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  1. P

    Scared and need advice

    Hi all I wanna thank everyone that responds to this message in advance. I need advice and I have a mildy graphic story, I apologise in advance to anyone if my story and circumstances are not as bad as yours I just want help, insight and understanding. 7 days ago in short summary the person...
  2. S

    anger, mania bullying

    My husband's personality has completely changed to an angry nasty person who says he feels nothing for me at all. He suffers from depression and anxiety ...I am not sure what an accurate diagnosis is for him. I am his third wife. He has a tendency to shut down, I never knew how badly. He moved...
  3. U

    Help: My girlfriend hears voices

    For a year I have been living with my girlfriend whom I really love but things are getting increasingly difficult. I noticed some strange behavior after we had been living together for less than a month. She was complaining about what she thought was a neighbor constantly commenting on everyday...
  4. T

    Possible early signs of schizophrenia

    Ever since last year I've had a suspicion that my roommates at college are spying on me. I believe they're tracking every keystroke I make on my computer (I see weird logs in my login history, which indicate that the lid could have been opened physically, but I don't know if it's real or if it's...
  5. Tired Daisy

    I think my neighbor might be doing strange things

    I dunno but I think my neighbor might be doing strange things, I live on a 3rd floor and when ever I goto the toilet I hear my neighbor below me going to his bathroom. I hear everything as the sound proofing isn't that great. Anyway when ever I take a s**t or pee I hear something funny going on...
  6. M

    Can people subconciously read your mind?

    Is it possible for someone to unconsciously sense your thoughts, nervousness, or anxiety through their subconscious mind without them being aware they are doing so? For example, if you are in a room and have a neighbor who can't see or hear you but you still have a lot of anxiety about them for...
  7. T

    Childhood reflections

    I sit alone in a dark room and find comfort in shutting the outside world out. I live in a safe place, nobody can hurt me behind locked windows and doors. I spend time reflecting on all of the events in my life, unable to pinpoint any really high moments. I question all of the decisions I've...
  8. BorderlineDownunder

    New Here

    Hi yall I'm new to this site and new to the Borderline diagnosis. I'm really freaking out right now for several reasons. I'm in a lot of therapy and been doing well but I tend to take a step forward and two giant leaps back. The docs have given me valium so ive taken one. It helps. I can...
  9. C

    My neighbor

    I have a neighbor that is acting odd. She has for the past 4 years become more and more angry. She gets really over the top angry about things that would just aggravate or miff others. Her face contorts all out of shape, and she makes inaccurate accusations, very angry about things that have...
  10. E

    Is paranoia psychosis ?

    Hello everybody, I have suffered from paranoia with anxiety and fear, that my neighbor persecuting me. Is this psychosis ?
  11. S

    Newbie. Hearing Voices need input!

    Hi. I'm rather new to hearing voices.. started about a year ago when I was using drugs. Immediately labeled psychosis, but I didn't care, the voices were very cool and entertained me and even seem to love me while I was going through treatment. One claimed to be a spirit guide and I believe him...
  12. S

    Voices: spirits, entities or pyschosis... NEW HERE

    Hi. I'm rather new to hearing voices.. started about a year ago when I was using drugs. Immediately labeled psychosis, but I didn't care, the voices were very cool and entertained me and even seem to love me while I was going through treatment. One claimed to be a spirit guide and I believe him...
  13. P

    Bug eyed

    Have this neighbor that i usually see and he has the strangest bug eyed stare like angry confused e.t. Makes eye contact but no speech. Any thoughts on what or why could be the reason?
  14. P

    Neighbors made me vulnerable and insecure

    TL;DR: Can't tolerate neighbor around and now they are leaving home yet worried because they will still be around me, their presence depress me, give me headache etc and I am unable to focus my work as I work from my home. Hi This is my first ever post on this forum. Infact first ever post...

    Dreaming of the dead.

    Last night I had a dream I was with my family. My family that is still living. We were all in a big house - my aunt and uncles house. Then my mum appeared, and we were a bit surprised she was there (she passed away in 2007). But she was really happy, and the dream felt comforting and just...
  16. K

    It's like I don't even exist?

    I have been feeling like this for a while now... I am usually the odd one out, the one who gets ignored. When my boyfriend and I meet someone, they would just be talking to boyfriend and not me. Not even looking at me. For example, last time at the grocery store, I had a question about a...
  17. S

    Why is my married neighbor man so attached to me?

    Hi Everybody. I just tried to understand what happened to me. Please share with me if anybody has a similar experience. I moved to a condo which my door has only one foot distance from my neighbor door. I had only one suitcase when I moved in and my husband supposed to come to the new place...
  18. R

    I think my neighbor is trying to run me out of town.

    Hi, I've had it hearing my neighbor say negative things about me. I can hear him through the window and I believe he's trying to get me to move out cause I have schizophrenia. Lately I've been unable to focus because I feel pain in my head and I believe this is because he somehow got a key to...