair. When I'm in speaking to people in a seemingly casual environment, I get really self conscious about what my face is...
  11. M

    Newbie Here

    Hello all. I'm a 44 yo male tht has seemed to developed anxiety when over the last 15 years. Maybe I always had it but it came to light as I got into the real workforce/career. My main embarrassing symptom is forehead sweating when I'm on the spot. Such as in a meeting or reviewing work with...
  12. B

    good to be here!

    finding life quite difficult right now. I am experiencing lots of anxiety which isn't ideal as I am a teacher and I have to stand up in front of many classes during the day. I am usually confident but when anxiety strikes I am as nervous as a kitten and I just clam up. I experience a strange...
  13. I

    getting it all out

    Hi I'm so sorry just feel I need to get how I'm feeling all out.i feel so nervous low upset and suicidal.it all started on Wednesday when I had such a bad first day at work than it got worse on Thursday when I. Really how bad my teeth actually are and I felt my dentist felt I was a nuisance and...
  14. S

    Goodbye mental clinics

    I'm lucky, I'm a researcher At the same time I sample the study. I am not interested in reading previous research related to the subject. Today we will talk about the Red-hot sensory nerves in the front and nose. Where it was found to be the main cause Symptoms of mental illness، Especially...
  15. I

    finally getting ears pierced

    Hi I'm finally getting ears pierced although nervous of it hurting and aftercare
  16. wanderingstar97

    Extremely Nervous

    Hi everyone, I don’t really know what to say apart from that I am new here and that my mental health and I haven’t been getting along for a while now. Seem to have a bit of a love hate relationship. I’m looking forward to reading some threads and seeing pointers of advice that may help me and...
  17. E

    Hi - very nervous

    Just to say hi
  18. I


    I am new to this site, also the first forum I have joined. I am 20 years old in my final year of university. It has been a very up and down journey for about 10 years. I suffer with anxiety, depression, self harm and bulimia. Quite nervous about posting my feelings but very excited to speak to...
  19. Fairy Lucretia

    going to be on my own tonight

    and i don't feel safe at all :cry: i could ask my aunty to stay but she needs her own life self harming is so bad and i feel so nervous anxious and panicky i can't go back to bed because i have to think of maddie x
  20. J

    Need some advice very nervous

    Hello basically thinking of leaving my job. I been at my current job for 3 years along side volunteering at my local charity shop. The charity shop is now looking for a assistant manager for 3 days (could be more) which is paid. I just don't know what do to i done all the application form etc...